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BadKat's CannaPharm: Medical Grade Edibles, Drinkables, Oils, & more..

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by BadKittySmiles, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. BadKittySmiles

    BadKittySmiles Member

    Welcome to BadKat's CannaPharm. Featuring: concenrated hash capsules, "UV Reactive Glowing Hash Candy",

    and "Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Canna 'Bombs'". More soon to come.


    I'm BadKittySmiles, a seasoned grower, and practiced canna chemist, chef, what have you.
    I've been traveling the world for decades studying cannabis, its growth, breeding, harvesting, processing, I've visited and lived long term in several continents, established over a dozen small (multi-room) grows, and I have participated and contributed to various large organizations, warehouses and labs around the world.

    Ive been working on a few photo-tutorial recipes that I know you folks can easily make in your own homes, without the need for any excessive or extravagant tools or materials. This will be something of a journal, documenting various methods and recipes. I won't talk too big or scare new or inexperienced folks away, I want to encourage asking questions, no question is too simple, or in any way stupid... as far as questions go, I only ask that you stay somewhat on topic if posting in the thread, and off-topic PM's are absolutely welcome if you're patient waiting for a reply lol. If you've tried 'google' and the search feature here, and still need further explanation, I'm not going to look down on you or make you feel silly for asking :)

    Were focusing on a few of my favorite recipes, to start with, we're working on Canna Capsules.

    I may only get through one recipe today, so Ill be reserving the immediate additional few posts right away for the following recipes... the photo portion Ive been working on since last summer :eek: The writing portion, Ive dragged my heels on until this very moment :wave:

    Dont worry.. this will probably be my longest and most intensive post for information purposes, much of it shouldnt need repeating for the following recipes.


    For people with varying resources and facilities, I've completed -four- 4 full variations on making hash capsules. We'll be starting with the optimal variations, and we'll work our way down to the poor (or ill-prepared) mans caps. Our aim here is to transform roughly 5.5 grams of quality hash, into 15 concentrated canna capsules, for a very intense and narcotic effect.


    What you'll need:

    - Minimum 5.0 grams sifted hash, or fine kief. Were using hash collected from the strain

    Devastating Train Wreck.

    - Coconut Oil, 2.5 tsp- organic and mechanically extracted are good, naturally

    heat-deodorized is ok. I recommend the brands 'Now', and 'Garden of Life'.

    (Remember, if a single dose turns out much too strong for you, you can dilute it
    further with extra coconut oil until you achieve the desired effect. There is no rush
    so feel free to fill one capsule, try it before filling the rest, and see if changes are
    needed. These start out strong. Some of you will require less product per-cap.)

    - Pipette to fill your caps easily by hand, or of course a fancy cap-filling machine or tray.

    - Empty Gelatin Capsules Can't be veg/V-caps unless you intend on using them immediately

    - Optional oils, which as a patient with digestive-absorptive difficulties, I use for enhanced

    mobility and absorption of cannabinoids.. a mix of heavier to lighter oils will create an

    optimal and varied 'vehicle' for cannabinoids, cbd etc., however this is the perfectionist in

    me, and a single, quality coconut oil source will do just fine for most folks. I use:

    - Avocado - Almond - and -Castor- oils, in addition to the coconut, at an
    unmeasured rate of just a few drops each, per 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.

    Just be sure they are food grade.

    If you are uncertain, contact the supplier or manufacturer, or discontinue use.

    - Soy Lecithin: this is where the first two recipes differ.

    I made two near-exact batches to show the results side by side, one with lecithin, one

    without. It's cheap, easy to find, and it absolutely enhances the effects and absorption

    of cannabinoids. Further explanation below.

    - Ceramic oven-safe dish

    - Foil

    - Empty Pill Bottles

    - Desiccant sachet

    - size 00 GELATIN capsules.. they must be gelatin, if you use vegetarian,

    they'll disintegrate before you can use them.

    But if you must use V caps, you'll have to take them almost immediately, and I'd

    recommend making your hash concentrate in advance, freezing it, and defrosting what

    you need, as you need it, just enough to fill a days supply of caps.

    You can use larger capsules, and fill them with different ratios, but only if you can handle

    swallowing pills that large; many folks have difficulties with even the 00's, although they're

    your average health-food sized cap.

    Coconut oil is a solid at temperatures below around 76-78 degrees, making it perfect for

    canna capsules. When blended properly, the cannabinoids are mixed evenly through the

    oil and become unable to 'eat' through the gel cap, and due to the solidity of the oil they

    can be stored safely for up to several weeks at room temp. I prefer freezing mine as it

    not only greatly extends their shelf life, but there are many studies and recipes that

    suggest a freezing action, as a step of the process, as it enhances the molecular

    break-down of the cannabinoids making them more readily available to your body.

    Soy Lecithin. It's used in food processing to make less sugar appear 'sweeter', less

    chocolate more 'chocolatey', and in pharmaceuticals to enhance the effectiveness of

    medications, it homogenizes and safely coats, then breaks down substances, into more

    fine, smaller particulates, promoting vastly improved systemic bioavailability within your


    The difference is so great, that you can visually see the altered consistency between

    oils/pills where lecithin was used, and when it was not. 'Liposomal' lecithin encapsulation,

    simply put, breaks the glands down faster, making the heating process more efficient,

    reducing the risk of damaging the material from possible over-processing. I recommend

    using soy lecithin in all canna and hash oil recipes.

    The glands, already being decarbed (preferably), are then broken down further, and are

    delivered in a vehicle of lecithin oil, creating an intensely narcotic impact upon use.

    Lecithin increases the availability of everything from sugars to vitamin C, to prescription

    pain meds, and the increase in availability on contact is said to be between %15 and %75

    depending on the substance, vitamin, or chemical. Meaning, the correct addition of lecithin

    to for instance, vitamin C, reduces the quantity of ascorbic acid you need to consume in

    order to achieve the same effect, by more than 50%. You can see how this applies to the

    use of digestive-resistant canna in edibles.

    While I can't give you an exact figure for increased availability for cannabinoids, knowing

    it does vary for the home-user kitchen to kitchen, I can guarantee you that personally I

    both see, and feel a difference when lecithin is utilized.

    And when you can buy such large packets of it for just two or three dollars, whatever the

    increase is, it's well worth it. If you'd like to get fancy, and possibly enhance the process

    further, you can additionally use ultrasonic jewelry cleansers to mimic the lab-like process

    of liposomal encapsulation, and utilize a briefer period of heating.



    Ok! To start with you're going to want to weigh out at least 5.0 grams, of finely sifted hash

    or kief. I usually use around 5.5-5.7 grams, for roughly 15 capsules, give or take a cap.

    Find your oven safe ceramic dish, mine is used heavily and often so you'll notice

    throughout my tutorials that I don't bother cleaning it.. why remove those glands after all,

    when I can reduce their loss by leaving the same amount behind with each use :) I just

    pop it in the fridge when I'm done with it, knowing I'll be using it again in a few days or a


    Preheat oven, to 210 f.

    Sprinkle your hash evenly over the dish, and double seal WELL, with aluminum foil. Set

    a timer for 20 minutes, place the sealed dish on a baking sheet, in the oven, during

    pre-heat.. it isn't entirely necessary, but heating slowly reduces the risk of shattering your

    dish, and losing your precious material.

    The same applies to the end of the heating, turn off the oven, open it briefly, then close

    it and allow it to cool slowly within the oven for 10 minutes.

    Total decarb time, 30 minutes (20 of which, the oven is on).


    Decarbing is a touchy issue for many folks, some know they need it but don't know the

    methods and practices that cause decarbing, some aren't aware of it at all, others think

    it's unnecessary and 'know' they get some amount of effect from eating bud on its own,

    here's why: some herb, if it's old, commercial, over-dry, whatever the reason, for a variety

    of reasons, some herb is already partially, or even full decarbed. The process begins

    happening, very gradually, the moment you cut a plant down and begin depriving it of

    water. The older the bud is, and the drier it gets, the more carbon dioxide and water vapor

    is released, and the closer it is to removing the carboxyl group. It's something that is

    almost never discussed publicly, but is frequently known in professional kitchens.

    The fresher the herb, or the more moist the storage conditions, the more necessary and

    extensive the decarbing process needs to be. Loose hash, separated from plant matter,

    in general needs a bit less decarbing. With herb, depending on the age, I decarb for a full

    20 minutes after the preheat, rather than including that warm up in my 20 minute time


    A food dehydrator works just as well, if not better than heat at decarbing, it reduces the

    risk of damaging your product with excessive heat. It's hard to tell when your decarb is

    completed when using heat, usually gently browned herb is a good sign but it often

    means you've taken it a hair too far, and some material in the middle may not be

    completely decarbed.


    Once cooled, remove your dish.

    Now, preheat your oven to 250 f, while you complete the following steps. Dont worry, it is

    too hot, but youll be reducing the heat once youre ready to use it.

    In every step of the way, in order to prevent the loss of potency via vapor escape, you

    MUST wait for your sealed container to fully cool, prior to opening.

    Unwrap your foil covered dish. Your hash should now have gone from a very pale sandy

    amber, to a light but somewhat golden brown.


    Mix teaspoon Lecithin to the hash, and blend well.



    Youre ready to add your coconut oil, but youll need to melt it first. Be careful doing so as

    some containers have foil seals restricting microwave use, I find the safest ways of

    melting your oil are just sitting it in front of a heater, or placing the entire (glass)

    container in your oven, without its lid, at its lowest setting for a few moments.



    Besides that its good for you, coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, making it an

    ideal tool for hash encapsulation. If you use a liquid oil, its not just the oil that eats away

    at the capsule in a matter of days or weeks, its the concentrated hash and cannabinoids,

    that can eat away at the pill in a matter of hours =-O You can try to freeze them, but

    often it isnt done quick enough and you end up with sloppy capsules. A recipe for

    Sloppy Caps will follow : )


    Mix your oily hash well, and then seal it up tightly with two layers of aluminum foil. Just to

    reiterate: Wrapping in foil, during all heating stages, prevents possible vaporization of

    your valuable potency.


    Now place your covered dish on a baking sheet, and into the oven. Immediately reduce

    the heat down to 220 f, and set the timer for 40 minutes. The initial burst of heat is

    primarily to quickly heat the dish itself, by the time the oil itself begins warming up the

    temperature should have fallen sufficiently.

    After 40 minutes, shut off your oven, open it momentarily, then close it allowing your oil

    to slowly cool. I do this to gently increase processing time, and as a preventative safety

    measure against the dish breaking from the temperature change, spoiling the product.

    Once completely cooled, or only warm to the touch (about a half hour) you can remove

    the foil, and stir in an additional 1/8 of a teaspoon of lecithin.


    If you are particularly meticulous about everything you do, like I am (lol), or if you would

    like to use the capsules as soon as you have finished making them, this is when I

    recommend taking the extra step of freezing your material, to aid in the breaking up of

    the structure of your cannabinoids, which can increase their systemic bioavailability. Place

    your sealed container in the freezer for 8 hours. I like freezing between periods of heat

    because it results in a smoother liquid. Otherwise, you can simply freeze them once


    Moving on : ) After youve mixed in your lecithin (or after youve removed your dish from

    the freezer, and have given it ample time to reach room-temp) you will re-wrap it tightly in

    foil, pre-heat your oven to 220 f, and place it inside during the pre-heat (particularly if

    youve had it frozen, and only recently thawed), and set your timer for 40 minutes.

    These are your materials for the next stage, minus the various pure oils:



    After allowing it to cool as described earlier, you should have something like this, a dank,

    thick, viscous black-brown oil. It is exactly how a potent canna oil should look at its peak

    potency, any less or lighter, indicates it could have endured more processing to reach its


    I make both meticulous, and lazy-mans edibles, and there is a hugely profound

    difference between the two, their effects, and the quantity of material required, for the

    desired effect.

    Take your cap in your hand, wrapped in a paper towel.

    I do this because, my fingers are a bit warm, and when you add even gentle heat to a

    capsule, just as you are attempting to seal it, the pressure fights with you and tries to

    pop the cap off the end of your capsule resulting in a less-than-snug seal. Holding it in a

    folded bit of paper towel, insulates it just enough to prevent this.

    Now with your other hand, stir the oil gently with your pipette, as you first pinch, then allow

    it to fill. Conveniently I have pipettes that measure in mls, each 00 cap holds just under

    1ml. One tablespoon of material, will fill roughly 15 caps.


    If youve ever made caps both with, and without lecithin, besides the end-effect this is

    where youll notice that it really helps, as far as the processing goes. The lecithin acts as a

    homogenizer, it blends the hash and oil more consistently, meaning youre not left to

    navigate a thin surface oil containing some cannabinoids, and a thick hashy sludge at the

    base, containing others. You end up with more consistent content per cap, more reliably

    with lecithin.

    Carefully seal up the other end, and viola, youve made your first hash cap!


    And the finishing shots a nice bottle of premium medicine, and a few comparisons

    between caps made with and without lecithin.



    Its immediately noticeable that the non-lecithin pills maintained a lighter color during the

    same (if not more) processing, in spite of the addition of a lighter colored substance (the

    lecithin), you can also visually see that the particulates contained within the oil of the

    lighter non-lecithin caps, look slightly larger and less broken down, than those of the

    darker lecithin caps.

    And thats it for now, hope youve enjoyed glancing over this, or scouring over it if you plan on

    making them yourself one day.

    Good luck, and happy medicating!


    As a much appreciated favor, could anyone who does NOT have a GC account, please tell me if you have access to the above photos (or, do you see any photos at all? :) ).

    I can see them, but I would like to know whether or not you folks can, before I put much more effort towards transferring the tutorials in this way.
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  2. stroh

    stroh errl enthusiast

    Action Heights
    as i mentioned in another thread, the pictures work fine badkitty, and welcome to FC, you will be a valued member here i'm sure, your wealth of knowledge regarding edibles and tinctures is incredible!
  3. herbgirl

    herbgirl cannabis aromatherapist

    the land of pleasant living
    Welcome Badkitty! looking forward to picking your brain! Your experience will be a valuable addition to the forum. I spent a good few hours combing your GC thread. it's loaded with goodies!!!
  4. RumbleShorts

    RumbleShorts Active Member

    Good to see you on FC BadKitty!
    Great community here, I hope you like it.

    Incredible job on the Recipes, I have a BadKitty recipe folder just waiting for you to fill up
  5. Nycdeisel

    Nycdeisel Well-Known Member

    Hey Badkitty! Nice to see you here! I have seen lots of your posts on GC already, im sure this thread will be great!

    the medical grade part is important! Just when I want to try vaping less and eating it more for health reasons! :D
  6. Purpl3_Haz3

    Purpl3_Haz3 On a Permanent Vakation

    Glad to see you have joined up on FC BadKat! I remember browsing your posts, tutorials, etc over on GC and now your here! Hope you enjoy this place as much as myself and everyone else! And great start on your recipe book here, it's one I'll be using soon I hope...

  7. weedemon

    weedemon enthusiast

    Ontario, Canada
    wow! welcome toto forum! you sound like a fantastic wealth of knowledge! great post!
  8. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Good stuff !! Welcome......... :D
  9. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    BadKitty, a question please. I have a provider that makes awesome bubble/water hash. Can I use this to make your recipe or does it have to be dry sifted hash or kief? I guess I am worried that the bubble will just melt in the oven during the decarb process. Thank you so much for posting this. I am going to try a batch because the only caps I can get in this town are nowhere near as nice as yours so I want to make some and then share with my local resource center. Thanks again.


    Edit: Think the answer is yes. Spoke to my provider and he said we can use the same bubble hash that he puts in my cookies. :)
  10. smarc

    smarc Well-Known Member

    Welcome BadKat,

    Have you heard of anyone making these with ABV? Im thinking maybe 15-20 g's.
  11. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    best edibles i buy are made with half a gram of bubble hash each :tup:
  12. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    SD, sounds like a nice cookie you have there. Do you eat the whole thing at one time? My provider puts one gram in each cookie, not trying to 1 up you here, so I can only take 1 bite, about 1/3 of it is all I need or can stand. :ko:

  13. aesthyrian

    aesthyrian Blaaaaah

    Colorado Springs
    Awesome info, thanks a bunch! Good tips for the veg pills too, I appreciate it.
  14. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    Its actually not a cookie, they fit half a gram in a tiny star-shaped chocolate about the diameter of 1.5 quarters (verrrry small)

    Twice i've eaten an entire one...honestly? never again :o
    Both times were on empty stomachs and I didnt feel sober 12 hrs later.
    I'll fall asleep & wake up no less high 3+ times haha

    The small size means all the hash gets absorbed almost at once which makes for a very psychedelic full-throttle effect.
    They make them in mint, orange, & cayenne flavors
  15. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    You folks in Cali are fortunate indeed in this regard. Sounds wonderful. I went to my resource center and asked if they would be interested in evaluating my caps when they are done and the answer was an enthusiastic "YES!" :) Apparently there is local demand for this kind of medicine and the ones they are making just are not working out. I was traveling to central Oregon last week and took some on the trip and the altitude change made them leak. :mad: They use olive oil and some kind of crock pot cook to make them . . .

  16. tuttle

    tuttle Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    Major, major props to BadKittySmiles for this recipe. When acquiring caps at the dispensary, they were hit and miss, usually miss. I made a batch of these, purposely on the weak side trying to target a dosage of two caps, and they came out perfectly for me. Also very quick for an edible in terms of quieting pain, which I love.

    Second batch is decarbing right now :)

    Again, many thanks. This recipe is absolute gold.
  17. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    Ditto, made my first batch, 1/2 strength, and they are awesome. The liposomal encapsulation from the lecithin provides a constant, steady level of medication for about 6 hours. Nice extended release effect and awesome for pain control. One cap leaves me functional while two means I better be at home. Thanks again BadKitty!

  18. singingcrow

    singingcrow Lisa

    Sunny Southern Cal
    Wow, this is quite a wonderful tutorial; quite better than anything in a recipe book-form. Thanks for the closeup pics, the pics with other things in the background to show relation to size and tips about cooling.

    Much appreciated, Singingcrow
  19. Tuck

    Tuck Well-Known Member

    I've noticed quite a few people have been interested in capsules recently. This guide is a must read if you are planning on doing capsules. You can definitely use ABV and you can skip the decarb process when you do so. You should seriously consider making QWISO with your ABV ( you can use Everclear), and use the resulting concentrate in your capsules. I highly recommend doing this, because 00's are pretty big.
  20. bleak

    bleak Well-Known Member

    Down Under
    The decarb method is awesome, has definitely improved the potency of my edibles!!!
  21. MarcellusWiley

    MarcellusWiley Dab Trotter

    Since I have a massive tolerance atm (need a t-break soon) I'm trying this method with my abv and second run herb from bho runs. i'm doing a run on them and putting the resulting oil into about 2 tbsp of coconut oil. so far I have about 4.5 grams of abv/second run bho oil in the coconut oil, its very dark at this point after the ABV stuff went in.

    I cover the small glass jar i have in it in tinfoil after dropping the bho in, heat it up in the oven @ 220 for about 30-40 mins and then take it out let it cool a bit and stir it. It's very dark at this point and looking great, hope to put another 3-4 grams in over the next week before 4/20! then i'll have to do a test on one caps worth to see what it does.

    oh and i've been adding lecithin with each drop of bho into the coconut oil, its mixed in very well. i guess i'll add maybe 1/8 teaspoon more with the next couple runs of oil. this stuff is going to be POTENT!
  22. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    Sounds great Marcus!!! Here are my lab notes from my last batch of hash caps, this is by no means a complete thought yet . . . They provided a potent but stable 8 hour dose of medication. Going to find a way to integrate an ultrasonic cleaner into the process for a better liposomal encapsulation of the actives.

    Hash caps: The following recipe should yield about 60 hash caps.


    12 grams bubble hash
    ¼ cup coconut oil (4 tablespoons or 12 teaspoons)
    5 teaspoons lecithin (1 table spoon + 2 teaspoons)
    00 Gelatin capsules
    Mortar & pestle
    Glass eyedropper
    Pill bottle
    Paper towels

    1. Decarb 12 grams hash in mortar at 210F for 20 minutes
    2. Add 1 tablespoon lecithin and grind/stir
    3. Add ¼ cup melted coconut oil and grind/stir
    4. Preheat oven to 250F
    5. Place double foil sealed mortar, on cookie sheet, then into oven
    6. Adjust temp down to 220F, set timer for 40 minutes
    7. When time expires shut off oven and wait 10 minutes
    8. Vent some heat and wait 5 minutes, repeat
    9. Remove mortar from oven and let sit for 30 minutes
    10. Unwrap mortar and add one teaspoon lecithin and stir/grind
    11. Re-wrap mortar and place in freezer for at least 8 hours
    12. Remove mortar from freezer and allow to warm to room temp
    13. Place sealed mortar into cold oven then set preheat to 220F
    14. Set timer for 40 minutes
    15. When time expires vent and cool as before
    16. Remove mortar from oven and let sit for 30 minutes
    17. Refreeze if desired or proceed to next step
    18. Stir/grind until you are happy with consistency
    19. Fill caps with eyedropper utilizing paper towels and ice
    Batch log:
    1. 12 grams hash
    2. 4 ½ teaspoons lecithin
    3. ¼ cup coconut oil
    Yield = 72 caps + 1 test cap = 73

    Dose = 12 grams/73caps = 0.164/cap
  23. MarcellusWiley

    MarcellusWiley Dab Trotter

    Awesome stuff T-dub! Great little recipe you have forming!;)

    You think it would be worth throwing it in the freezer between my baking/dissolving runs?
  24. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    The freezing helps fracture the actives, breaking them down, making them a little more bio-available. I try to judge by the consistency and particles in the oil (quality of the emulsion) how many times I want to freeze and heat process it. The better the emulsion the happier I am. :)
  25. NiceLungs

    NiceLungs Account Closed

    Solid recipe. Three of us were stoned for ~5 hours. I ate one treat and my friends ate two each. We had a super couchlock and periodic laughing fits coupled with a great body high.

    I changed the recipe up by turning the oven on to 330 degrees F and putting 5 grams of coffee grinder ground medicinal grade Vanilla Kush in 1/4 cup of organic coconut oil to decarb for half an hour. I stirred it periodically through the heating, then proceeded with your recipe. It made ~20 treats containing ~.22 g/treat.

    Thanks BadKat
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