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Aromed 4.0

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by High n Dry, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    @lazylathe , what's about your testing with the mesh around the halogene bulb? Is it a notable increasing performance?
  2. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    I think he mentioned somewhere he is combusting with it.
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  3. splitz

    splitz Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd share this setup:

    I've never liked whip tubing. I find it stinks, and takes away from the entire experience for me. As such, my Aromed has been closeted for many months. Today I did something about that.

    Apologies for the dirty glass.

    Modded a rec bowl and flame polished:


    Used part of the @DDave concentration chamber as a step down. At first I had a straight through adapter, but quickly found myself out of breath before the goods were extracted - too free flowing. Restriction created by the @DDave adapter generates a tremendous amount of control at the mouthpiece end. It also allows for the heated air to circulate a little longer in the rec bowl.


    Then into @Oregonglassblower adapter, and onto the Roor...


    Here's the full tube setup. I love the control this offers. Anything "tangie" and your lips pucker! There's something to be said for gently extracting only the essence. I love cloud chasing, but do notice a different feel/vibe when putting the time in to a flavorful session. Nice to have this unit back in rotation.

  4. Steph

    Steph Well-Known Member

    I did the same thing to use it with my bubbler, don't like silicone tubing either :D
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  5. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    Rock On @splitz

    What an awesome idea!
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  6. VapeKnight

    VapeKnight Well-Known Member

    personally I don't mind the idea of tubing, I just don't like the silicone. Hopefully one day I'll stumble across something nicer from a hookah perhaps. The shorter rec herb holder is definitely on my list, and I like the removal of the goose neck.
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