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AtmosRx Portable Vaporizer

Discussion in 'E-cig Based Portables' started by Stu, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Vapoberk

    Vapoberk New Member

    So, I bought an AtmosRX, and put some wax in it, and it seems to work fine. The internet says wax in an Atmos is fine. But Atmos insists it's just for herbs.

    So what's the deal? Is it fine to use an AtmosRX with concentrates? Or is it going to break eventually? And should I use the glass screen with concentrates for any reason?

    The AtmosRX seems to work better than the ruvaped pen for concentrates, but I wonder if more combustion occurs.
  2. royalpar1

    royalpar1 New Member

    i have the rx and am using it with wax. it is great, just take out the spring
  3. ReapsTwo

    ReapsTwo Member

    Just got one of these, they're pretty slick. Feels very solid. I'm going to be using exclusively for concentrates (mainly shatter) and am hoping I won't run into any problems. Any more people using these only for concentrates?

    Also, probably a dumb question, but is this an "always on" vape? Is the power button always live?
  4. Bonehead

    Bonehead New Member

    I have a atmos rx . I just picked up a o.pen vape cartid
    ge told them I had a atmos unit threads are different do they make an adapter.....
  5. Bonehead

    Bonehead New Member

    Hey Newbie here

    I have atomos rx with herb chamber. What are my options refill my cartrige wax , bubble what works best.....
  6. nakomis

    nakomis New Member

    If you are planning on using it for dry herb at all dont waste your money. Heats up why to hot, burns herb and it gets so hot you cant touch it.
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  7. bingers4all

    bingers4all New Member

    So there is deal on this vaporizer on groupon right now. It's only $25. But now I think it's $25 for $50 on their website.
  8. edriko

    edriko New Member

    I had an AtmosRaw that I used for about two weeks until the battery switch stopped working. I didn't pursue a return on it. It worked pretty good for dry herb but seemed kinda small for it. I got 1-1\2 - 2 puffs on it before reloading.

    Two things I don't like about it; the 9-second shutoff on the battery - if the chamber didn't get hot enough before the battery shutoff, it would cool back down again before you could try again. Kinda spoiled the puff, and the battery uses a 710 thread which is almost exclusive to this chamber. You can buy replacement Atmos batteries, but that's it.

    I now have an Ago G5 heating chamber and an ego-t 1100mah battery. The Ago chamber differs from the Atmos by using the widely common 510 thread. Since it fits all the ego batteries it opens up a huge selection of battery choices. You can now use variable voltage or have different sizes & spares, plus add other chambers, like a glass globe, to the same batteries. None of these batteries have the 9-second shutoff. Solved pretty much both my dislikes about the atmos.

    I've used my ago-ego for about a week now exclusively with wax. I have not used dry in this chamber at all. The wax works really well, I like it. I pack the chamber and it lasts all day, and I can share it with my friends too without having to reload it each time. I can take a small (650mah) battery on it when I go out and it fits nicely in my pocket, or if I'm out on a weekend I can take a big powerhouse 1300mah battery that will last quite long.

    I recommend this route if you're going use a portable pen vaporizer, buying the chamber and the battery separately. Typical battery size in the starter kits is 650mah and that's probably too small to start with, plus you gain nothing else but a pretty box.

    I think the Ago battery in the starter kit has the 9-second shutoff. Don't buy the kit. You'll pay the same or less, with more options, if you buy the chamber/battery separately.

    You'll probably want at least an 1100mah to start with. 1300mahs are getting cheaper now and the prices of chambers is dropping as well.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2014
  9. skayleef

    skayleef New Member

    Is this similar to the atmos optimis 510 vape pen?

    I just got this vape pen (optimis) from the groupon deal as my first vape pen. I am wondering about the stock cartridge it comes with. Is this something that is reusable? Do I clean it after I switch oils? I don't really know any of the protocol not can i find a useful guide. I just want to know how to care and use my Optimus 510 effectively and efficiently any information would be helpful that isn't one of the short unhelpful reviews I found on Google. Thanks!
  10. 3kingsvapelounge

    3kingsvapelounge Unapproved commercial account.


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