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AVB Mars Bar Ice Cream

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by SidNancy, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. SidNancy

    SidNancy New Member

    So, this is actually a theoretical recipe but I'm sure its viable. Please give it a try!

    There are many recipes for Mars Bar Ice cream but this is my favourite by far.

    You will need:

    600ml of double cream (thickened)
    5-6 60g mars bars
    3 eggs
    A dosage of AVB (around 7g's?)

    A glass bowl large enough to contain all ingredience but small enough to fit inside a cooking pot.
    A cooking pot
    Metal spoon (not wooden)
    A tray to freeze ice cream in.

    The proceedure:

    Prepare the large cooking pot with water. Make sure that your smaller, inner bowl is not submersed in the water at all so it is heated by the steam. You want the inner bowl to be held up by the edges of the larger pot. Put this all on to boil. You want to be melting your chocolate by steam and not by direct contact with the water. This reduces the likelihood of burning the chocolate.

    On a chopping board, cut all the bars into small squares ready for melting. The smaller you chop them, the less time it takes to melt them down. (Trust me on this!) Add them to the glass bowl.

    Next, add 300ml (approx half) of your double cream into the melted/melting chocolate.


    Now for your dosage.

    There are to ways to go with this I assume.

    1. Drop your powdered AVB into the hot creamy/chocolate mixture once it's melted. (This process is faster if you don't mind the taste. Again, I haven't tried this recipe so I cannot comment)

    2. Produce some sort of double cream cannacream. Instructions for this are quite simple. Cream + heat + avb + time = cannacream.

    Once everything is melted into the mixture (the nougat in mars always takes the longest) it's then time to take everything off the heat.

    You need to seperate your eggs at this stage. Eggs yolks can be added to your remaining cream with a mix to ensure even distribution. Leave this to one side.

    It's now time to get your muscles out (or an electric whisk if you are me) to beat your egg whites until you form stiff peaks. I usually find 'stiff peaks' to mean that if I make a pattern with my whisk, it will stay.

    At this stage the chocolate will be cool enough to add your yolk-cream to the melted chocolate. It can just be whisked in but ensure you scrape all the chocolate off the bottom too. Mix thoroughly.

    When it comes to the egg whites, you have to be slightly more careful. The aim here is to add the whites carefully to ensure the air bubbles stay in tact. This will mean our finished product doesn't turn into a brick of solid cream.
    Being careful, fold the whites into the chocolate cream.
    Without sounding patronising, I do this by making sweeping oval shapes with a metal spoon away from myself, into the mixture, along the bottom of the bowl toward myself and up and out of the mixture. Rotate the bowl to get it all evenly distributed.

    What you have now is your finished mixture. Pop it into a container (lid optional) and place in the freezer overnight.

    NB- I wouldn't recommend licking the spoon or bowl after transfer to your freezer dish. It contains egg whites which can make you ill. Fear not, the freezing process will make it safe.

    I hope that all made sense to you all. Please post your experience with this. I have made the non canna version many times and its lovely. I can't imagine how I would be able to deal with it getting me baked too. Enjoy!
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