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Best of the Arizer Air thread

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by pakalolo, Nov 26, 2014.

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  1. exit

    exit Well-Known Member

    So i have not really followed up on my promises of a mega review, mainly because I haven't had time or the space to film a decent video review.

    I feel like thru water it feels same as a solo. The flavor is really god damn good on the Air. The flavor does not taper off like was a complaint about the solo. Water performance was great. Used my favorite temp (white) a few times and it worked great. At higher temps could visibly milk some of my larger pieces.

    I have tried it with a PV ground glass gong and a Joda nano gong, enjoying it a lot with the Joda gong.

    I don't really use it with the solo stems because theyr're too difficult to get in, but I really love the air glass stems.

    I don't know if airflow feels the same as new version solos. I had a 2014 solo for a short time before giving it away since i liked my m104/m107 more. I thought the m104 was too resistant but the m107 was my favorite. Now I can hit the m104 without any problem and like it most.

    Since I never really was a big fan of the solo through water because of its resistance, i only used it dry. I can tell the flavor is better overall with the air, and you start getting huge hits as soon as it gets to temp which is truly wonderful. For these reasons I doubt I will be using my solo for a travel vape.

    The m104 with the fresh VapePower battery will likely stay around for an all-day portable. The solo still is no less of an excellent vape but I think it would be my go to over the Air if I had to pick between having a portable or a desktop vape with me, but the Air is more effortless than the solo, has a lot of advantages - however the solo (especially the old ceramic one with much more resistance) provides much richer and denser hits i believe.

    I will probably end up getting a couple replacement Air batteries, labelling them, and use that as my main portable from here on out, with the occasional Iolite v2 session :tup:

    Although, if the air turns out to be as reliable as I hope, maybe an Air with a few extra batts could replace my solo altogether... although shame there's no equivalent of the PA function, at least not that we know of.

    If there's anything else i can speak to on this vape let me know.
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  2. CentiZen

    CentiZen Evil Genius in Training Accessory Maker

    America's Hat
    You can set the temperature while it is plugged in, but it refuses to heat without a battery in it.

    Now that I have had my unit for a couple of days, I've noticed it has gotten easier to insert and remove the mouthpieces. They still are quite secure, but before they required what I would consider "a lot" of force, now they just require "some" force.

    I am not sure how dexterous you are, but I'm going to assume you have at normal use of your one hand, and that it would be somewhat stronger than someone who has use of both hands on account of extra use. I think that the air would be workable, though it might be difficult at first until the ring loosens up a bit.

    If you were to set the Air on a table and then try to insert the mouthpiece straight down I think you would have no troubles getting it in. Getting it out will be slightly harder, but there are a couple strategies I can think of. One would be to set top of the air against something while pulling on the mouthpiece, or by gripping it with my teeth while I pull with my hands. Loading the stem is already a one handed process for me, I just hold the mouthpiece and suck through it while pointing the end in my bud. If the stem is hot, you can empty it one handed by tapping it against a surface.

    I'm pretty sure this only comes in effect when the package is not addressed to a valid address or is refused by the recipient. I don't think they will be getting rid of your package if you wait too long.

  3. Nytron

    Nytron Well-Known Member

    Did a ton of sessions yesterday. The Air is better in every way than the Solo but battery capacity.

    The Air stem is dialed in. The stem uses less glass than a Solo stem, so it heaksoaks quickly to a higher temp than a Solo. Warm up time is MUCH improved. You have to be careful when unloading the stem; grab it just after mouthpiece-glass connection. The mouthpiece works great and takes some of the guesswork out of vaping. The small restrictive hole in the mouthpiece restricts the amount you can draw, so you don't cool down the heater too much.

    Good lord this thing rips. The temperature 5/5 seems like 7.5/7 on a Solo. The heater is very similar in design to the Solo, just more refined. The action of the stem+bowl is smoother, no tight fitting issues with my stem, it glides in the heating chamber with a perfect amount of effort.

    Compared to an aftermarket turbo style screened bowl, there is noticeably more convection with the stock Air stem with its 4-hole glass bowl, as opposed to a screened aftermarket Turbo style bowl. The bottom of the bowl is more browned than a Turbo bowl. I don't think aftermarket stems will be needed with this unit. Just screens and a couple travel caps will be everything I need.

    The grill design on the top half of unit is there to prevent the device from heatsoaking. It is very effective and noticeable. After powering down, the Air becomes room temp in a fraction of the time the Solo takes. You can literally feel the heat coming out of the grill while the lower half of the unit stays much cooler.

    The belt holder that is included is a nice touch. You can fit the stir tool and stem(s) in there. The unit looks exactly like a flashlight if you put it in upside down.

    For me, this is the best vaporizer money can buy. It has everything going for it that I needed including things that other vapes seem to not have: Stealthy, extremely portable, user replaceable battery, glass bowl that separates from main unit, efficient with any bowl size, etc...
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  4. thesoloman

    thesoloman Well-Known Member

    Here is my case setup, i have room for 3 more batteries.
    It is a pelican 1120 series case.

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  5. the_huge_cloudz

    the_huge_cloudz *haze artist 4 life*

    peace, love and respect out 2 the fc-community. Thanx 4 all your infos, reviews and hints. I have spend quite some time here …

    And waited until I might have something helpful to add. Some of you still seem to be looking for the best way to milk out the air with a watertoy …

    I got my air beginning of this year and at first I had the same problem. The vapor was okay, but not really thick. I`m a heavy user and wanted big bong rips like back in the dayz. Just with clean glass ...:love:
    Then I saw a video here (blue eyed rip … or something like that) and was deeply impressed. So I started some further investigation and found out that some of the high-end desktop vapes need a while till they are heated. So maybe it was all about the technique?! I did some testing and this is what I came up with.

    How to really milk out your air:

    1. Heat up on red
    2. Prepare your material and load the GonG.
    3. When heated, insert GonG and place the Air on your bong/bubbler. Then …
    4. WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! For at least 2-4 minutes. If you wait longer, the vapor will even be thicker.
    5. Hit.
    6. Heat/Wait.
    7. Hit. And so on.

    A digital clock is helpful to keep the minutes … if you ain't got one around - don't worry. Be patient after inserting the GonG and soon the accumulated resin will start to blur.

    My favourite setup:
    Standard 18mm GonG (from verdampftnochmal)
    FourTwenty Blue Scientific bong, 37 cm (Double honeycomb + turbo-wheel)

    Don't forget: Vapor density depends on watertool and repective airflow. My other bong (Magicglass Moonwalker Superkick) is larger and hasn't got any perc. Due to that the vapor isn't as thick as in the one mentioned above … You all know the theories about draw restriction going around here :myday:. But it works fine for smooth large hits.

    And if you want more flavor - begin your session on green, but preheat nevertheless.

    Depends on when you start your first hit, you should manage to get 3-6 huge clouds from one load in the left time. Of course, you can go for a back2back session if you want more. But one learns to pack the right amount pretty fast. It's actually just using the air slightly differently, so get used to shorter, but harder sessions.

    I highly appreciate the enthusiasm that is put in here and people sharing their knowledge. Keep it up. If I find the time, I might shoot a video in the coming dayz …

    I hope you'll enjoy the huge cloudz.

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