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Best of the Vapman thread

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Rmpl Stltskn, Mar 11, 2009.

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    VAPEHUNTER Well-Known Member

    Mine (oiled with "boiled" Linseed oil) seems to be doing fine. It feels dry to the touch but still has a hint of oil smell so I think I will give it at least another day before I try using it. It feels dry so I decided to go ahead and put it back together.




  2. u bwade wunner

    u bwade wunner Well-Known Member

    I love experimenting with this little guy.I was chilling last night in front of haven caressing the contours of the vapman content as I drifted off to sleep,as you do half way through a show with the vapman:D

    It's been Two weeks or so using that I/2 stainless screen I made for herb in my vapman.

    What I can say:
    Flavour and vapor is improved and heat seems perfectly balanced,it all feels...and I don't want to big up,but it's a bit magical.
    I'm experiencing no char until the last moment unlike before.it was in the background after the first few hits.

    My method of heat is 4,1,4 seconds & hit then 4.pack is reasonably tight.

    I was thinking, never a good thing;)...Without the screen the herb is directly in contact with the crucible.good vapor no doubt but as I say I did notice charring taste on the herb quite early on.I got used to that having used the mflb before the vapman.My way to deal with the degrading taste was to disassemble,remove the mouthpiece bit stir my material with the peg on the mouthpiece to move darker roasted herb sitting against the crucible and mix it into the greener less heated herb., I feel that the vapor from those darker herb grains were contributing to my tickly cough.

    So With the screen installed the herb sits suspended above the crucible in a springy stainless hammock the air pocket between the two is allowing more convection and is grilling the herb.more so than frying the herb.

    I'm really liking it.no stirring necessary,much more even heat and the inner surface of the crucible is staying clean.i had some black spots developing on the inner surface of the crucible before which was a concern.herb sticking and combusting I think.funny though I can't seem to shift it with ISO.its a delicate area so I didn't want to exert too much force.

    The vapman holds a little less with the screen..I'm getting straight to visible vapor from the first hit.I get 3- 5 big clouds on a fill and then I notice the char taste.when I remove the mouthpiece to examine I'm finding perfectly even brown avb .my vapman is more intuitive now hmmm.i get the best flavour till the last hit which let's me know to refill

    The screen stays put when I empty too.it catches on the notch in the crucible column and stays there.

    I will write a note to vapman today and see what he thinks.will let You all know..

    A worthy experiment I think especially for a lazy Sunday.drive a nail or skewer through a 1/2 screen ,dome the screen enough so it's just off the crucible,fill on top of the screen and enjoy.

    I won't go on waffle,waffle, :)but I just felt I had to mention it to people who like to tinker and mod.im having a blast.

    I will say this about the vapman to finish.

    I leave my vapman for a few days and use other units. when I return to it it knocks me for 6.its the smallest of my vapes but it medicates me so fully I can't leave it for long...great late night vape,gets you sleepy,horizontal and also medicates you're muscles and limbs perfectly I find.a great vape if You need to belt yourself quickly and hard if the stress monster appears.shopping trips for me are :disgust::lol:

    Have a peaceful Sunday folks.

    Btw I'm intrigued by the charring going on in this thread and I think vapman is too.


    Stay tuned for a little vapman porn:)....

    Edit:an older one plugged with a walnut stem from MFLB

    the MFLB stem was washed in clothing & subsequently trapped inside my washing machine for 6 months or so.you can see the divits in the stem between the grains.but it survived all that time jammed inside the washer filter.gotta love wood.


  3. vapmanjoe

    vapmanjoe Well-Known Member

    I think i better post a Video because pictures say more than thousand words. Keep in mind that this is the secon bowl, the station is still warm and heats up faster than at the beginning. The instructual manual states that the station works basically with the same temperature. The different temperature settings only have an influence on the length of the cycling process. When the station is cold, first you see a red light, after 30-45 sec the lighter turns orange and you can put the vapman onto the station, then it starts to blink. After 10-15 sec the light turns green and you can start drawing. If you put the vapman onto the station again it blinks orange, again ready to use and so on.
    It starts with 2-3 tasty, almost invisible draws till you get some thicker hits. From the second bowl on you could use it with at least two vapmans in rotation as you see the heating cycle is pretty fast.
    I tried it with herb, hash and wax. I feel it gives you the same tase and quality of vapor like with the lighter. Really nice! I'm perfectly satisfied.

    I'm looking forward to see you people get your stations soon to share some nice experience...

    Click to play YouTube Video

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