Black Arizer Solo and more (newest model) SOLD

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    I am selling my Black Arizer Solo. I recently sent my older unit in for warranty work and was sent the newer model that can be used while plugged in. I had previously bought the Jameco. P.A. suggested by OF. This is also included. I am now using a Pax for my portable needs and would like to sell my Solo to get a home unit.

    This unit is about 2 weeks old, but has been used.

    Edit:No trades.

    Items included:
    Black Arizer Solo (M1C1...) can be used while plugged in
    New power adapter/charger
    Aroma diffuser tube
    Straight stem
    Ed's Blackwood Stem
    Blank warranty card
    Instruction manual
    Package of Wild Flower
    Screw cap container of 1/2" screens (approx. 30)
    3 baggies of 1/2" screens (approx. 7)
    Jameco. P.A.

    Asking $125 price drop obo Paypal only
    this price includes 2-day priority shipping w tracking

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