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BoogerMan's Concentrate Pill Recipe

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by BoogerMan, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. BoogerMan

    BoogerMan Well-Known Member

    Hey FC!

    I am making a new batch of concentrate pills so I though I'd share my method.

    I will be using ABV to make my concentrate oil. You can use nug, shake trim, etc.
    The only difference between using ABV and fresh cannabis is that you will need to decarb the fresh cannabis oil, whereas the ABV cannabis oil will most likely not need to be decarbed.

    1) ABV or Fresh Cannabis
    2) Blasting tube with screen and clamp and butane (ALWAYS BLAST OUTDOORS!)
    - you can use ISO or any other solvent to make your concentrate
    3) Small pyrex dish to blast in (or a jar if doing the QWISO method)
    4) Protective gear - gloves, glasses, mask (if blasting)
    5) Coconut oil (higher the fat content the better)
    6) Soy Lecithin Powder (optional, but highly recommended)
    - if you can only get the granule kind like I can, you will need a blender or coffee grinder
    7) Syringe (1mL, 5mL, and 10mL are all handy to have)
    8) Needle-nose drip bottles
    - I use these to fill up the pills. You can just use the syringe too, I just like the fine needle-nose tip
    9) Size 00 gelatin capsules
    10) Toaster oven
    - a normal oven will work if it can heat lower around 150-200F.
    - you can also use a double broiler method on a stovetop
    11) Scale
    12) Stir tool (a dabber or small spoon will work)

    Laser Thermometer is option, but very useful!

    I forgot to include the butane, laser thermometer, scale, and stir tool in the pic :doh:

    First, weigh your small pyrex dish. We will use this to determine how much concentrate we got which will then determine how much coconut oil to use.

    Blast/Wash/Soak using butane/ISO, etc.

    You can use a vacuum chamber and pump to speed up the evaporation process. If using fresh material, don't worry about purging to the point where all bubbles are gone (which usually takes a couple days at 100F) since we will be decarbing later. Just make sure most of the larger bubbles are gone.

    Once your concentrate oil looks like this, weight the dish to see how much oil we obtained.



    You may not need to decarb your ABV oil. It depends on how vaped your bud is.
    1. If your bud is pretty vaped then all of the bud will already be decarbed, so you will not need to decarb your ABV oil.
    2. If your vaped bud still has green in it (vaped at low temps) then you may need to decarb your ABV oil, but for only a short time (all of the carbon bubbles should be gone after a couple minutes if using 250-290F).

    Since I am using ABV oil I will skip the decarb step.

    Now if using fresh cannabis concentrate, we can start the decarboxylation process.

    Here is a chart from SkunkPharmResearch LLC (thank you to Jump 117) showing you the time and heat needed. If you are using nug concentrate follow this chart. I always do the 293F for 7 minutes because I am inpatient, but 252F for 27 minutes works just as well.

    If I was using nug concentrate, I would set my toaster oven to 300F and let it heat up and stabilize for about 10 minutes. The oil usually gets around 290-300F so I normally just have to decarb for around 7 minutes.

    Place your concentrate into the toaster oven and watch the bubbles. What we are doing here is converting the THCA to THC (known as decarboxylation or decarbing).

    Next 2 pics are taken from SkunkPharm since I did not decarb.

    You can see the small residual butane/ISO bubbles below. These bubbles will get smaller and smaller until they look like fizz in a soda.

    The small fizzy bubbles are the carbon molecules being released from the oil. Once all of the small fizzy bubbles have stopped, the oil is fully decarbed and will look like the below.


    Now, we need to add the proper amount of coconut oil.

    1g of oil ~ 0.9mL

    20mL fills up about 30 size 00 capsules around 2/3-3/4 of the way full.

    For example:
    If you wanted to make 30 capsules with 1g of oil, you would add about 19mL of melted coconut oil to the cannabis oil dish.

    I received about 0.7g of ABV oil so I will add 10mL of coconut oil to make about 15 capsules.

    If your coconut oil is solid, heat it up in the microwave, with warm water, etc to liquify it. Then add the liquified coconut oil to the ABV oil dish.


    This step is optional, however, I highly recommend it. Most health food stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc. will have it. The pills will still work without soy lecithin. This just helps make them a little stronger.

    "Soy Lecithin is an emulsifier which is used in the pharmaceutical industry for binding elements and increasing potency" (Quoted from the MagicalButter.com guide).

    I use about 1/2 teaspoon of Soy Lecithin powder for every 20mL of ABV/coconut oil solution. So for my 10mL solution, I will add about 1/4 teaspoon.

    It dissolves into the ABV/coconut oil solution fairly easily at low temps 100-150F.

    Now we need to apply low heat to the cannabis oil/coconut oil/soy lecithin solution until it is mixed thoroughly.

    I set my toaster oven to about 250F and set the dish on top of the toaster oven. The top of the toaster oven acts as a hot plate and sits at about 130F (you could use a mini griddle for this too if it does low temps). Mix the solution with a stir tool about every minute or so. It usually is all mixed together in 5-10 minutes. More time and more stirs will be needed with larger batches.


    Remember the goal here is to dissolve the soy lecithin into the cannabis oil/coconut solution while also thoroughly mixing the cannabis oil and coconut oil together. Everything is already decarbed so we want to do this step on low heat for as short of time as possible.

    Some small pieces of soy lecithin may not fully dissolve. This is okay. Don't keep mixing. As long as the majority of the soy lecithin is dissolved and the cannabis and coconut oil are thoroughly mixed (i.e. they do not separate after sitting for 1-2 minutes without being stirred) then it is all done.

    You do not have to fill capsules if you do not want. You can just place a dab straight from the syringe into your mouth. The pills just make the dosage a little more accurate and constant.

    Now, while the solution is warm, suck it up with the syringe and empty it into the needle-nose bottle (or leave the solution in the syringe or whatever you want to use to load the capsules).

    Let the solution cool (if it is too warm, it will start to dissolve the gelatin capsules). You want the oil to be as cool as possible without solidifying.

    If the coconut oil separates from the cannabis oil while you are letting the solution cool, then it is not thoroughly mixed. Go back and continue to stir and heat the solution at a low temperature until it will not separate when cooled.

    If the solution cools too much and solidifies, place it in some warm water or by something warm to liquify it again.

    Fill up the large half of the capsule about 3/4 of the way

    Put on the cap end (make sure you push it on until you feel a snap/lock) and that's it :D

    You now have homemade concentrate pills :tup:

    I store my pills in the freezer to preserve the gelatin capsule since I only use them once or twice a week. The pills will go from a clear consistency to a cloudy consistency when frozen.

    Before Freezer:

    After Freezer:


    ****WARNING: These are extremely potent and should not be taken lightly. ABV is weaker than nug concentrate, but it is still very potent.****

    It can take 1.5-2 hours for the effects to kick in.

    Taking it on an empty stomach can make the effects start faster and feel stronger.

    **Here are my suggestions assuming 1g of cannabis oil was used to make 30 pills. If edibles have a strong impact on you, feel free to start with an even lower dosage.**

    New cannabis user:
    1/2 of an ABV pill or 1/4 of a nug pill

    Multiple times a week user:
    1 ABV pill or 1/2 of a nug pill

    Daily user:
    2 ABV pills or 1 nug pill

    I am a daily dabber and have a fairly high tolerance (usually dab 0.1-0.25g of concentrate a night and vape about 0.25-0.5g of cannabis a night). I find 2 ABV pills (or 1 nug pill) and a dab or vape session right after (to hold me over for the 2 hours until the pill kicks in) is perfect for me. I get a nice body high from the pill after about 1.5 hours.

    Enjoy and be safe :science:
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2015
  2. zaphod42

    zaphod42 Well-Known Member

    Nice write up. Thanks!
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  3. amberevil

    amberevil Well-Known Member

    Damn @BoogerMan you are making all the goods. Btw big props for all the shatter in the post your stash thread, and now this.

    I get my hands on a good amount of fan leaves and others mixed. I tried to make bho out of it for a little while till I figured it wasnt working. I was turning the bho into pills but then I felt like I was spending too much money on butane, so now I use 99 iso. Now I feel like I spent too much ob iso, lol, 40 dollars a gallon.

    That was a great post and ill be back for more discussion. Btw I dont know where you live but I was able to order a pound if powdered soy lecithin on Amazon.

    I started a thread over here http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/iso-extraction-canna-caps.17805/ I think I have changed a thing or two but you get the idea.
  4. Crazyjoedallas

    Crazyjoedallas New Member

    I am new to this and I'm trying to find the right path. I started out cooking bud straight into coconut oil at 160 for 12 hours after decarboxylating at 240 for an hour. I was making lotion with a little bit of bees wax. It would knock you out but I like to be active not stuck. So I learned more about temps, THC, cbn, liquid sunflower lecithin and caps and tried less oil to bud ratio and made pills.. It was nice but had to take about 4 or 5 "00" to really hit you and my goal is for a 1 all day pill if possible. I don't care about medical use just trying to give an astronaut a high five. Then I found RSO which seemed pretty promising. I never use more than a 7 of high grade. Always the best I can get. So I was a little nervous about decarboxylating after extraction so I did it before in a oven at 225 for an hour. The RSO was dark and paste like and was way better than before. I made another attempt and tried the decarb after but couldn't figure out what the carb bubbles look like so since it was a good Amber color I kept it to smoke by spreading on blunts and joints. It wasn't good for dab though. So I did a long search and I stumbled across QWISO and found out how filthy RSO is for smoking anyway. So now my next attempt is QWISO. I've seen many methods on wash times and have a good idea what to do. Now the questions. If I let air dry with a fan, do I wait till all alcohol is gone before I scrape it up and decarb? Do I still add a few drops of water to help evaporate if I'm not using heat? After evaporation do I need heat to purge into shatter? Can I make shatter then melt it down to make the pills with coconut oil? Can anyone put a link to pictures or a video showing the decarboxylation process with concentrate? I will be making a batch of shatter for smoke and another batch for the pills. Hope someone can help. Thanks..
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  5. NorVape

    NorVape Vape Rictim

    I do almost the same thing! I use ISO or ethanol on my ABV, and hash chips and oilstained cloth from rosin production. And I put the solution IN the oven.

    I make mine weak on purpose though, so I can eat a cap in the morning and be fully functional.

    But making ABV into oil makes it so much easier to make caps kick.
  6. Crazyjoedallas

    Crazyjoedallas New Member

    So ABV would be like decarbing first?
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  7. NorVape

    NorVape Vape Rictim

    Yes, to me it seems like it is.

    Sorry, I didn't see your post, and answered OP.

    But you have the right idea. Let all the ISO evaporate, scrape and then infuse to coconut oil :)
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  8. PurpleDazed

    PurpleDazed Well-Known Member

    this should be pinned

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