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Brand Names: Fight Club, Dazed Extracts, Moxie, etc.

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Chickenhawk, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Chickenhawk

    Chickenhawk Member

    I'm looking into trying some live resin or sauce but I'm unsure of what brand go with. The dispensaries around me have a dozen or so different choices: Fight Club, Moxie, Nug Abduction, Zombie Labs, Smoking Good, etc. Anyone have any recommendations or know any brands I should stay away from? I found this brand guide on Leafly. Is there another good place to check for info?
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  2. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    It might help if you identify your general area. Country, state, city. This is a world wide forum.
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  3. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    If Moxie, I assume you are in CA? If so, that's supposed to be a very good brand. I don't live in CA but I understand that Prime Extracts, Utopia Farms, and Loudpack are good....but these are all pre-rec legalization and I'm not at all sure they have transitioned to regulated market. I note that someone I know in San Diego says that they see different stuff even between south and northern CA so...its kind of hard to say.

    If in WA, I really like Oleum Extracts....I really like their stuff. I've bought it twice on trips to that state and have not been disappointed.

    But brands are meaningless on a national level. They are state wide only. Even when a brand has an affiliation in another state, they aren't the same people, they aren't using the same starting material, etc, etc.

    Good luck.
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  4. Chickenhawk

    Chickenhawk Member

    Lol, yeah that would make sense wouldn't it. I was sort of zoned in when I first posted this. Anyway, I'm in Michigan. Thanks for the help Baron. I guess I was thinking there would be more overlap beyond just each state.
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  5. CalyxSmokr

    CalyxSmokr Well-Known Member

    Moxie is legit. Haven't heard of the others. Also Loudpack, Dabbaliscious, HGH, BAMF, Beezle, Prime extracts, Baroni, Hashy Larry are all good if they happen to be around
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  6. Chickenhawk

    Chickenhawk Member

    Hi CalyxSmokr, thanks for the input. I found another site that has a list of extraction companies. Hash Larry is listed as is Moxie. A lot of the companies are in California, Washington and Colorado. There is one based in Michigan on the list, NLG, that's available near me. It won a 2014 Michigan Cannabis Cup award for best non-solvent with its Jedi Kush Ice Wax. I'm just going to have to sit down and do some research before I make a purchase
  7. ensabbahnur

    ensabbahnur Hash Vacuum

    Kickin it live in the 775
    This x 1000

    Unless you're on the west coast maybe

    I have pretty easy access to everything Colorado west and have tried a few brands that are in multiple states with mixed results, that being said, the Moxie in CA, NV and OR were solid and seemed very similar. IMHO CA, OR, WA and NV materials intermingle across borders WAY more then people would like to think.
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  8. Chickenhawk

    Chickenhawk Member

    Yeah, I suppose I'm a little naive in this area
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