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Best Vaporizers to Fuck Combustion

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by vorrange, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise


    I created a thread a few days ago about the steps i took to help me get rid of my tobacco habit as well as my combustion habit. I find it is way more difficult if you smoke, and even more if you are used to smoke joints like most here in Europe. The conversation ended quickly in which vaporizers were better so i thought it would be nice to have such a thread.

    What vaporizer made you able to switch?

    In my case it was the DaBuddha Vaporizer by 7th Floor, my first one was the wood VaporGenie
    but i was too inexperienced to give its due credit and i quickly gave up on vaping for a while, until i decided to do it again with a more powerfull unit.

    This, to me, is critical, in transition. The more powerfull the unit, the easier it is to forget combustion and move on to tastier clouds.
  2. fidget

    fidget Well-Known Member

    I fucked combustion totally (20 odd year joint with tobacco in smoker) after getting my first vape which was an iolite.
    Added a Q the following month and now have a Wychwood as well.
    Even the smell of burning weed makes my stomach turn now.
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  3. ej2389

    ej2389 Member

    For me that is the vriptech wand and the vapexhale cloud. I had a buddah too, but it can be annoying to work with when your weed likes to fall into the heater.
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  4. mwahle1

    mwahle1 Well-Known Member

    Chicago IL
    The DBV and ecig are all I needed to give up combustion.
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  5. OhTheAgony

    OhTheAgony here for the chicks

    The Flatlands
    I agree that a good hard hitting vape can make all the difference in a successful transfer.

    I couldn't do it with the SSV myself. I did for a while but it costed me at least a gram and a half a day and even that was barely enough to keep me satisfied. There was a noob factor involved too in the beginning though. I only learned I wasn't vaping my herbs thoroughly enough after a month or so which helped me conserve a little bit, but only a little bit. I found it much easier and cheaper when I got my Solo anyway, and the Vapocane does a great job too but requires a little more time and work with all the torching you got going on. I was in heaven once I discovered the UD though, and the HI paired up with a CRZ stem has made it even a little better still. My search is actually over now, no need for a Cloud here :haw:
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  6. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    MFLB and Purple Days were my first lovers; memories are still rich and sweet, even though I have retired them for the most part.

    Oh my sweet, sweet PD...how you warmed my lungs, and my hands, on many a cold winters night. :love:
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  7. HSIHP

    HSIHP Well-Known Member

    My buddy who i lived with was given a SSV as a present. We used it almost every day but we still combusted pretty regularly also as we were very much into collecting cool glass pieces. When we moved out of that house, he went back to his parents and I moved in with my GF so he gifted the SSV to me. Once that happened and my GF limited combusting to outside I became 100% vapor user and soon after got the MFLB.

    My same friend just moved to his own place again in another state and sadly took his SSV with him. I miss that vape all the time and I think if I had to get someone off combustion quickly, the SSV would be the best option.
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  8. mvapes

    mvapes Scratchin' Glass! Accessory Maker

    A sandy garage!
    I fucked vaporization after trying the Vapir5.0 - I quickly upgraded to my first EXQ soon after and that was it for the flame. Actually, not gonna lie - once in a blue moon I enjoy rolling a joint.

    Just to show how much once in a blue moon means - I haven't had to buy papers in a year and I go through a minimum of a quarter a week.
  9. ilovebOObs

    ilovebOObs can i stick my male joint in there?

    ego-t and extreme Q helped me kicked my 1 pack a day and 2 blunts a day habit. now when i look back at how much i used to smoke it is sickening.
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  10. CentiZen

    CentiZen Evil Genius in Training Accessory Maker

    America's Hat
    Mine was the Arizer Solo

    Also, I find it funny that on the front page at my resolution, the thread looks like it's titled "Best Vaporizers to Fuck"
  11. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    I find it interesting that there were many different vaporizers, from small portables to heavy hitters, i thought most people would use a plug in vape. :)

    OTA, my experience with the DBV was similar to yours with the SSV, too much herb being consumed, one of the reasons i bought the MFLB, to help me conserve a bit, and because of stealth, of course.

    It also seems that the best way to stop smoking is not the nicotine patch, but an ecig.

    Centizen, that is how i get people to come to the thread, haha. :cool:
  12. max

    max Out to lunch

    If smoking isn't bothering you- you enjoy it- then the model you use can definitely be a big factor. For me, since I was sick of smoking, all it took was a crappy BC Vaporizer to hook me on vapor. So it really depends on where you are, with smoking, as to how much it matters whether the vape is super good or half assed.
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  13. Pcpvapors

    Pcpvapors Well-Known Member

    My first vaporizer was the VG, it was a good stepping stone because of the ritual involved and still provided good vapor. I had to switch back to combustion and what brought me back to vaporizing again was the thermovape evolution.
  14. Bart

    Bart Well-Known Member

    The thermovape t1 did it for me. I fought with an evo for awhile then got the t1. Now I hate taste of combustion.
    Speaking of vaping. I think I'll take the bender for a quick ride.
  15. wonderfox

    wonderfox Active Member

    I used to smoke tobacco in joints (eugh) and around the end of October last year I just couldn't hack it anymore. When I had tobacco in joints my heart would start racing and I'd break out in a sweat. Started smoking pure and the bad effects went away but I was getting through so much weed and my chest was always heavy. Started researching conservation methods and came across this forum, decided to buy the MFLB.

    Never looked back since! The MFLB helped me conserve so much, between us my bf and I get through a half ounce every month and a half/two months. The taste, the better high, no hacking up a load of tarry phlegm in the morning (sorry, pretty disgusting I know); it was a whole different experience. I didn't intend to quit combustion completely but I did as soon as I got my MFLB. Smoking seemed like such a waste once I'd seen how efficiently and pleasantly herb can be enjoyed. I've slowly been growing my collection and I feel I'm becoming quite the vapor enthusiast. Even converted a few friends. Big thank you to all you FCers :D
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  16. Bojanglez

    Bojanglez Well-Known Member

    I was a (nearly) 30 year smoker and finally decided to quit for good almost two years ago. I had smoked joints with tobacco for years and that was going to be the hardest part of quitting so I bought a silver surfer and vaped really hot so it was cloudy/smokey and sort of felt like a good substitute. A little while after that I wanted a bag-system and bought the Extreme-Q. Followed by the Solo and MFLB (love the former more than the latter but LOVE the MFLB's portability) :)

    Not sure what my next one should be, maybe a ViVape or an Underdog?

    Choices, choices :)
  17. charliedontsurf

    charliedontsurf Medical

    West Coast
    Dental surgery + borrowed volcano.
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  18. max

    max Out to lunch

    If you've got an Extreme I certainly wouldn't consider a viVape. You may improve your whip hits some, but unless you've got money to burn it's not worth the upgrade.

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