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Atmos Optimus 510 battery issue! Help!

Discussion in 'ABV' started by danthethcmen, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. danthethcmen

    danthethcmen Member

    Hey guys i got the atmos optimus 510. I been smoking wax out of for 2 days. The batter still works but it never turns on. When i click the light will light up for about 3 seconds then blinks three times and shuts down... When i try to charge the blue light on the battery stays lit up and it doesn't seem to charge or aynthing. the Light on the charger used to turn red when i charged it but now it will always be green or orange.

    Its been about 3 days since i stopped working and i cant find any solutions. the battery has not blown out cause it still turns on.
  2. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    The technical term for this is 'broken'. This is the wrong place to ask this for a more specific answer, the guys that actually have this stuff are on other forums for those products. This is for new stuff with a limited readership.

    In general terms it sounds like it's not charging. I'm a little confused by the light on the battery staying lit (which means contact it being made or it wouldn't know to do that....) but the charger not 'clicking over'. Either the charger or charging circuit in the battery could be the problem (it's usually a contact issue). The problem for you is you have no spares to swap in and sort it out. One battery and one charger leaves you vulnerable to situations like this.

    If you've had any leaks, that could cause this, be sure to carefully clean all the oil up with strong ISO and a q-tip.

    Otherwise, perhaps you have a friend or an e-cig shop that could try charging for you? Chargers commonly fail when the wire to the center pin (which is loose) in the charger breaks off, but that doesn't cause lights on the battery to change. Very strange......

    Good luck.

  3. Spliff

    Spliff Nothing clever to say......

    Bay Area
    Had a similar problem, fixed by cleaning connections w/ iso and qtip, pulling up on the center connection of the battery just a bit. With tweezers mind you and JUST A BIT. Sometimes we twist in carts to hard, and that center connection gets pushed down squashing the silicone that separates neg and pos connects, creating short (symptoms you are having).
    It really is that simple, if we had the same issue. No harm in trying.

    Post pic's and I might be able to offer more advice

    Just a side note, the light on the battery staying on....if the above doesn't work, do you have a volt meter?
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