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Arizer Air - External charger + 2 batteries + 2 glass

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by TwistedGray, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. TwistedGray

    TwistedGray Well-Known Member

    Pardon the long post :)

    I bought this Arizer Air ($150+/-) new back in Spring/Summer of 2016 from Ebay. I forget the exact date/month, but if you really wanted to know you could look it up from posts I made around that time. It is a legit Air from Arizer, and I know this because I went through support regarding the battery charger. I had to provide the serial number at that time (A1V0G04527, for reference).

    The battery charger that comes with it eventually broke. It would not hold a charge and had issues charging while in use, and overall that charger and pin on the unit itself is just bad. All of this happened within the first few months.

    So, I caved and bought the external charger ($34) and a second battery ($15) while I was at it. If you have an Air, buy the external charger and a battery. The charger indicates when it's charging (red) and when charged (green) and lets you charge both batteries at the same time. It does take a while to charge though (a few hours with a near dead or dead battery). I would run 3-4 sessions before charging a battery...you should get 3-5 sessions out of each battery.

    • External charger
    • Two batteries
    • Two glass pipes (they will be cleaned with ISO prior to shipping; they're in perfect shape)
    • Silicon clear sleeve
    • Stirring tool (slight bend)
    What's missing:
    • No longer has the little protective cap where the "oven" is to cover it ... never used it and it would get in my way. I removed it.
    • No carrying pouch; I never used it so I just tossed it while "Spring cleaning"
    • Original box - eventually tossed it thinking I would never sell it.
    • Aroma dish - never used it ... I may have just tossed it?
    • Silicon caps for the glass pipes ($4 for 4 on Arizer's site)
    Why I am selling:
    My friends bought an Arizer Air II for a trip across country, used it 3-4 times, and shelved it. They did not like it, and despite running through 8-10 stems on it with them showing them the value in being able to adjust temps to get flavor, they still prefer their old glass pipe. Oh well, I digress. I offered to buy it from them in order to save the Air II from collecting dust.

    Price: $101 (they are $131.24 right now on the Arizer site, $180 after extras)
    • Includes shipping (lower 48, split if going anywhere else)
    • Includes Paypal fees
    -Thanks / PM with questions

    All included

    Pick of the "vape" chamber

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