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Butane Face Off- Decisions

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by RuggedWombat, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. RuggedWombat

    RuggedWombat Opposite of Down Under

    A little background about the situation. My Davinci IQ is my DD and I have been using it for pretty much just me since my wife was more of a traditional bong user. However, with the amount we spend on weed, we are trying to cut back on costs where we can (who doesn't want more bang for their buck).

    Right now I use the largest glass spacer for the Davinci, which does help a lot as the original bowl size is definitely too much. Now that my wife is switching back to vaping, I'm finding one bowl in the Davinci isn't enough split two ways like it was when it was just me. My thoughts are continue to use the Davinci when I have the time needed to devote to sitting for 10 minutes at a time to maintain my normal medicated state.

    My wife is looking for much quicker "on demand" style hits, so my thoughts were perhaps a cheap butane powered option. She usually only takes a quick hit or two as she is usually busy, so convection style heating would be an enormous plus.

    A couple options I'm already considering:

    Sticky Brick (a bit more $$$ than preferred for a side vape)

    Here are some cliffnotes for what I'm looking for:

    -Wood options are growing on me if applicable
    -Most likely convection heating for efficiency as well.
    -Ideally it could be for light use or get someone medicated proper with reloads if needed
    -Doesn't have to be highly portable as it's for exclusive home use
    -Under $200 if at all possible (cheaper the better without creating an enormous drop in quality)
    -Efficiency (currently using roughly .15 in Davinci IQ with spacer)
    -True versatility would be using as little or much as needed to get medicated without sacrificing efficiency (the IQ can drop in vapor quality if not packed well so losing less isn't an option.
  2. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    Milaana, MistVape Touch, Tubo, Firewood 4, Project Eraser or Pure SF.

    Gotta hit the reply button quick before everybody start recommending you the VapCap instead! :p
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  3. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    Fury 2 vaporizer......you can micro dose with the glass water pipe adapter wpa. the wpa holds a tiny bit of herb in the tip and you drop it down onto the bowl for convection style hits. very fast heat up almost considered on demand... great little vape. I have not even used the vapes standard mouthpiece yet, just the glass wpa
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  4. KC2K

    KC2K Well-Known Member

    Had the same situation with my wife, to top it she really wasn't getting anything off the Crater Deluxe I had at the time so she would just go without which made me feel crap. I went for a VapCap Ti Woody for her. She absolutely loves it!

    So I would advise that, an M (which I now have, I was that impressed), a Ti or the Omni. The Ti and the Omni have 3 different bowl settings which my wife loves. They are simple to use and so efficient with your herb!

    Go on, you know you want to... and as a bonus you get to use it too!
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  5. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The Vapcap is the vape that stopped me from pursuing all others.

    Wood options: a plethora of wood covers/midsection are available from both the company, Dynavap and from aftermarket artists such as @phattpiggie, @Winegums and @stardustsailor. These vapes are stunningly beautiful.

    The convection heating ratio is higher when using the Titanium tipped Vapcaps. The Vapcap is a hybrid.

    The ti tipped Vapcaps have an adjustable bowl. However it is an efficient vape whether you pack the bowl full or not. Tiny amounts are shockingly efficient. I usually load about .015 gms for a lovely high that also treats my medical symptoms of pain and nausea. This is a versatile vape that can handle microdoses or larger amounts. You will be surprised how high you can get off of much less weed than you are used to.

    Highly portable due to its tiny size but attractive enough to proudly display around the home. Since its the size of a cigarette it can be tucked inside a small decorative box along with a small jet lighter and stash for discrete storage while remaining within reach.

    All Vapcaps are under $200. These highly efficient beautifully engineered vapes are built to last a lifetime. In fact the top of the line Omnivap is considered indestructible and will still work off grid and can be heated by almost any heat source, be it a jet lighter, bic lighter, a candle (my favorite when soaking in the tub), campfire stick, solar heater, stove element etc. The prices range from the basic stainless steel M model at $50 to around $100 for a ti Woody and up to $175+ for the coveted all titanium with air regulating condenser Omnivap.

    The Vapcaps are IMO the most attractive tiny efficient vapes on the market today. Everyone should have at least one.

    Here is a link to their website.

    A link to the FC Dynavap thread.

    And Best of Vapcap thread.
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  6. RuggedWombat

    RuggedWombat Opposite of Down Under

    Thank you all for the helpful insights. Personal testimony definitely counts for a lot in my book as it proves if the product is the real deal or not. For purposes of price, I do think the vapcap is what I'm looking for. The question is how much am I missing by just going for the basic M? I'm that guy that dies inside as they watch "what could have been" go by and kicking myself for not spending what could amount to as little as $50 for a major difference in performance or features. Which Vapcap do you suggest as being the best overall deal?
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  7. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    My favorites but not butane. Need to check on project eraser since that's a new one to me.
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  8. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    From what I've been reading, the M could be considered the best vapcap in price/performance. Especially if you want longer draws? I had to mod mine by filing the tip, though. had too little airflow. Can't wait to get some flower to actually try it. Hoping it'll blow me away.

    how would the vapor genie be in comparison? (the glass pipey one)
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
  9. Gray Area

    Gray Area Well-Known Member

    This :tup:

    I've had a glass vapcap & a VG coil and in my experience with these two, the VG performs far better than the VC.
    Having said that, the VG does have a big ass bowl and the VC a teeny weeny one, and like most butane vapes it's a lot about torch control (I used a torch lighter with my VG).

    Still I do quite fancy getting an M as I semi-regularly get very nice quality trad hash from source, and I hear it's good for hash... and so small bowl would be perfect :D

    Haven't tried the glass VG but hear it's excellent. I can imagine it's far nicer than the coil I had...
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  10. Krazy

    Krazy Well-Known Member

    up on a mountain

    The M has probably the best $ to what you get ratio of any vape on the planet. Having said that with the wife involved I would either upgrade to whatever Omni strikers her fancy and/or get a custom body.
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  11. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The M is the basic entry level vaporizer. The Ti tipped Vapcaps (Woodys) have more features and the Omni is the top of the line all titanium Vapcap.

    People often suspect that performance must incrementally change from model to model. I don't think choosing one model over another is so much about performance. All Vapcaps are wonderful efficient vaporizers. I think it's more about budget, function and aesthetics. The basic M stainless steel tip and build vs the Ti tip with wonderful midsection possibilities vs an Omni with its precision milled air regulating condenser and mouthpiece.

    The M is the least expensive Vapcap at $50. It's constructed entirely from stainless steel. It is a great vaporizer but is basic in its design and engineering compared to the titanium tipped series of Vapcaps. Although you can switch out the stainless steel stem for other stems or Body/mp combinations, it does not have full modularity. For example, the Omni condenser will not function properly with the M tip. The ss tip is not quite as nimble as the ti tip with fewer air channels resulting in less airflow and less convection and a greater conduction ratio. The M is a fantastic economical adventure into the land of the Vapcaps. Everyone should have one. Take the M fishing...if you do drop it in the water, you will likely deeply mourn its loss BUT, it won't be the absolute end of the world.

    The ti tipped series of Vapcaps offer full modularity. Buying one will take you on a deep dive into accessory bliss. LEGO for stoners. You don't have to buy all the models, but with parts you can have any one at any time. The titanium tip is more finely crafted and precision engineered than the stainless steel M tip. It has an more air channels and they are wider and deeper and has finely milled fins. There is an additional oring that creates a better fit onto the condenser and into the body or stem.

    The full modularity of the ti tipped Vapcaps mean that you can switch up bodies and stems, straight or VonGs, mouthpieces and condensers. You can add an Omni condenser and achieve full dialled customized air flow.

    The all titanium Omnivap is the top of the line. It is a beast. The build is very tight, beautifully engineered with incredibly tight tolerances and should be considered a work of art. The Omnivap is beautiful. The Omni condenser/mp is not only a precision milled component which offers a set it and forget it airflow, perfect for use with water pieces, but it's robust core offers additional strength to the overall device. You can run over your Omni with your car but the M or Woody may not fare so well.

    Cautious folks should start with the M IMO.

    Those that love wood might choose a Woody with its choice of wood midsections and wood mouthpiece. It sports full modularity with other bodies, stems and mouthpieces and can accommodate the Omni condenser if you want to upgrade to an Omni in the future. The Woody has a fully manual air port.

    Those that want to own a finely crafted piece of art, indestructible precision workmanship, might dive headlong into the Omni with its dialed in set it and forget it airflow.

    That said, if I were to buy my partner a Vapcap, it would be either be a Ti Woody S or XLS or an Omni or Omni XL. Now if I really really loved this person, I would also suggest that you get them a custom after market stem for their birthday or other occasion.

    @phattpiggie makes stunning custom stems. You need to check out his thread and scroll through his beautiful creations.

    @stardustsailor makes beautifully carved and anodized titanium stems. Unique and edgy.

    @Winegums makes wonderful VonGs for use with water tools as well as interesting and creative boxes and dugouts.

    I have nothing against the Vapor Genies but personally I don't like to suck hot butane, nor do I enjoy the process of heating WHILE toking. One of the nicer aspects of the Vapcap is that the heat is applied to a closed system tip and when heated, the heat source is removed and THEN you toke.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
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