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Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by Nosferatu, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. hibeam

    hibeam alpha +

    Brave New World
    Flawed studies like the above about CHS deaths can make me turn to bro science like this that at least tries to be scientific:
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  2. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member

    Here is a better link about capsaicin cream and why it and the hot shower thing might help .


    I still think we cant be sure it is from the canabiniods but maybe it is . i have been wondering more and more if i sometimes experience the prodormal phase of this
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  3. bara

    bara Well-Known Member

    Developed this 4 years ago and have stopped until now. Really need it for my depression, and it's working very well. But def still have CHS. pretty annoying disease.

    I was not a heavy user by any means. Never had dabbed. Used mostly edibles during the last several months before I left the country. Came back, started vaping a bit and started shortly after. Def a very light user, but got it just the same. I'm experimenting and trying to figure out how to deep cannabis in my life, but it has been difficult thus far.

    Edit: capsaicin cream on the stomach provides minor relief. I grow ghost peppers and will aggravate and then see which provides more relief tomorrow.
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  4. BornAgainSteama

    BornAgainSteama baa

    I have been diagnosed with CHS for a couple years but have had the condition about four years.

    I can only speak from my experience so disregard what you want.

    I have noticed that I have a specific type of nausea that accompanies my CHS. It has a unique feeling with urges to take hot baths. My attacks go for about 12 hours of severe hyperemesis and several have ended up in the ER. If you end up in the ER I have read benadryl and thorazine (chlorpromazine) can help (I use benadryl for CHS regularly). If you have used benadryl it is of the upmost importance to inform your ER technician of the benadryl dose you have been taking before you take thorazine. benadryl and chlorpromazine have drug interactions. Click her for more info.

    After awhile I began to discover when an attack was about to happen the specific nausea is key. When or if you feel this type of nausea begin you need to stop everything you are doing.

    1. Do drink fluids if at all possible
    2. Do not eat
    3. Do not use herb (your body has had enough and needs a short break)
    4. Do take some benadryl once you notice any nausea
    5. Go ahead and take a hot bath if you feel it will help prevent you from vomiting.
    6. If you have been vomiting for hours go to the ER because it is an emergency

    The main thing to know is not to let the vomiting begin. Do everything it takes to not allow the vomiting cycle to begin.
    Once vomiting begins for me I am in for about 12 hours of complete hell.

    I have been doing these avoidance techniques for about a year and have not had a CHS attack because I know when they are coming and I know what to do to prevent them. It all has worked out better than I would have ever thought possible. Knock on wood. It is likely I will have another event at some point in my life but I have learn how to control it for now. I still use herb all the time too while using these techniques. I just take short day or two long breaks if I feel that special CHS nausea. That's all a couple day T-break for me to avoid the nausea completely.

    Good Luck to you and anyone else that has had to experience CHS. Of course results won't be the same for all people but there is some light at the end of this tunnel for you imo.

    EDIT: Also this

    Haloperidol, a Novel Treatment for Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.
    Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) is typically unresponsive to conventional pharmacologic antiemetics, and patients often require excessive laboratory and radiographic testing and hospital admission. We report 4 cases of CHS that failed standard emergency department therapy but improved significantly after treatment with haloperidol. Although the exact mechanism for CHS remains unclear, dysregulation at cannabinoid type 1 seems to play a role. Recent animal data demonstrate complex interactions between dopamine and cannabinoid type 1 signaling, a potential mechanism for haloperidol success in patients with CHS. Our success with haloperidol in these 4 patients warrants further investigation of haloperidol as an emergency department treatment for CHS.


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  5. bara

    bara Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for this info. It gives me hope hearing you can still use! I'll def keep all this in mind.

    Does anybody know if different cannabinoids are worse than others?

    I have a theory that cbd is the worst. I have a cbc and cbg cream, and it still can push me over. But pure cbd cream is really bad. I think the cannabinoid count in cbc was higher as well.
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  6. BornAgainSteama

    BornAgainSteama baa

    I think this whole thing is very new so I doubt they have been able to pin down a cannabiniod, cause, or specific origin.

    What they do know is that all CHS patients have extreme nausea, hyperemesis, and an unrelenting urge to take hot baths, and last but not least a cannabis habit. Anyone with these symptoms gets the tag CHS.

    They will learn more over time, but the fact cannabis is illegal on the federal level prevents needed research.
  7. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    I've gotten nausea from vaping CBD.. I'd like to fuck with CBC and CBG more, CBD just doesn't seem good

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