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blue nebula - high CBD strain?

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by Vape Donkey 650, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Vape Donkey 650

    Vape Donkey 650 All vape, no smoke please.

    Northern California
    Hi FC :wave:

    I wanted to ask you all if anyone has heard of this strain - blue nebula. I picked up a couple g's of this strain in a waxy, crumble form, from one of my favorite local dispensaries. They normally have cheap, mid-grade crumbles and shatters, which is ok, and some good co2s, but they never have CBD rich products.


    The guys at the store told me it was a CBD rich product, about a 60/40 ratio THC-CBD, but their "house" products are always unlabeled, and not tested I presume, so I'm just going off what they say :shrug:

    I was unable to find a direct link to any strain by this name on my regular sources. (wiki, leafly) I would presume this is a mix of blue dream and nebula, two known strains, but neither of these strains are CBD rich or genetically ruderalis, so where would the CBD strength come from? From what I thought I knew, you don't get CBD rich strains by mixing different THC rich strains, right?

    Anyways, I tested these meds in my new divine tribe 3.0 ceramic medium donut (best flavor, accurate temp control, high-performing, portable oil vape get wit it folks!) and this wax was rather pleasant, sweet and pungent tasting. From my own positive bias and expectations, wanting it to have lots of CBD, I think it felt CBD-ish...it brought some nice, lightening, clearness to my head, mildly euphoric. I'm not used to CBD products with a 60/40 THC-CBD ratio, I'm more used to strains like AC/DC and cannatonic, more like 3:1 - 8:1 CBD - THC, when it comes to vaping CBD products.

    Anyways, just wondering if any of you are familiar with this particular strain, or if you have any sources that I'm not aware of with info on this strain?

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  2. rabblerouser

    rabblerouser vaporizer evangelist / collector

    inside a cloud of vapor
    not sure about that one, but i have recently just seen Nebula II CBD, so a CBD Nebula of some sort at least.
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  3. Vape Donkey 650

    Vape Donkey 650 All vape, no smoke please.

    Northern California
    Cool, thanks for that, @rabblerouser :tup: I don't know how I missed that. :doh:Nebula (original) was showing up when I searched for "blue nebula" but the neb II (CBD) was not showing up, at leafly. Now I just search for "nebula" on leafly or "nebula ii" as a general web search, and I get plenty of relevant results. I coulda done that myself :D

    For example, these guys claim that the original Nebula crossed with "an unknown high-CBD strain" created the nebula II, which has a 1:1 ratio of thc/cbd, about 7-8% each. Then cross that with blue dream, and it would make sense that could shift the balance to a 60/40 ratio of THC/CBD and still have that rich, fruity taste profile.

    So based on that strain info, and having had a few more specs of this crumbles vaped up on my DT 3.0 donuts, I feel pretty confident that what I have is pretty close to what I was told. Great medicine :clap: I think I could vape this stuff any time of the day. Grams for 25 bucks is a bargain too! :p Even in the bay area, many dispensaries don't have any CBD stuff at all, and it usually goes for 50, 70, 100 / gram, depending on what form of concentrate it is. Even if this blue nebula crumble is shake run rather than nug run, it's good. :nod:

    Pick-ups to Purple Star SF! I already wanna go back to pick up a couple more g's of this to carry me well into 2017....so thanks. Consider this mystery solved :sherlock: If you guys wanna talk on about CBD rich strains, products, or concentrates, feel free to post up! If not, this thread can die an honorable death, having fulfilled it's purpose. :bowdown:
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  4. Creeper

    Creeper deep in the matrix...

    I love Nebula II CBD, that was my main daytime strain daily for a while. Unfortunately my producer stopped making it in flower form and was using it for their oils so I've had to hunt around for other strains to fill that void.

    I love high CBD/low THC sativa during the day... feel so relaxed and mellow yet energized and uplifted. Whenever I hit up a shop I always ask if they have something like that, unfortunately it's not that popular outside of the medicinal cannabis stuff around here so I don't find much.
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