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Canna Honey Recipie

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by tank146, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. tank146

    tank146 Well-Known Member

    Looking for a good canna honey recipe. I have searched the net and the crocpot simmer method seems to be popular.

    I tried it yesterday and my honey is very weak. I decarbed first and it made no difference.

    I am thinking of making some rick simpson oil and just adding that to 5lbs of honey then simmering in in the crocpot.

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  2. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    • 1 ounce of high-quality cannabis, finely ground
    • 5 lb. container honey
    • Crock-Pot
    • Cheesecloth
    • String
    Take the finely ground marijuana and wrap it in cheesecloth, secure with string. Place the bundle in a Crock-Pot and cover the entire package in honey. Cover the Crock-Pot and set on low. Simmer for 4 hours, stirring occasionally. The mixture should summer (not boil!). If it begins to boil be sure to turn the Crock-Pot off and let it cool down before turning it on again.

    Remove the bundle from the honey and strain the honey from the cheesecloth. Let is cool and pour it into small glass jars that can be sealed tightly. Your final product should be a warm orange. Substitute for honey in any recipe. We love to add honey tincture to our smoothie, coffee and tea. The honey can be stored in your cupboard for up to 1 month.

    I notice it doesn't include directions to decarb the cannabis? I found this online. I have never tried this recipe. The RSO idea sounds good too.
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  3. pseudox

    pseudox Well-Known Member

    Ive tried making cannahoney before with this method. I think its kind of a waste of good bud since it came out super weak. If your someone who grows or can get good quality bud for cheap or free then this might be a good method.
  4. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA

    This commercial California edible is pretty popular and effective.
    Only 3 ingredients: Pot, Honey, Coconut Oil
    The coconut oil helps in the effectiveness department big time.

  5. pseudox

    pseudox Well-Known Member

    I wonder if they just infuse the cocoanut oil or the honey too. This is actually a very good idea. I want to use this for tea. Ive tried just adding infused cocoanut oil to tea but it was a little strange. I'm sure the combo might be more palatable.
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  6. Dawntreader

    Dawntreader Kayakist

    Orion Constellation

    Just throwing my:2c: in here.... I have been all over numerous cooking sites and have dozens of recipes i would like to taste but what i keep coming back to is the fact that i can only afford to cook for myself or a friend or two and to make a big or specialized batch of ANYTHING is not only not cost effective but can vary the dosage that i determined works great for me in coconut oil. I actually have my canna butter in little cubes and i add them to my individual servings of things just like a condiment. Take honey for instances...i drink my teas unsweetened but love honey on a biscuit or toast. Instead of cannahoney, why not just spread cannabutter on a toast and add honey? same with hummus, sauces, soups, etc... i like things simple :)

    Its like salt or sugar...add when desired :)
  7. Maryjane Clurricane

    Maryjane Clurricane Member

    I have been thinking about trying to make canna honey, but the research I came across had two differing theories. One group saying that sugars in the honey are enough to hold the THC, and other side saying that honey itself will make only a weak solution, and that it should be extracted into an alcohol or glycerin tincture first and then added to the honey. I am still undecided, but I think that either way, for my first batch, I'll use AVB instead of premium herb, just on case it doesn't work out.

    I'd like to end up making an herbal tea similar to the one the Rastas sell at Bob Marley's childhood home in Jamaica, that stuff was medicinal in every way!
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  8. farscaper

    farscaper Well-Known Member

    makes me wanna have cup of tea right now!
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  9. Been Vapin

    Been Vapin Fringe Class

    Someone gave me some CannaHoney to try. A teaspoon did me nice. All I really know is it was made with Everclear and honey. I'll try to get recipe.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2014
  10. LongIslandmom

    LongIslandmom Well-Known Member

    New York and New Orleans
    I may just try this recipe
  11. tomh

    tomh New Member

    I like your sassy comment!

    I like your existentialism.

    Do you have any reipes for simaller or single batches. 5lb of honey for one month is a lot to consume!
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  12. hf

    hf Active Member

    I love these!

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