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Bedrocan product---your experience?? Canada?

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by MinnBobber, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Just watched a lengthy interview/discussion with a Bedrocan researcher, from their Netherlands operation. I see they also operate in Canada.
    They appear to be very scientific, very thorough, very professional in growing and producing their product which seems fine to me UNTIL: they gamma radiate to make sure no nasty microbes etc.
    Now I think gamma radiation is safe as far as not radiating humans BUT what about their end product "vapor signature".

    He said it does not effect the cannabinoids and slightly effects the terps.
    They have 10 THC/ CBD profiles to pick from.
    How does it compare to top shelf, never radiated buds?

    thanks for sharing your experience
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  2. Monsoon

    Monsoon Well-Known Member

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  3. killick

    killick But I like it!

    Oddly enough Bedrocan was my first LP (for Licensed Provider. Pronounced El Pee). I had nothing to compare them to, as I hadn't touched herb since the 70s. It seemed OK, and I selected them due to their prominence in the Dutch med community. I left them when Bedrocan Canada was acquired by another LP, whose name escapes me. As for irradiation, well, it's controversial, many are against it, and I am, but only on general principle, and because I haven't looked into it at all. ;)
  4. Satty

    Satty Member

    St. Marys Ontario
    I have had Bedrocan products in the past. They were acquired by Tweed of Smith Falls Ontario. They've just raised there price to $6.75 gram about a month ago for all strains.
  5. Elbuort19

    Elbuort19 Active Member

    I was with Bedrocan but cancelled after my first 2 orders. Their products do medicate if you can stand the taste of cat piss or whatever kind of piss they use to flavor their bud. Seriously I didn't listen to the warning so I wasted months between getting in and getting out with Bedrocan.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2016
  6. rodders83

    rodders83 High temp Indica lover

    Its all big pharma dirt thats the future of MJ the plant is bad dangerous ILLEGAL! But but if we can just make some pills with extracts it will be all good honest!

    They are criminals where i live sick people are leaving for America for THC and its going to come down to either complete slavery or revolt. Think about how many traps there are when you are born, No land no way to provide food or shelter and no rights to treat yourself with medicine. Instead everything has to bee provided by the goverment or controlled by them so they can insert themselves into your anus, Sorry i mean daily life hehe.

    How do you seperate the leech known as the Goverment from these rights?
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  7. witka

    witka Member

    i'm boycotting my acmpr access... too many recalls I don't trust it

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