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Cannabinoid salad calculator

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by chris 71, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member

    ok calling all math heads out there , there used to be something called the cannabinoid calculator on lift mj a Canadian medical cannabis site . its gone now and doesnt seem to be coming back anytime soon as far as i can tell .

    i used to use it all the time it was great . you could punch in multiple strains and amounts of thc and cbd and the amount you were adding . say a gram of this and a gram of that and maybe three grams of something eles .

    it would calculate what percentage of THC and CBD would be in your salad .

    now this is pretty easy to do in your head if your using simple amounts and percentages say like one gram of 10 percent thc and one gram of 10 percent cbd basically you would now have a strain with 5 percent of each right ? .

    it gets a little more complicated as the amounts change and vary .

    so anyway im wondering could we some how get a cannabinoid calculator here on FC ? mods could this be a possibility ?

    i think this could be a really cool thing to have here on FC , i cant find another one like it in any of my google searches and as i say the one on lift appears to be gone . i bet a lot of people would find it useful

    or could anybody that knows math real well gives us an easy to follow formula ?
  2. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    There would be a few steps, unless you have a computer program doing them all for you, once you input measurements.

    1. Calculate how many milligrams of THC and CBD are in each strain that you add:

    (% THC) * Weight of strain (g) & (% CBD) * Weight of strain (g)

    (ex. 18% THC / .25g translates to (0.18) x (0.25g) = 0.045g THC)

    Do the same for CBD, and make note of the final weight values.

    2. Add up the total weight of each chemical, separately.
    Say you end up with a total of 0.34g THC and 0.13g CBD in your mixture, and the total amount of herb is 1.5g. That means you have 340mg THC, 130mg CBD, and 1,500mg overall material.

    You then use the following formula:

    (mgTHC) = (n%) * (total weight in mg) ---> plug in values
    240mg = (n%) * (1,500mg) ---> divide mg THC or CBD by Total Weight.
    240 / 1500 = n%
    0.16 = n% ---> Multiply by 100, because it is a percentage.
    340mg THC = 16% of the 1.5g Sample

    *Repeat for CBD*

    130mg = (n%) * (1,500mg)
    130 / 1,500 = n%
    0.0867 = n%
    CBD is 8.67% of the 1.5g Sample

    THC = 16.0%
    CBD = 8.67%
    Total = 24.67%

    If you don't use the entire sample in one session, you can find out how much THC/CBD you used in each session, by weighing how much of the mixture you've used.

    Say you vape 0.5g of that 1.5g sample discussed above. You know the THC and CBD percentages, so you just have to plug them into this formula.

    (%Chemical) * (Total Amount Used) = Dose of said chemical

    (16% THC) * (0.5g) = 0.08g
    Total THC dosed = 80mg

    (Note* this is not exact, because the different strains are not necessarily perfectly mixed throughout your sample. The finer the grind, and better the mixing of the strains, the more accurate this will be.)
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  3. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member

    Thanks hazy , that maybe goes a little beond what im wanting though . im not so much wanting to know the dose in a particular amount . the calculator im talking about was just fpr figuring out the percentage of thc and cbd in the sample. And kept it a little simple by staying to grams.

    Say you had 1 gram of 16 percent THC and you wanted to combine 2 more grams of something with 8 percent THC and 11 percent cbd and then say another gram of a third strain that was 7 percent thc and 5 percent cbd. For a total of 4 grams of product.

    How would we find the percentage of thc and cbd in our salad?

    I think the dose part you gave the formual for would be the next step .
    For now and for simplicity i just want to now the percentages of what i mixed up . thanks

    Im not great in math so if you did give this formula in the above sorry for my ignorance lol it just looks and sound compilcated maybe because you taking it further to the exact dose of a smaller amount the a gram ?
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
  4. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    I'm still not quite sure of the purpose. Are you trying to do a calculation every once in a while? If so, just a pencil and paper would be as fast as anything else. Are you going to do the calculation a lot? Using a spreadsheet might make things faster.

    Title the columns with "Grams", "T%", "C%", "Tgrams", "Cgrams" If you're going to get all serious, you might put a legend saying Grams as a decimal and % as a decimal with 100% = 1.00

    (Let's imagine each column is a letter.)
    A waits for number of grams input. B waits for % of THC input. C waits for %CBD input. D=A*B. E=A*C.

    Now, depending on the spreadsheet software you're using, highlight the entire row and then pull down about 9 more. (What this should do is make 10 lines the same except that the references also include the row increased for each one.) Now, we don't just have column A, but it is also on a row. Rather than "A", it is now "A1" all the way down to "A10" etc.

    At the end of that list, (rather than doing fancy spreadsheet thing), skip a line and make some new titles. In the first put "Total Grams". In the next, "THC %". "CBD %". "THC total". "CBD total".

    In the next row (let's say 12), in A12 we write "=A1+A2+A3...+A9+A10". In B12 we put, "=(D1+D2...+D10)/A12". In C12, (E1+E2...E10)/A12. In D12, "=A12*B12. In E12, "=A12*C12"

    Try it on any platform. If you have a problem, let me know as I am uncertain as to how fluent you are in spreadsheet.
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  5. analytika

    analytika Well-Known Member

    San Francisco, California
    Watch your use of "&" there :lol:
  6. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member

    damn ok ya i really suck at math lol .

    OldNewbie , the purpose for me is i have many different strains . like more then a dozen all with different percentages of THC and CBD . i like to mix them together . some are THC strains some are CBD strains .
    the calculator im speaking about that used to be on the site lift mj was great .

    it did the calculation for you you just put in each strain how many grams of each and the percentages , hit enter and bam there you go spit out for you lol

    i miss that thing and not sure why they took it down . i just thought it would be cool to have another one and maybe the mods here could some how put one up . i havnt been able to find another like it . i did find other ones that would calculate doses . but there arent the same thing
  7. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. The method I tried to describe will work on any spreadsheet program. While I only tested it with LibreOffice Calc, the basics are the same if you used a Google Sheet and just had it on your phone for when you needed it.
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