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(basically) New EpicVape E-Nano starter package

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Caligula, Jun 11, 2014.

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  1. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    Okay so here's the deal. As some of you may know, I recently got a new exotic E-Nano. This meant I could ship my original unit back to Andy over @ EpicVape to get refurbished under his awesome FC member warranty plan.

    What does this entail you may ask? It means he basically sent back a brand new unit!

    What was initially wrong with it? Not much... the dimmer dial's numbers had worn off, and the wood was dry and sad looking. Worked like a champ though!

    What did Andy do to it after I sent it back? EVERYTHING!

    From what I can tell, EpicVape:

    • Updated/upgraded the electrical connections (solder vs crimps).
    • Replaced the heating unit/ceramic rod.
    • Replaced the cover screen for the heating unit.
    • Replaced the original power cord/dimmer switch with the new longer, more pliable version (100x better) and more durable dimmer.
    • Replaced the strain relief where the cord meets the body of the Nano with the upgraded version.
    • Buffed out the wood so it actually looks better than the day I bought it!!!
    Quite literally, this E-Nano is now better than the day it was made.

    As you can see below, other than the metal base, there isn't much that isn't replaced or refurbished on the unit. Furthermore, I only took the Nano out of its box and bubble wrap to inspect and photograph it. I haven't so much as plugged it in since getting it back from Andy, whom does a QC run before sending it back anyway.

    Of course I can turn it on upon request (and payment) just to be sure.

    I am offering this single, refurbished cherry E-Nano unit along with the following attachments and accessories. All glass attachments have been used and will be spotless before shipping. All stems and GonGs will come with a pre-installed EpicVape adjustable SS basket screen. The grinder will be completely cleaned as well:

    1x EpicVape adjustable "thick glass" stem
    1x Old Skool EpicVape all glass stem
    1x Old Skool EpicVape pinched stem
    1x EpicVape 14mm "adjust-a-bowl" GonG
    1x EpicVape 18mm all glass GonG
    1x EpicVape E-Pic
    1x EpicVape E-Nano cloth storage bag
    1x Large 2 piece gunmetal Santa Cruz Shredder*

    If you price all this out online, you will quickly see that the total is well over $280.00.

    My asking price is only $205.00 USD, which will include USPS Priority shipping (CONUS only) with tracking and insurance as well as Pay-Pal fees.

    As stated above, payment will need to be via Pay-Pal (or cash at a discount if you're local and pick up). Shipping will happen ASAP on the next possible business day, and tracking info will be provided promptly after.

    *The SCS unit is FLAWLESS and has gone through MAYBE a quarter of an Oz of herb over its entire lifetime... & no stems, ever. Of course, it will be completely cleaned before shipping. Not that it needs much.

    Please contact me via PM with offers, questions, or random insults.

    Last edited: Jun 11, 2014
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