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Arizer Extrem Q && Classic Hash

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by autsa, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. autsa

    autsa New Member


    This is my first post so, here it goes.

    I've a big chunk of hash at my place and I'm being expending that hash in my vaporizers in several different ways (I've the Extreme Q, MFLB, Vapir NO2, and Vapor Genie).

    Until now the most effective way I've found is to take a small piece of cotton, take a really really small piece of hash (like the tenth part of 0.1 gram) and make if completely flat like a piece of paper, cut that paper-hash into smaller chunks and put it into the cotton, then make a small ball of cotton and here comes the magic, so far I've found two ways of taking advantage of that cotton.

    1. Elbow pack the cotton and use the whip
    2. Just trow the cotton into the Cyclone Bowl and fill bags

    Additional notes:

    A) Temperature: 230 centigrade
    B) Always keep taking in/out the cotton between bags/whip hits and using the "fresh side" if not the cotton will turn dark brown or even get a bit burned
    C) If using the whip with elbow packing you'll need to pull very hard, so setting the fan to 1 helps a lot
    D) You can put more or less product (mine is pretty strong that's why I need so little)
    E) You will know when the hash is done because you'll get no flavor at all
    F) If using the whip with elbow packing you can plug an small bong and pull from it, this will reduce the effort needed to pull without wasting your goods (cause the vapor from hash is "special" and it will stay into the whip/bong for a second pull, 100% personal opinion sorry no probe for this)
    G) If you aren't sure about your cotton (not completely dry) you can put it on top of the cyclone bowl and turn the fan to 1 till it's completely dry

    Is there anyone else doing this? I know there are other people using cotton for hash in Extreme Q but I was unable (or too lazy) to search further for an example/explanation like the one above.

    I hope this helps someone else.

    And how is the other people vaporizing hash nowadays?

    Thanks in advance!

    mod note: Please make sure your thread makes sense for the section you put it in. Vaporization Discussion is not for vape specific topics. Thread moved.

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