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For Sale Carbon Fiber Ascent by Davinci

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by farcus2323, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. farcus2323

    farcus2323 Member

    Carbon Fiber Ascent by Davinci - Purchased Total - $300.00
    Asking Price Total - $175.

    Willing to negotiate

    I absolutely love my Ascent, but I have two and I hate to see this baby just laying around when someone could use it. I have used probably around 20-30 times. There is brown staining in the bowl as you can see, but that just happens you can look int he Ascent By Davinci Forum and see. I have dropped my unit once while using it outside and it has a couple minor scratches to the left side as you can see in picture.

    Over time I have gotten around 4 Ascents, So with this purchase you will receive 5 sets of glass on glass set. They are usually $14.99 a piece from the site. The Ascent comes with 2 sets. YOu will also get 5 oil jars and lids to fit them. YOu will get numerous Metal Picks, I believe 3.

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