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Aussie Solo and Accessories

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Tom Funk, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Tom Funk

    Tom Funk Well-Known Member

    Up for sale is my Arizer Solo M1D2 purchased from puffitup last October. This vape is in top condition as I'm very fussy with my gear. The battery has seen no deep discharges, I don't charge and vape at the same time (though it can be done with this model) and I try to stop charging before the battery tops off.

    The accessories I've got for sale with the Solo are:

    Planet Vape High Efficiency Stem (PVHES)
    Planet Vape Stealth Cup Adaptor
    2x travel tubes for stems
    Extra screens of different grades
    Extra o-rings
    4-part grinder
    Australian converter plug

    I'm after $200 including postage (extra $10 for international shipping) for the lot.

    Prices for individual items available on request.

    See also my listing for my Pinnacle Water Tube (PNWT). The PNWT with the PVHE stem or GonG is my favorite way to use the Solo.

    Edit: Thanks mods and @SSVUN~YAH for your help with the images. I've got this uploading images from my phone sorted now.


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