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BHO making help/advice needed.

Discussion in 'ABV' started by paravoz, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. paravoz

    paravoz choochooo

    Los Angeles
    I've read tons of how to's and I've watched over 15 youtube videos (mostly knottys) on how to make dispensary quality BHO but I still have a few questions.

    Material: trimmer bowl shake from a spinpro style trimmer.
    Strains: Skywalker OG and Bluedream

    I got myself a ebay 5Gal provac chamber with 5cfm robinair pump. walmart griddle (with 4 granite tiles on it to stabilize the temps) and I have a laser IR thermometer.

    This first "wax person" I new gave me a few pointers on making wax.
    * If you want crumble; whip the wax for 10-15 mins and let dry for a few weeks or vac purge for a few hours.
    * If you want shatter; leave it in vac without whipping for a day or two on low heat 120-130.

    I blasted my wax and let it evap at night when it was about 70*F. When most of the butane had evaped off, I started whipping. There was still butane in the wax when I started whipping. I whipped it till it turnd a nice light yellow color and it foamed up and got hard on me while I was whipping. I so then took that whipped wax and put it in the vac at full throttle for a whole day without any heat. It smelled freakin phenomenal, I couldn't get over the smell; but when I went to smoke it, it burned my lungs. Shit was still full of butane. When i bottled it up and burped the bottle, I could smell the butane vapor. But I can't get over how bomb it smelled.
    Should I have vac'ed it for longer times or let it sit out for a few weeks?
    Should I have whipped it after letting it bubble up for 30 min or so at 90-100*F? (problem is it starts shattering up when it's bubbling up/evaping; so I have to whip it with a little heat which I'm afraid might be enough heat to vape off those smells/terpenes Im talking about)

    After watching the videoes and reading the how to'es I tried a second batch. I decided to Not whip my wax this time.

    I blasted my shake and let it evap outside where it was about 100-110*F for 30 mins till it bubbled up.
    Then I scraped it out of the pyrex and put it on parchment paper and used a jar to steamroll it flat between the folded paper. I then unfolded the paper while the wax was slightly heated to spread out the wax on both sides.
    I vac'ed it for about 3 hours at 120-130*F and got a amber shatter that is very stable to touch and breakes like glass.
    I took a bit more of that and let it purge at about 140-145*F for another 3 hours and it turned into a creamy peanut butter brittle consistency.
    Both of these smoked great and didn't burn my lungs. The high's were amazing. They seemed to be fully purged. But they are lacking that crazy aroma of the whipped stuff I made the first time.

    Any advice? The top notch stuff I get at my local club smells like the whipped stuff I made but it doesn't burn my lungs when I smoke it.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2014
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  2. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    Absent a gun to your head, why would you whip your good BHO?

    PS: What tube are you using? How much trim do you run each time?
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  3. paravoz

    paravoz choochooo

    Los Angeles
    I have 2 generic glass tubes . 1oz and a 4oz. Ive blasted as little as 1oz and as much as a pound. End results were about the same.

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