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Cannabis-only smokers who switched to vaping?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Qbit, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Titamius

    Titamius Developing Connoisseur & Vaporist

    Canna-da ;)
    Good to know, that actually makes me remember when I was like 15 and me and former friend who probably still smokes cigs smoked a joint before school and he blew his tobacco smoke at me so that I wouldnt smell like weed. I told him to F off and keep his nasty smoke away from me. Still never got caught at all.:lol:
  2. aamp420

    aamp420 Lets help the people of this earth one by one!

    somewhere in NewHampshire
    Hello y'all this whole thread caght my eye since I was a smoker and a hacker from the smoke of this sweet cannabis. I baucgt a cheap box looking vape that has a pointy ceramic tube were i slide the whip in. I t took some guetting use to vaping correctly with that vape, but then i got the extremeQ and loving it!

    Well I think now that i have gotten the best out of the buds from vapin when I smoke i feel like im wasting my cannabis. Its like when i smoke i don't get stone or as stone coparering vaping. So yeah…

    I hope this is done correctly, its my first post since ive beeb amenber
  3. Qbit

    Qbit cannabanana


    And how are your lungs feeling? Do you still smoke much?
  4. Captain Comply

    Captain Comply Wellness over intoxication

    Hello. I switch to vaporization over seven years ago. At the time I was a clove cigarette smoker five times per day. My cousin died of emphysema at age 60 that was the day I drove to a local head shop and bought my first vaporizer. Because of my positive experience vaporizing cannabis I was also able to quit clove cigarettes entirely six months later. I only consume cannabis via vaporization or MIP. On the rare chance that I do smoke I find that it does not bring me to the same medicated state that I now require. Not to mention after I smoke it taste like someone just crapped in my mouth.

    Have fun and enjoy your day!
  5. cityslang

    cityslang A taste on the tongue

    I stopped tobacco 10 years ago
    Now I mainly vape, well for the last few weeks and I do sometimes combust last thing at night or if I'm out.
    My chest now feels better than it did pre vape TBH stopping tobacco made the greatest difference.

    I can tell when I've inhaled bareback my throat is a bit rough and my lungs know it even if only for a couple of minutes and the chest is slightly wheezy if I smoke too many the next day - so yes I find vaping better on the mouth/throat and lungs
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  6. aamp420

    aamp420 Lets help the people of this earth one by one!

    somewhere in NewHampshire
    Well my Lungs havent felt better and I thank you all forall of the things that i have receive by y'all. I never been a cigarette smoker unless I was drunk or on somthing else. Now to me when I smoke the sweet sheeva I feel like i dont get baked at all, Its like my body has realize that gaping is the way to get the right high for the right pain or situation.

    Wpuld any one be able to confirm this, that im not the only person on this Forum that if you smoke it its a waste?

    I only vape and the flavor of vaping it rather than the combustion taste… OMG… Its so mcu better. So any one and any one with just Canabis experience.:shrug:
  7. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I had smoked cannabis for 20+ years? Stopped Dec. 31 2012. I started reading on FC, also saw Vitolo demonstrating the No.2. Bought my first vape the No. 1 online, it was too loud, then No.2 at a local head shop, paid $189.00. I used the No. 2 for a while until I bought my Solo, fell in love.

    I felt so much better after the first month. I didn't cough in the morning, my lungs started to feel clearer. Its been over 1 year since I stopped combusting I never did try my old pipe or a joint again.

    I can smell things now. I don't catch every little cold that comes along. I feel my endurance is better. I just feel all around healthier. My arthritis is better too.

    I wish I would have stopped combusting sooner. Thanks to FC for helping me get my health back. Also all the info on FC is so important to others that decide they want to fuckcombustion.
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  8. Egzoset

    Egzoset Vaporist of Borg

    Salutations Qbit,

    I've quit tobacco in 1995 while i still was a hashish smoker, which gradually gave way to cannabis dry flowers the last few years (but this occured because of conjecture more than preference). Anyway i finally gave up on that too in 2007 as i recall.


    It turns out i tought cannabis would never return in my life but i was wrong and today i'm glad i got initiated to vaporism in 2011. With cannabic vapour It became surprizingly easy to switch to dry flowers permanently, for all practical purposes; i simply have no interrest left in hashish actually. In addition i could comment i've just lost my appeal for any cannabic smoke: it's now absolutely repulsive, there can be no going back being unable to stand it anymore.

    These days my modded VG pipe fits in nicely, something i didn't readily obtain at first when using a slow electric device known as the HerbalAire. In comparison a pipe renders the transition almost natural to me, quite in part as a result of some similar ritual dimension to it i guess.


    Most unfortunately it appears i may have over-sensitized myself from all sorts of cannabic exposures; something inside dry shreaded cannabis causes me to have swelling eyes which release torrents of fluid reminding me of the Saint-Laurent river at spring...

    Sometimes i'd say high dosages also induce rafale sneezing combined to a stuffed nose and congested lungs, suggesting there may be some tolerance threshold for me. By chance it's possible i've developped a parade consisting in a mix based on pre-vaped (but still green ABV) material... It certainly changes the pofile of actives as i've been through batches that i could (almost fully) enjoy, again.

    Alternately i tried 10 mg loratadine capsules, though hardly providing noticeable relief so far.

    So, do i fit in?

  9. kimura

    kimura Well-Known Member

    I smoked cannabis only for 15 years, at least daily. (Had the misfortune of trying a spliff mixed w/ tobacco in college once by accident - Disgusting!) switched to vaporizing exclusively in 2010, but my experience was not typical.

    I did not seek out vaporization for health, economy, flavor, or effect. I picked up the MFLB to use as a stealth device, and because I just thought it looked damn neat. A real impulse buy.

    I was pretty blown away by the improved experience of vaporizing. Really preferred the effects as well as the taste, economy, lack of smell. I just naturally starting reaching for the box instead of the bong over the next few weeks. One thing led to another, I bought an SSV and then my mind was truly blown. That's when I realized that I would never smoke again. Nobody ever tried to convince me to switch, and I think it shocked a few of my friends, but the truth just became undeniable in my own mind. Now I think any smoke is basically wretched and regularly turn down blunts and such.

    I'll try to stay on topic, but subjectively speaking I found my lung function to be significantly improved when I stopped smoking. I do some pretty strenuous athletic training and could definitely feel the difference. Also stopped coughing grey shit up regularly and stopped getting as many colds. I used to have some chronic throat issues that have disappeared. My skin also improved during this period but I'm not sure it's related.

    This should be a no-brainer. Even if all that tar isn't carcinogenic, your lungs still have to process it. Spare them the trouble
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