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Best way to fill canna caps?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Vaked420, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Vaked420

    Vaked420 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys. I'm planning to make a decent number of cannacaps and I foresee myself making them again so I want an easy, mess free way to fill them that I can also put a reliable amount in each one.

    I was thinking of using a syringe to fill them but also just stumbled upon the cap m quik


    Ia it worthwhile getting that as well or will just a syringe work fine? by the way my plan is to dissolve 1 gram of CO2 hash into coconut oil to make 5mg and 20mg varieties of the caps, so I'm assuming I'll make about 25 of each or so. Thanks!

    Also in the future I may make double that amount so it's worthwhile to be thinking ahead.
  2. iVapeTooMuch

    iVapeTooMuch Oh I Member

    When I make caps I usually make larger batches (100+ or so) and was looking into making something similar out of wood. Filling them manually takes a while, but damn for $30 I'll probably order what you linked
  3. fft

    fft Well-Known Member

    I use something similar called the Capsule Machine which works nicely. Looks like the cap m quik has larger tray size which may speed things up. You'll also need a syringe unless the cap m quik comes with one. I don't think there's a better way to go...
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  4. JRyan

    JRyan Well-Known Member

    So. FL
    The Capsule Machine x4 - So you can bust out 96 caps, one after the next. If you fill the capsule machine by doing the tops all at once, and then the bottoms. You'll be much more efficient.


    The most important part is the Luer lock bottles. They provide the ultimate control and efficiency. I can cap 4-cups of oil in under two-hours. With a varying selection of syringes it was taking 2-2.5x longer.

    60ml (2oz) Luer Lock Bottles - 8 Bottles will hold the 2-cup MBM minimum requirement.

    18g Luer Lock Needles
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