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Are mflb batteries supposed to fit mflb charger?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by tomorrow, May 20, 2017.

  1. tomorrow

    tomorrow New Member

    After researching forever I finally plumped for the mflb largely due to the reported stealth and economy factors. I spotted a deal for a Walnut one with spare Gold batteries and stems.
    The extras haven't arrived yet so I was left to try and fit the supplied glyph AAN2200 1437-LX batteries into the PU-02DV-MGFL charger. I used all my might but no way were these going to push right in. There was also no light when I used them in the box so I went to bed pretty damn fed up.
    Anyway next day I wondered if pushing them just far enough in to make contact would suffice so ended up charging them up this way.
    Is this normal and will the Gold batteries fit better?
    The seller has offered a refund but of course I've used the box by now.
    Has anyone else encountered this and is it safe?
  2. SamuraiSam

    SamuraiSam Extraction Technician

    Spokane, WA
    Yes, the batteries should fit into the charger. Could you take and share some pictures of your batteries and charger, and how they aren't fitting?
  3. tomorrow

    tomorrow New Member

    Hi SS,
    Many thanks for getting back. I took the photos but uploading to this site proved problematic (I am demonstrating British understatement here). Imgur anyone?!? I'll try another one later.
    Basically the batteries are ever so slightly too long to fit and only make contact at an angle. This just shouldn't be happening and I'll probably see if the Golds work and cut my losses. Are they shorter?
    I would have loved to send the whole s**tload back!
  4. damm

    damm Well-Known Member

    Pacific Northwest
    imgur is perfectly fine; you can either link the pictures in the post or there's a landscape button in the editor that lets you insert the image inline.

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