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Black Arizer Solo + Hot Pod vaporizer!!!

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by natural farmer, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. natural farmer

    natural farmer god is in the neurons...

    planet earth
    Hey all! I am selling my beloved Solo (M1A3) and my precious Hot Pod for the incredible price of 240$ and FREE shipping worldwide!

    One of the best portables out there, the legendary Solo and a rare beta of one of the best tasting log vapes and maybe the safest one against accidental burns, the Hot Pod, both in pristine condition! So sorry to let them go but I need to go full portable for the moment with only a flame vape and a heat on demand battery one in my arsenal as a back up... So, a complete portable plus plug-in package for dry or water conditioned use, for both beginners and seasoned users. Get it now! :D

    In the package included are a nice little VVPS for the Hot Pod, a direct hit stem, a GonG stem, both with their screens, a Solo PV GonG stem with a DIY protecting tube, the original bent and straight ones and the Solo's charger of course. To sweeten the deal I can add my jumbo sized Black Leaf 10-arm tree Saxo bubbler for only 40 more bucks PM for more pics...


    I will also accept a trade with a FireFly vaporizer!
Thread Status:
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