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Arizer Solo

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Rockwise, May 27, 2011.

  1. Jappie

    Jappie Member

    Can you put a picture up of the stand? Would love a nice solution to store / charge the Solo.

    I have been using the PVHES and the F-bomb combined with PlanetVapes GonG for a couple of weeks now, really loving both products. The water tool definitively makes it a smoother vape, which really helps me in this time where hayfever allergies are running wild.

    Also, top notch service from Planet Vape for making me a custom order for the PVHES, GonG and F-bomb. Package was delivered in 3 days to the Netherlands, looked like an express shipment :)
    Did have an issue with a chipped PVHES, but the situation was resolved perfectly: I smashed the old one, and Planet Vape sent a new one (the only wait was due to waiting for production of the PVHES).
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  2. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    You're a stronger man than I. I don't think I could willingly smash a PVHES, no matter the reason. I'd have to get someone to do it for me........

    Glad PV took care of you (not the first time, great outfit).

    You might contact Pipes directly, I'm sure he'd love to show you his 'family photos', just be careful he doesn't pull out the vacation pictures?

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  3. Gray Area

    Gray Area Well-Known Member

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  4. exit

    exit Spectral Analysis results below.

    Well if PV was willing to send me a new PVHES if I sent them proof of my old broken one, I might do it, since my first PVHES is extremely damaged, yet I keep using it..


    I need to make some reclaim!
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  5. gangababa

    gangababa Well-Known Member

    center of the jagat
    My black Solo, a M1T ***, whatever that means, arrived today and is on the charger.

    First impressions: it has some heft to it, 234 grams (Solo w/ stem) versus 195 grams (Ascent w/ load).
    The octangular base of the Solo's round shape reduces its size and in hand it compares well the the Ascent's ovoid shape. Both feel natural. The Ascent feels less visible held up, more stealthy.
    I am surprised by the Solo's size. I totally misjudged when viewing photos of the bottom screws online.

    Next up, after the burn-offs, will be the bowl size comparison and first time taste test.
    I like the Solo face. In my mind's-eye, with its pupil-ed silver eyes it looks like Lord Jagannath. I need to add some color and plain-sight hide this vape on my altar shelves so I won't have to do any 'splaining.
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  6. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    left coast
    Exit, No offense but I don't think I would make hot cocoa out of that stem. :ugh:You probably
    are careful so it won't break any further, I'm sure.:rockon:
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  7. MGG

    MGG Well-Known Member

    Me in a solo arizer sesh today, enjoy :)
  8. HomeFree

    HomeFree Well-Known Member

    Last night set my solo to 5 atop the bubbler, let it get to 5, then waited a long minute or even two, took a really long pull, got incredible vapor and taste, waited another two minutes, another super long pull, another tasty exhale. Turned it off at that point, was satiated. Waiting a few minutes between pulls allows time for a head change to register, I think that's neat.

    I finished off the stem a bit later at a 6 & 7 to essentially no effect at all. I wonder if one clears a stem, if volatiles escape as the herb cools? I pulled cool air through the stem after removing the Solo as usual to clear it, but I'm sure it was still storing some heat. I find it hard to believe I could extract 70-80% of the actives in two pulls out of around .16 grams of material with the Solo, but maybe being more ballsy with heat has helped.

    I'm kicking myself for only ordering one GonG. :) I'm gonna be bummed if I break it.

    The Solo is a pretty fun toy.
  9. Disney

    Disney Member

    waiting patiently for puffitup.com to restock the solo =\
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  10. macbill

    macbill WA-WAHHH. WA, Oh WA-To-See

    Nice day in the NW for a Solo session with my trusty Mobius Matrix Ion and Cloud Buddy to clear.

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  11. 943325

    943325 New Member

    Sweet thread guys. Had the solo for a few months, lovin it.

    Here's what I did a liitle while back when I couldn't get a gong from Planetvape.


    Its good with a bubbler.
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  12. Disney

    Disney Member

    Don't know if I mentioned it yet, but Joda Glass (vaped&confused) is making custom solo gongs similar to the PV gong.
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  13. Vapour Clown

    Vapour Clown Hey Hey

    Oz, Country of Convicts
    My Solo arrived today! So far I've had two sessions through my hand bubbler.

    It's really hard to type right now:zzz:

    It was even harder to take a crappy photo and upload it here :)
    Sorry about my grubby paw.
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  14. abhishek

    abhishek Well-Known Member

    Wow that's a great idea..and with a f bomb it looks like lord shiva's trident
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  15. sundaddy

    sundaddy Well-Known Member

    That's a sweet spot you got there, is that the Columbia River?
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  16. masaki

    masaki Well-Known Member

    Id toss it
  17. macbill

    macbill WA-WAHHH. WA, Oh WA-To-See

    Yeah, I live about a mile East of the I-5 Bridge on the Columbia River. It's Tony-the-Tiger "Great!!"
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  18. exit

    exit Spectral Analysis results below.

    Holy shit guys! I got a Power adapter in the mail and of course tried it right out on my "dead" M107... AND IT LIVES!!!

    So what i am deducing from this is that it couldn't heat from any battery packs, even good ones, but it can heat from the power adapter with no battery installed.

    Now I have to find out how to remove the PCB from the Solo so I can see if the leads to the battery came loose, which was my initial suspicion.(edit: honestly if anyone knows how to dismount the PCB i can't figure it out, the soldering job will take like 3 seconds to do but i can't get it out)

    And many thanks again to the big homie @ataxian for hooking me up with a power adapter. Your M107 will live on forever now even if I can't get the damn battery working again.

    edit 2: I don't remember who was the other user with a M107 displaying the same symptoms bbut i think it was @CHIDOY ? Either way, please keep this in mind for getting your M107 which refuses to heat working again... turned out my battery leads weren't loose as i had suspected them to be. something weird must have happened which made the solo's memory "stuck". you need a power adapter to be able to do this.

    - Open up the solo and take out the battery. Put it to the side.
    - With no battery connected, power it up by plugging in the power adapter.
    - Heat it to whatever level you like and wait for it to get up there and put out heat.
    - Now you can shut it off. Reinsert the battery plug, try turning it back on and heat it up again.

    It should work normally again. Well, maybe I revived a Solo today.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2014
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  19. CHIDOY

    CHIDOY Well-Known Member

    That's great to hear exit.... Looks like I'm going to be ordering a PA soon. Thanks bud!
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  20. exit

    exit Spectral Analysis results below.

    If you have another power supply with matching polarity, and it is between 7.5 volts and 9 volts and at least 1.5 amps, you MIGHT be able to get away with using that if you just order a plug adapter to make it fit in the solo.

    Unless you want a PA to use it regularly without making use of the battery, of course. But i figure if you just want it to "reboot" your Solo then maybe you might have most of what you need already lying around at home, then you might only need to spend $2 on one of these.


    Good luck and let's hope both of our solos keep on truckin for many more years to come. let us know if it brings yours back to life :)
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  21. macbill

    macbill WA-WAHHH. WA, Oh WA-To-See

    Double Trouble

    And Now with Standard straight stock stems.....this time with a HydraTree and Hydrafoot.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2014
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  22. al bundy

    al bundy Vaporist

    If you remove the battery theres 4 screws that hold the board to the Solo skeleton,unscrew those and the board comes right off.
    Not home now so cant post a pic but they're the same size screw head that hold the Solo case on.
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  23. exit

    exit Spectral Analysis results below.

    Good looking out, and thanks a bunch. I missed the 4th all the other times I tried to get it out.
  24. macbill

    macbill WA-WAHHH. WA, Oh WA-To-See

    Ooops! Yeah, wrong thread: damn you'd think someone was stoned around here....
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  25. olivianewtonjohn

    olivianewtonjohn Well-Known Member

    Wrong thread lol but seems the cloud worked
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