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Broken Coast Recall..................

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by Genki88, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Genki88

    Genki88 Active Member

    Broken Coast issued a type 3 recall on 3 of their products that were sold to customers LAST YEAR.............
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  2. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member

    Theres been a quite a few of these recalls now . when i first herd about them i was really upset and it still bothers me a lot .
    When i grew my own i never used anything on my plants at all juat food and water . these comercial producers all uae some kind of pesticides because its all about the money .

    But now im starting to wonder whats going on with the myclobutinal deal its the one that they all get recalls about and they all say they have no idea how it got on there product .

    And really why the hell would they knowingly use it it would seem like such a reckless way to do business for them especialy after so many of these recalls .

    I read about the recall on lift mj site in the news section it looks like the amounts are ppb parts per billion .

    Im starting wonder if its because that pesticde is a common one in the production of food vegetables and fruits and its so common that its all over the place in all things related to geowing and harvesting fruits and vegetables.
    I mean like everyting from equipment to soil and media and food and well just everywere.

    Like im now wondering if i could have had my personel harvest tested back. When i had my production license , and never used anything on my plants .
    If mine could have actully been contaminated as well just from food or equitment i bought and uaed from the grow shop were i bought my equitment from .
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  3. Genki88

    Genki88 Active Member

    It upsets me that the recall was for medicine sold last year, a bit late IMO.
  4. Monsoon

    Monsoon Well-Known Member

    The Globe and Mail did an excellent article (paywalled, can be bypassed) outlining the whole controversy:

    Some of these pesticides are approved for use in food but can be hazardous when inhaled as the body doesn't properly metabolize it when consumed that way. Not all labs until recently were using the same testing procedures so the results weren't standardized and some pesticides were missed. As to how they're getting in, it's likely due to pressure on the growers to meet or exceed their target yields kinda like the whole sale quota fiasco with the Canadian banks recently. Not sure if the higher ups were complicit but their actions towards their patients doesn't encourage confidence and clearly shows they put profits over patient safety.
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  5. Genki88

    Genki88 Active Member

    Anyways, I still think Broken Coast is the best Licensed Producer in all aspects and will continue to purchase my medication from them.
  6. Elbuort19

    Elbuort19 Well-Known Member

    Not surprised. Broken Coast's THC percentages all suddenly dropped back when Mettrum and OrganiGram got caught....Aurora too! All these fuckers are putting poison in our meds so they can make more $.
  7. chris 71

    chris 71 Well-Known Member

    Well i dont know , if they really are doing it on purpose then it really is pure evil .

    And i hope the truth comes out and they get sued out of existence.

    Like they say the root of all evil is money. And maybe im being naive i dont know .

    I just cant see how they would do it on purpose when its been happening so much to so many different companies. For them to knowing do it , i mean do they know something that the rest of us dont as in maybe its not that toxic after all .

    But even this doesnt make sence when you can read that even the company that makes the product for furits and vegitables says its bot safe for smoked products becauae it releases cyanide when heated. And its not to be used on tabbacco.

    Like what do they think that because cyanide is released in smoke that it doesnt matter anyways????

    Like i said i dont know i hope its not the case and considering how coveted it is to get a lience to basicly grow money trees why the fuck would you do that ?!?!?

    The goverment should get samples of all and every batch growen by every producer out there and see if its in all of it fuck these random tests crap .
  8. Genki88

    Genki88 Active Member

    Organigram's CEO (ex-Tilray) seems to be pure evil..................
  9. Kitkat

    Kitkat New Member

    This news is very upsetting. There are currently 2 class action suits underway with other companies. It's a crummy reality but even the most revered can get caught up in the greed and it looks like that is what happened. Dunno what kind of fallout. I feel very sad about the situation because they were my favourite LP.

    I am one of the patients harmed by the Myclobutanil recall at another company, and now this.

    I think it's shameful that they have found themselves in this predicament, considering the history of some other LP's, right?

    As far as continuing to purchase their cannabis? hmm. Mettrum told me that I wasn't involved in one of their recalls and the following day or so...boom...They left a message that I had purchased some product that were being recalled. Yep, I found myself right smack-dab in the middle of their mess.

    It wasn't until I got extremely ill that I started to research the effects of Myclobutanil. I had become deathly ill (lost 40 pounds) and traditional medicine did not know what to do, so I was been left to figure this out for myself. Our health minister has decided, in her infinite wisdom, that the ppm of Myclobutanil is miniscule, and shouldn't make anyone sick. REALLY? Righto. That is a major mistake because I AM sick. So are hundreds of others.

    Broken Coast has voluntarily recalled their 3 strains affected. Did their other crops somehow avoid the poisoning? I don't trust a damn thing anymore. I've done enough reading and combing through research papers to know that Myclobutanil is NOT safe on cannabis. It clings to it and no amount of flushing will remove it.

    The effects of longterm exposure to hydrogen cyanide is unknown, but areas it migrates to are the heart, brain and liver. I am no longer able to take care of myself. I am too sick to prepare a meal from beginning to end. The last time I attempted to shop, I had to stop, sit down and ask my spouse to finish it without me. I was too weak to continue.

    Our government is going to sweep this mess under the carpet because it doesn't make financial sense to suppress sales to investigate a few stray reports. Funny that, my "stray" report was acknowledged as received by my MP but Health Canada hasn't responded. My health reports are well documented. I have consulted with my GP; and sent for multiple tests, 2 specialists; one of whom did the official diagnosis, 2 ER's (1 multiple visits).

    People, the Licensed Producers are getting away with a crime and if no one can wake up the health minister, 2018 will be a gamble; with your life.
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