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Asthma(other lung defunks) and dabbing

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Denver912, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Denver912

    Denver912 Active Member

    Anyone with any thoughts please comment.

    Noticed over the past two weeks I'vehad an increase in coughing fits after sessions then after each dab. Yep it's winter and sick season. And my lungs are being picky.

    Having asthma since birth I'm used to it and the stopping of smoking during being sick. This is my first winter around concentrates and I've noticed that my lungs started to reject the super cheap wax I've been getting. Upgraded to a better wax with better results but last night was almost dying trying to smoke.

    So grabbed some co2 oil and it's like breathing air. Yes it's lacking taste but shit it almost soothed my lungs.

    I loaded up a wedge dabber with too much figuring that id dab a few times with it but that shit slide off all I once(figured wtf gotta try)and I took it all and held it without bursting into a full blown lung seizure. With weed or wax I'd have regretted the hell out of that right now.

    I don't have any shatter to throw into the mix yet to see. Anyone else dabbing with lung problems? Anybody notice co2 oil being super easy on the lungs? Is full melt or shatter similar to co2 oil in calmness. Don't want to waste money if I can't enjoy it.
  2. walkinginthetalltrees

    walkinginthetalltrees New Member

    yes! only dab co2 now. Also ice/water solvent less.

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  3. smokum

    smokum The Guy Your Mother Warned You About

    Now that winter is here, I only vape & dab thru warm water hits to avoid the dry hacks.
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  4. Denver912

    Denver912 Active Member

    Will do. I tried that a week or so ago after browsing the hot water thread. Dunno why I didn't try that yet.
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