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BHO Thermos tek

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Shiggity, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Shiggity

    Shiggity Well-Known Member

    I posted this in dewaxed ntane but feel I am dreailing that thread so wanted to create a thermos tek thread. Credit to Jump and others for creating and refining this technique.

    1.Take metal thermos that holds 16oz liquid and drill 3 1/8" holes in the top.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004MH3NGU/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    2. Put tape over holes. Pack thermos to about 2/3 full of material and put on lid.
    3. Put thermos in freezer overnight. The tape prevents entry of water which can ice over your trichomes and prevent good extraction
    4. Put can of Vector butane in freezer overnight or at least a few hours. This cools the 'tane and lowers the pressure.
    5. Take butane and thermos outside. Remove tape from thermos. Inject butane into thermos in one of the lid holes and let sit for 2 hours. The other two holes are for venting. If it is warm outside an ice bath can help keep the thermos cold. One can of Vector will fill the thermos about 3/4 full with the herb inside.
    6. After 2hours put unbleached coffee filter over the end of thermos and insert into regular mouth ball jar with metal rim but no lid on. (the metal rim is the perfect size to go around the filter and keep it tight). The jar would be upside down over the thermos.
    7. While holding everything tight together invert the thermos and jar assembly and the butane filters nicely into the ball jar. keep inverted for the 10 or so minutes it takes to get all the butane out.
    8. you can let the butane offgas from the thermos after removing the thermos and filter from the ball jar. Then use Iso to get the rest of the goodness from the material. I dont do a second butane run.
    9. Sit the ball jar in a warm water bath until most of the butane is gone.
    10. Add 5ml everclear to the remining butane and keep in water bath ntil no bubbles are formed. You should already see some wax precipitating.
    11. When no butane smell is left cap the ball jar and put it in the freezer overnight. It should go to a cloudy yellow color.
    12. remove the liquid with 10ml syringe and put 0.22um syringe filter on.
    13. Push the BHO/everclear mixture through the filter onto silicone sheets. Make sure not to let the everclear warm up too much when using the syringe filter or your precipitated waxes may reenter solution. let dry to a dull clear yellow. If it looks glossy water is still present. (stop here if not making eliquid and enjoy)
    14 Remove the absolute from the silicone sheets. I usually warm the sheets with my hand until the absolute gets a little sticky than roll it up into a ball using the sheets.
    15.Put a few drops of ejmix in a shot glass (about 10) shot glass and warm up in a water bath (100 degrees F-120F).
    16. Add absolute and stir with metal dab tool until dissolved to right consistency (add more drops if needed. I like to make it viscous like honey.
    17. Pick up the liquid with a syringe and use syringe to dispense onto coils of RBA. I like the syringe because it lets me add just the right amount onto the top of the coil.
    18. Enjoy! (ejmix step not necessary but I like to keep my concentrates in a sryinge for easy application. Using the minimal amount of ejmix keeps the taste of the PG away and keeps the strength high.

    Advantages to the thermos method
    1. Increasing yield by increasing soak time.
    2. There is no blasting event. You just empty the frozen can into the frozen thermos. Very low pressure so little butane if any is released from the thermos until you want to. I feel this is much safer because I am not around the thermos during the extraction. None of the butane off gasses during this soak time so that increases safety as well. I will probably switch to a steel mesh filter to reduce filtration time and waste.
    3. Chorophyll is pretty much insouble at this temperature and time period. Other undesirables are also less soluble. (I still winterize to get rid of waxes)
    4. No danger of butane making a tunnel and missing some of the goodies, all the nuggets are submerged in liquid butane.
    5. If desired two runs can be done, the first for 30 min and the second for 2 hours. Uses more butane but you end up getting more yield.

    Edits to original method:
    I found a mesh tea ball that fits right into the end of my thermos and locks in. I ripped the other half off and now I just use that as my filter. Since I do the winterization and ethanol evap to clear my butane I dont have to worry about a little bit of fine particles coming through in the first dump.

    Also, I turn the thermos cap upside down when filling now (open end up) so that it lies flat against the thermos opening. This loses less butane out the sides of the cap. I have heard of others using a jar lid to achieve the same effect. Then I turn the cap right side up again during the soak.

    Please post your thoughts and results. I will get pics up when I can find a camera that wont embed data lol.
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  2. kingtut106

    kingtut106 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering why you would winterize with ethanol if you are keeping your butane in liquid form. You could just wait 90-120 minutes and let you unwanted materials drop out and not even need to use ethanol.
  3. Shiggity

    Shiggity Well-Known Member

    @kingtut106 I will try this next batch. Do you lower the temp even further by using a dry ice bath? I work in a science lab so I can get dry ice for free. Haven't tried vac purge yet so I use ethanol as a convenient way to get rid of residual butane. But I am going to get a nice vac soon ;)
  4. kingtut106

    kingtut106 Well-Known Member

    I pick my dry ice up from ACME ice, there is a shop a few miles from my house. I walk down with my styrofoam container and they will it up costs me $11.

    From someone else who might work in a lab (hahah) I find picking up from a store even easier. They have nice pellets of dry ice, which I found is better then just one block of dry ice. I've been thinking of posting a thread with detailed pictures as a guide...?

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