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Cannabis News

Discussion in 'Cannabis News and Activism' started by vtac, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    It only works if it's easy to get.


    The report—the most-detailed examination of medical marijuana and opioid deaths conducted to date—found that legalizing medical marijuana was associated with lower levels of opioid deaths only in states that had provisions for dispensaries that made medical marijuana easily available to patients. Opioid death rates were not lower in states that just provided legal protections to patients and caregivers, allowing them to grow their own marijuana.

    In addition, the association between medical marijuana dispensaries and fewer opioid deaths appears to have declined sharply after 2010, when states began to tighten requirements on sales by dispensaries.​
  2. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    My problem with this is that it conflates correlation with causation.

    With that said, I'm not a fan of driving impaired....be it alcohol, cannabis, or pharma.
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  3. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

  4. cybrguy

    cybrguy Patience Rewards

    While I agree, and I avoid driving while impaired, if someone were sharing the road with me and depending on what "pharma" to which we refer, I would rather have that person high on MJ than any of the alternatives. Driving "impaired" is just that, the drivers ability is diminished, but the degree of impairment, the kind of impairment (what senses are effected), and the drivers awareness of his impairment may be totally different, and is almost guaranteed to be "more impaired" meaning "less able to drive well" with alcohol than most other impairments. And alcohol is the only completely uncontrolled (other than age) substance under discussion with no other limits or controls on consumption, availability or even education.
    An observer might wonder if we have a death wish or if we choose idiots to run our government. That observer need not be on the outside to make such an observation...
  5. steama

    steama Well-Known Member

  6. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
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  7. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    Spurious correlation or chicken/egg:
    Furthermore, “the 21 US states that saw their wellbeing drop in 2017 shattered the previous record set in 2009 amidst the Great Recession when 15 states had lower well-being than the year before,” note Gallup and Sharecare, which began looking into well-being in 2008. This is “particularly notable given that Americans’ confidence in the economy and perceptions of the job market are substantially better in 2017 than they were in 2009.”

    One thing that is driving down our well-being is our declining mental and emotional health, says Dan Witters, research director of the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index.

    “It’s an unprecedented worsening … This is nothing like we have ever seen before,” he says.​


    The maps don't reproduce here. But, compare the map of legalization with the map of decreasing wellbeing.

    Either we have a path to other states that might be willing to legalize or we have a problem with legalization as related to wellbeing or we have our own pool drowning/Nic cage movie correlation.
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  8. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    doesn't seem solid enough to draw any conclusions
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  9. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

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  10. macbill

    macbill Soy zurdo, sordo, y cerdo

    The Evergreen State
    US judge weighs challenge to federal marijuana prohibition
    The U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday urged a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to overturn the United States’ longstanding prohibition of marijuana, the latest court battle over federal policy under President Donald Trump’s administration.

    The argument, before U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein in Manhattan, came about a month after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he would abandon a policy of former President Barack Obama that had left regulation of the drug largely up to states.
  11. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Looks like judge is gonna make them take this to the DEA, unfortunately we'll know what'll happen then, especially with the amount of money the feds have thrown at them with new budget.
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  12. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    Basic cannabis policy is not going to change through the courts. There is enough precedent out there to keep drugs in general and marijuana specifically scheduled no matter the reason. Some are trying a religious exemption where the purported "sincerely held religious belief" has the consumption of cannabis an "exercise of religion" and the prohibition would be against the first amendment. (In the "legal" state of CA, some unlicensed sellers are having customers sign some statement to that effect. I assume others too.)

    Cases (even in the 9th) tend to find prohibition is not a "substantial burden" on the exercise of religion as the members don't have to choose between obedience to their religion and criminal sanction. I mention religion because it has greater protection than the right to take a drug that could save your life. There is enough case law out there to show the government can deny life-saving drugs to individuals who need them for any number of reasons--including scheduling.

    As to the regulatory route, on another site, a person describes the process they are going to take with the DEA for a religious exemption:
  13. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Munchies, meet Thin Mints: Girl Scouts will now allow cookie sales outside Colorado pot shops
    Girl Scouts of Colorado now treats marijuana dispensaries like any other business in considering cookie sales sites, a spokeswoman says

    By Lindsey Bartlett and Alex Pasquariello, The Cannabist Staff

    It’s a pairing as natural as milk and cookies, or beer and pretzels. The Girls Scouts of Colorado have decided it’s now cool to peddle their baked goods outside marijuana dispensaries.

    Munchies, meet Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoas.

    Girl Scouts of Colorado updated their policy for the 2018 cookie season to treat “adult-oriented” businesses such as marijuana dispensaries the same as any other business, council spokeswoman AnneMarie Harper told The Denver Post on Friday.

    All proposals for sales at any site, including adult-oriented sites, must be approved by Girl Scouts of Colorado, Harper said.

    “(Potential cookie sales) sites are now all treated the same, and approval of those sites is contingent on whether they meet our guidelines and safety requirements,” she said. “Safety is the biggest concern.”

    Safety factors considered include the location of the business and the distance Scouts will be positioned from parking lots and roadways, Harper said. The council also makes sure Scouts have the permission of both the business owner and the property owner.

    The state’s Girl Scout Cookie Locator lists sales sites that have been approved by Girl Scouts of Colorado, Harper said. This weekend’s listings include bars, a tattoo parlor, coffee shops and a Lakewood marijuana dispensary.

    “Decisions regarding where, when and under what circumstances girls can sell Girl Scout Cookies are made by troop leaders, with guidance and oversight from local Girl Scout councils, Girl Scouts of the USA officials said in a statement emailed to The Denver Post. “Local councils and leaders are best situated to set safety parameters in keeping with the well being of girls engaging in the cookie sale in their communities.”

    Until this year, Girl Scouts of Colorado’s policy forbade sales outside adult-oriented businesses such as liquor stores, casinos or marijuana dispensaries.

    The new policy gives more control to leaders, parents and scouts within each troop, Harper said.

    “We think the new policy empowers Scouts to be the best cookie entrepreneurs they can be,” she said.

    It's nice to see that people/organizations are willing to listen and change or adapt to new ideas/thoughts/policies regarding our collective culture.
    Another generation of children who will not grow up brainwashed about cannabis. I will purposely buy some cookies each and every time I see them near or close to a dispensary, even if I am not visiting the dispo they are near. And I encourage all who read this as well.
    I'm sure the other "green"(money) may have something to do with this decision, but at the same time, I will just look at it as a chance to show these children we are no different from the rest of society because of how we chose to medicate.
  14. marduk

    marduk daydreamer

    in the matrix
    Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Sues Big Pharma, Drops All Marijuana Possession Charges

    On the same day a Philly.com op-ed was published in which Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (and Mayor Kenney) admitted the failure that was the “War on Drugs,” in the 1980s and ’90s, the DA’s office announced that it is suing 10 pharmaceutical companies in connection with the opioid epidemic and is dropping all outstanding marijuana possession charges.

    In just a little over a month since taking office, Krasner has already built on the progress that began under former mayor Michael Nutter’s administration by further reforming the city’s drug policy to the point where getting busted with pot now no longer means a court date is in your future. Krasner says citations are issued approximately 90 percent of the time someone is caught with marijuana.

    “What we’re talking about is the 10 percent or so that are being charged as they used to be, as misdemeanors in court,” Krasner said during a press conference Thursday. From now on, the DA will advise his staff not to pursue criminal charges against anyone arrested for marijuana possession in the city. Citations currently range from $25 for possession to $100 for those caught toking up in public.

    “I did it because I felt it was the right thing to do,” Krasner said when asked of his motivation. “We could use those resources to solve homicides.”



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  15. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    DA Larry Krasner has the biggest balls of ALL! Go man and use EM to roll over all who get in the way !
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  16. Chicken #420

    Chicken #420 I and I be Irie Vaping with U and U in Zion, mon!

    Babylon Coop
    It looks like this misguided "Prohibition 2.0" is starting to come apart at the seams. People are seeing it for what it is... not a war on drugs, but a war on PEOPLE! :o

    It's about time.
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  17. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    mostly people are becoming psychotically confused and bipolar toward the GOV etc.... once lied to how many more lies etc.... makes for a psychotic unstinting society to feel your constantly LIED to... a need for at least one tiny truth is an honorable request from all men....

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