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Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Davinci_vaporizer, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    There's a lot of new portables coming out. Didn't you say you already had a Solo? You can always get an Ed Stem to make it more portable.

    Sorry the Ascent didn't work out for you. Good luck and good times. Hopefully you can get your money back. Let us know how it works out.
  2. Norcalsun

    Norcalsun Well-Known Member

    Da Vinci told me directly, over the phone, that there is nothing toxic or harmful coming out of the unit. They said all the materials are safe. Do I believe it ? That's another question.
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  3. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    They officially said that they switched their silicone supplier and that it's food grade and rated for up to 700°F. Now if you read the thread, some pages ago someone posted an article listing the various chemical products that are outgassed during silicone curing. The article also stressed the necessity to have proper ventilation during the curing (and post curing) this is why I recommend if possible to have a fan blowing on your Ascent during the burn-in's or to at least blow as much air through it as possible.

    Yes this is kind of a hassle and I hope DaVinci will improve that aspect in the future. But as all users reported, the smell will go away after some days. I don't think it's masked, it just becomes less and less noticeable.

    Now for the wire in the hinge problem, until @Davinci_vaporizer gives us more precisions, I think the common sense would be to limit the wear to the minimum. This is why I started being very careful when I open the unit and I don't turn it more than about 80 degrees. In fact, I open the unit just enough for the bowl to be fully accessible but not more.

    I hope this will prevent or at least postpone the "my ascent doesn't heat up anymore" issue...
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  4. Vape 4 Life

    Vape 4 Life Fun, Joy, Happiness & Progress. Cannabis.

    Cobblestone FL
    I picked up a used stealth last year in late November & won't charge anymore. The battery won't show it's charging while plugged in. It's down to 25% remaining battery & it's to low to plug in and use as a desktop. Maybe the charger is bad, but I doubt it.

    It's not like the original Davinci which can be used plugged in at any level of remaining battery.

    I'm bummed since I purchased it used & the warranty isn't transferable.

    I'm interested in taking it apart to see if I can replace the batteries or offer it for spare parts.

    Anybody else in the same predicament as me?

    The Ascent's batteries only have a 90 day warranty & no replacement batteries available???

    Firefly, Grasshopper & hopefully miVape are very attractive choices with their battery replacement option.
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  5. Danimal

    Danimal New Member

    Long time Davinci user.. just got my Ascent. Doing some burn-ins before use.
    One question... what are people doing to keep the ground bits from escaping the bottom holes? I grind mine really fine. I know screens are a possibility, but what about using one of the glass oil jars to hold ground matter? Anyone try that?
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  6. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I would read through the last 25 pages of this thread. Yes you can use your oil jar to hold down the herb.
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  7. Norcalsun

    Norcalsun Well-Known Member

    The mivape looks impressive. Do you know if it does oils/waxes? I haven't found any reviews that actually say it does concentrates.
  8. Danimal

    Danimal New Member

    Okay... so tried to read the last 25 pages...while doing burn-ins and charging the battery... but having it sitting there just asking to be used became an issue. So I decided to go the 'screen' route and just place one of the round screens in the oval bowl (yeah.. like square peg in round hole....hmmm?).
    Kept my finely ground Fire Alien Urkle from coming out.
    I packed the bowl pretty full... but loose... fired it up to 390.
    A few long, slow hits off this... and WOW.
    So much quicker and better than the Da Vinci.. which I really liked.
    Very impressed with 1st use.
    Must go get crackers and chocolate now......
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  9. spacelooper

    spacelooper Well-Known Member

    Nashville TN
    Well, it doesn't look like there will be any problem on a refund and the A scent is packed up and ready for the UPS man to take back to Da Vinci. I do hate that the Da Vinci was "not to be" for me. I am sure I would have loved it had I felt it were safe to use.... and it very well may be... I just have no way of knowing that. I guess once my money is back in my account I can let it rest until the miVape or next "big thing" in portables comes out. The FireFly looks intriguing but I am not a fan of the one temp thing and it just doesn't seem like a truly portable vape... in stealth regards anyways. The Solo works so good at home, I really don't need another Home unit... in fact the Solo works so good the only time I use the SSV is when the Solo is charging.

    The Pax seems to have the Stealth aspect , but what about the other aspects of the Pax? Air Path etc. That is one of the things that attracted me to the Solo and the A Scent were the glass air paths... although the A Scent was a bit of a mis leader with all that Silicone around the mouth, through the tube and around the bowls etc....and in the end becoming the "deal breaker" for me...that damned silicone.
    Is the Pax really not so bad?... or is it? I am assuming that the Pax is another made in China vape... do there seem to be sketchy smells or plastics that fire off warning signs in regards to heating and breathing in?

    I do hope that I can find the right portable for me. Most of these babies run 250 and up so it's just not a matter of pick one up and see. I try and look over this wonderful forum as well but some of these threads are 900 pages long and you can only hit so much in so much time. One of the reasons of finding a good portable is to spend time outside away from the computer :). ...Anyways, as always thanks for the advice and recommendations.
  10. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    Please take your questions about the Pax to the Pax thread. Responders, please take note. Thanks for your cooperation.
  11. Sonics420

    Sonics420 Well-Known Member

    Rough morning so far, I dropped my ascent and the glass stem cracked. I have a bunch of extras so Im not mad about that.. just pissed that I wrapped the sides of my ascent and never got around to the bottom part so its all scuffed now :mad:
    Sucks, was trying to keep this thing mint too.. I have like 3 nicks on the bottom, not bad for a fall onto concrete.

    Anyway the ascent has been my daily driver, on the go, at home...basically everywhere.. such a nice vape and I dont have to mess with it to get it working correct (pax sticky mouthpiece and XP having issues with heating up).. so really a hassle free vape that seems like it shouldnt give me any problems at all. Very impressed with it and its probably going to be my primary vape as long as nothing gets screwed up.

    Heat up times are fast, hits are always good and consistent.. and what I like the most is I never get that weird pop corn taste I got with most my other vapes.
  12. JapeTheVape

    JapeTheVape New Member

    I thought i'd just chime in with my experiences so far.

    I'm on my second unit now. The first one developed and issue where it wouldnt heat up unless plugged in and the display was telling me all sorts of lies. Basically some kinda brain malfunction. Da Vinci are a super awesome helpful company and replaced the unit no questions asked. I just had to pay the postage to send it back to the states (im in the UK).

    I got my second unit pretty promptly - like i say the service is spot on. But unfortunately within weeks of having it i knocked a drink over and the tiniest splash went on the vape, it must have gotten into the sides of the digital display or something because since then it doesn't light up properly and you can only see it in total darkness whilst squinting. The vape itself is still working fine other than that. It was literally the tiniest splash of water that hit this thing, no more than a raindrop, but that seems to have been enough to damage it. Now i'm at a point where i can't really be bothered with sending it back once again, particularly since i'm aware i may have caused the damage myself this time.

    But it strikes me you obviously have to be REAL careful with these vapes or they can break. The flavour is fantastic when they work, though the clouds are pretty wispy (Compared to a convection table top)

    I just clicked go on 'The Hammer Vaporizer' which seems to me to be a more reliable design, hot air hitting your herbs in a glass tube and butane powered so no fancy electronics to go wrong. From the look of it this thing should be better for clouds and it's cheap at just over $100. The only issue is that it's not particularly discreet, for that reason i can still see my ascent getting some use in public places since it goes virtually un noticed.

    I think my conclusion would be that the Ascent is a great vape along the way, i don't regret buying it at all. I just don't think Da Vinci have yet quite cracked it to the point that it could become my ONLY vape.

    Hope that's some food for thought for anyone interested anyway :)
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  13. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    I'm afraid your problem might be something else than the batteries. Apparently and if you think about it, it seems logical, there are (at least) two wires that can fail (and so far users reported two kinds of electrical failures) and DaVinci confirmed the culprit was the hinge through which they travel.

    There's one cable going from the charger port up to the top of the device (probably reaching the circuit up there or directly to the batteries if the small PCB we can see near the grill contains the charging logic) And there must be a second cable going from the circuit up there down to the bowl heating element.

    As the device is built, there is only one single location where the cables can pass: the hinge. If the first cable fails, the device won't charge anymore. If the second cable fails, the device will charge but won't heat anymore.

    I don't know how to service the device yet. If you read the thread fully (yeah I know it's long but it's been reported by the early adopters so it should be in the first 50 pages iirc) you will know that the side (rounded) panels can be removed as they are just glued (prolly double sided tape) in place. So I would start by removing the panel next to the charger port and see if it gives access to some screws or a way to disassemble the bottom of the device.

    Also somewhere earlier in this thread, another user reported that the buddy rim silicone mouthpiece can be removed, giving access to the two LiIon batteries and the circuits, but it's not clear if it can be put back and secured in place afterwards. There might be a better way to service the device and access the batteries but it has yet to be found.

    That being said, I'm confident we will be able to replace the batteries if we want, as I remember seing they had the same kind of JST connector used in the R/C hobby batteries. My memories feel a bit hazy though, and I don't have the time to find the pictures back...

    Please, if you do try to service your Ascent yourself, take and post as many pictures as you can in the process, this would be of a great help to our community!
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  14. nigel

    nigel And shepherds we shall be,for Accuracy & Discovery

    My Ascents have been so well behaved, I keep forgetting that I *DID* have an issue with a charger. At first I thought it was the connection on the power board on the unit. I was already to send it back, and It wasn't until I thought to try a different charger that I realized it wasn't the unit. Now, this was a very early charger (I don't know if that matters) and I am the only one, I think, that has had a problem with the charger, but it does happen.

    But I think @KeroZen is exactly right, and it is not a battery issue.

    Here's a thought: Ask.

    DV has been really good about dealing with this loose wire issue (and the other earlier issues). They've been going out of their way to ensure people have a good product in hand, so I'd call them up, explain the situation, and ask if they can replace it for you.

    Worst that could happen is they say "no."

    The batteries are not intended to be user-replacable (that was originally the intent, but then lawyers happened). I cannot tell you exactly which batteries are used, but I can confirm you can get in through the top. (Although I'm not sure they could be extracted that way.)
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  15. Vape 4 Life

    Vape 4 Life Fun, Joy, Happiness & Progress. Cannabis.

    Cobblestone FL
    I tried DV & asked. NOPE!

    I have an original DV & tried plugging that in, no luck. Maybe I'll call DV again or chat them & ask if the charger is sold separately OR if I can buy one @ a discount.
  16. nigel

    nigel And shepherds we shall be,for Accuracy & Discovery

    Well, that's too bad. But I'm glad you thought to ask already.

    I believe the car charger works on both the old DV and the Ascent, so I'd presume the wall warts are the same?? What are the output ratings on both?

    As I said, I think it is the wire, not the charger is your problem. But I did want to point out for other people that at least one charger has gone bad.
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  17. Vape 4 Life

    Vape 4 Life Fun, Joy, Happiness & Progress. Cannabis.

    Cobblestone FL
    DV 13.6Vdc
    Ascent 9Vdc

    I tried removing/prying the side round cover on the charge port side with small flat head screwdriver & no luck so far. I'm staying calm & hope to crack it open without any major damage. It might take me a few days to solve this puzzle.

    Thank you for your time.
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  18. farcus2323

    farcus2323 Member

    @Tony Hemp they sent me an email today saying they shipped me my new car on fiber model! You heard anything yet? I live in Midwest. So expect mine to arrive by Friday, surely.... :\
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  19. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker

    Hi All! :wave:

    First time poster & new visitor to this site (only discovered FC while researching vapes)…..

    (TL/DR – skip to the bottom for my real questions – the rest is me blabbering on about being a newb)

    An old friend recently introduced me to his Pax, which was the second vape I’ve ever tried. My first and only other vape experience came from a standard easy vape whip system I purchased at my LHS (cheap quality, not impressed with it, never got the ‘hang’ of using it, guess because I don’t vape with my friends and never have – also the cord and whip annoyed the crap out of me). After trying the Pax, I decided to look into a nice portable vape as I’ve grown bored of combustion (always been a fan of bubblers and waterpipes, never liked paper or dugouts). I have very little experience with vapes, but I’m curious enough to splurge on something like this – I know the heating isn’t the most powerful, but I’ve got plenty of time and patience to get the hang of it!

    After looking around, I decided I wanted a latest generation, high quality portable electric vape (portable, not stealth – for vaping around the house and in my yard), from a trusted brand, and easy to clean. I plan to use this piece as my daily vape for the house and when visiting friends (if I like it), so quality and aesthetics are important to me (I’m a flashy guy, I like a bit of bold style). I quickly learned of the issues with the Pax mouthpiece and the necessity to clean it often – taste wasn’t a factor since I’m a newb. I decided to cross it off my list and keep searching (which lead me to FC). I soon settled on the Ascent as the Solo is hideous to look at and I wanted something easy to carry in my pocket. Then when I saw the burl wood texture, I was sold. The OLED screen was the icing on the cake for me – I’m a complete gadget geek.

    So I started to research the Ascent, and its history. Everywhere I could, including reading this entire thread…… I’ve diligently read this entire thread (aside from skipping 40 to 60 pages full of “When will they start shipping???” and “How did they get a unit before the official release???” posts, yes, I have read nearly ever post, even the countless “I can’t get a good cloud, how do I pack this??” to which @OF has had to proclaim the amazing difference glass flowers make, which ensues the repeat question of “it costs too much to ship, where can I find them”). Took me 4 damn days to read the thread but finally, I’m finished.

    This past weekend, I knew I would probably buy an Ascent, so I purchased a 50pack of glass flowers from eBay on Sunday night, they should also arrive tomorrow (FWIW – If I recall, my LHS sells those glass flowers for $0.75 EACH!). I couldn’t hold back anymore and pulled the trigger Monday night – bought a Burl Wood Ascent direct from DV, hoping to get a good one from the latest generation – USPS says it will be here tomorrow! Few thoughts and questions below -

    • After reading over 150 pages of posts, I had hoped by now surely the QC problems would have been mostly resolved, and by purchasing from DV directly, I would have the best chance of getting a unit that lasts beyond 1 month and 3 days. Apparently I was wrong – I’m still seeing reports of failure – not as many as before – but the wire through the hinge appears to remain an issue. Fortunately I have faith in DV customer service, and the 2 year warranty is nice. I’m sure I’ll know before then if I have a defective unit. Funny, I read the entire thread hoping to feel better about my decision to purchase an ascent at this time, only to feel WORSE about my chances of getting a unit which doesn’t fail after 33 days.

    • Yes, there may have been more Stealth units produced than any other design, but the ratios are staggering. For every 5+ posts I see complaining that their Ascent shut off, or failed to heat up, only 1 is another color. Really? Is stealth THAT much more popular? I remember only seeing two people report problems with a burl wood ascent in this thread. Hopefully that’s a good omen. Or everyone here is buying the stealth model! Lol.


    1. Aside from using ISO to wipe down the inside/outside of all glass stems and oil cans, and an ISO soaked q-tip to clean the bowl, what else should I wipe down with ISO before and after running the off-gassing cycle (going to run 2 30minute cycles at 400 then 410, then finishing off at 425 (don’t want to reach 430 – never plan on going that high).

    2. Off-gassing still appears to be a minor issue (though it seems I can enjoy my vape the same day I get it, I hope). I have a tiny variable speed (5v DC 45mm) PC fan – would the off-gassing process be aided by a gentle breeze, or would this breeze inhibit heatup temps (preventing unit from reaching the 425/430F temps required for off-gassing)?

    3. I understand the unit includes 2 screens for unknown use – but what about brass screens are they vape safe? My LHS sells very thin brass screens which can be easily trimmed / formed to fit the oval shape. I’m looking to place one under the glass screen (as a pre-screen before the glass). I don’t want to try the cotton as I plan to use the ABV

    4. I have several 3D printers and a 3D scanner (Like I said, I’m a geek, and I love it). It seems the Ascent is just begging for me to start designing some custom accessories specifically for the ascent – like a stand to hold the unit upright while loading…….. I’m still new to this forum (a lot to digest, rules to follow, etc) but where should I go about discussing this? Should I start a new thread (I’d like to) – I have questions in general about materials, and looking for ideas, suggestions, etc. Or would the mod’s like me to thread-hijack this one :-p
    Wish me luck tomorrow! Work is going to SUCK knowing I have a delivery waiting for me (fortunately my wife will be home to receive the package). Hmm, should I request a half day?? Ha ha
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  20. Tony Hemp

    Tony Hemp Active Member

    I just got my email today at 11:30! It says it shipped out. I live in the south so it'll Friday or Saturday. Last time it only took two days to get here and two days to get back. Good luck on this next unit to both of us haha I'm ready to see this carbon fiber and get back with the ascent!
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  21. nigel

    nigel And shepherds we shall be,for Accuracy & Discovery

    Welcome to FC! And thank you for taking the time to actually read a thread before posting!

    First some general points:

    DV is very aware of the issues, and they are constantly updating. They have done several tweaks on the wire issue, so perhaps that (once stock is deplete from distribution channels) is a thing of the past. Do keep in mind there are many units that are out there that have never experienced this problem. I've had one of my units for longer than anyone (other than three people here), and that is still going strong.

    Yes on the more Stealth. I don't have sales data, but I do know a lot of the runs were Stealth. I think most of what wound up in distribution channels was Stealth.

    To your specific questions:

    1. ISO wash: You are mainly concerned with anything in the vapor path and the silicone that surrounds it. I'll state again here that one user reported damaging his Stealth with ISO. IIRC it might have been hot, which added to that. The other 4 models are either printed or leather, so not a concern.

    2. The mystery vapor: DV bought their own machinery to deal with the silicone curing. They are also continuing to evolve their curing process as time goes on. If you do wind up with a unit that still has a bit of curing to do despite all of that, please go ahead and do so. The vapors are not harmful, but why bother inhaling them anyway?! A few runs can take care of this. NOTE: if you plan on using the lids, cure those also.

    BTW: I know the OG DV had an issue with the packing material imparting a smell to the device itself. I don't think the new units have it (I don't recall.) but I believe people said it smelt of new sneakers. Keep in mind the device has been cooped up in a box with all of this other stuff. If that is the case, that WILL benefit from airing out.

    The curing of silicon, if needed doesn't lend itself to "airing out." Heat accelerates all things. :)

    3. Screens are fine, although I don't use them. Don't grind too fine. Plus, very quickly, condensation will reduce the size of the holes.

    4. 3D stuffs -- Heh.... @Adobewan and I were throwing a few sketches around 3 or 4 months ago, but we never got past the initial idea phase. I wanted to see one stand for charging (when you put it away for the night) and one for "use" (which includes holding the damn thing up to fill it), but he thought just one would be enough. I have just summoned him (the power of @) here, so let's see if he chimes in. We were discussing it offline, but could open a thread if there is interest.

  22. Adobewan

    Adobewan Well-Known Member

    So Cal
    Hey @nigel,
    I was patrolling the city and sensed your summons in the ether:).
    The image hosting site I used has gone wonky. PM me and I'll email the design I roughed out and maybe you can post for us. Or you can access it thru the Da Vinci Developers Circle.
    @Ratchett psyched that you're up for producing a stand for the Ascent. It would be a great accessory and the charging stand I roughed out would be simple to produce with your 3D printer.
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  23. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker

    @nigel - thanks for the welcome, I hope to stick around! Although I'm more of a lurker than poster. Yes, I'm aware they are continuing to improve it. I have every faith that DV will make right any issue I might have with my device (either a major design flaw issue like the first generation, or premature failure).

    And vapors and fumes from the packaging and silicon aren't a concern of mine. As mentioned - I'm a gadget geek! I've bought some old backstock gadgets, and the smells when I open those boxes for the first time, phew!! I'm still a bit concerned about the offgassing as I've seen quite a few mentions of off-gassing needed on new units even after it was announced that DV had brought in a silicon curing machine to their office. (For the record, I'm VERY familiar with silicon curing smells - I make my own SUGRU type substance using 100% clear silicon caulk and corn starch. The corn starch once mixed thoroughly causes the caulk to cure at an extremely accelerated rate - the off-gassing will knock you on your @SS!)

    In regards to the 3D stuff - @Adobewan - I'll shoot you a pm, I'm still a beginner with CAD design, but I'm good enough to make what I need. I'm also thinking about an exotic home-stand, and a collapsible version for on-the-go use. And now that I have a new flexible plastic (think rubber) - I'm thinking about making a nice air-tight pocket sleve with a cover to hold the unit while preventing any 'smells' from escaping. But enough thread hijacking. I want to start a legitimate thread about this topic as I'd like to discuss materials and such. But I'm not quite sure where to post my thread (what sub forum)

    And forgive me, but Da vinci Developers Circle???
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  24. SirDarkened

    SirDarkened Active Member

    I plan on buying one of these when they release a 1.2 upgrade or some other kind of upgrade that decreases the wire issue.

    For now I will be happy with what I have to play with ;)

    Hope you are all enjoying yours. Too bad they don't last forever.

    I found my 2nd version DV (one with bigger loading space) smelled and tasted really rubbery but that has been long gone.

    All you have to do is just use the unit and clean it. After the first cleaning/intital burnoff you really shouldn't have any taste/smell issues (I've found this with all of the vapes I have)

    If you do just continue to use it and clean it once more and I can gaurentee it shouldn't give you taste issues UNLESS you left something uncleaned.
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  25. nigel

    nigel And shepherds we shall be,for Accuracy & Discovery

    Heh... sure:


    Also, @Adobewan and @Ratchett, I'm not sure if this feels like we would derailing the Ascent thread or not?? I mean this *IS* relevant to the Ascent, but A) not all users care about this and B) there are probably other vapes that people might like to print stuff for. So, I've created a new thread here: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/3d-printing-some-vapor-related-equipment-ascent-others.12990/

    If people would rather keep up this discussion here, then fine! I have no prob with that. But I'll try the other thread too! :)

    I guess part of my point is that there really isn't a "1.2 upgrade", but rather they are updating constantly.

    Click to play YouTube Video

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