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Anyone here use the MagicFlight Orbiter w/ the Extreme Q?

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by losanglo, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. losanglo

    losanglo New Member

    Long Beach, CA
    Hi all,

    I just received a slightly cheaper bubbler, that I'm not very happy with. I'm considering returning it and buying the Orbiter. Has anyone here used the Orbiter with the Arizer Extreme Q?

    I'm kind of kicking myself for not spending the extra $30 for it. Aesthetically, I think it looks great, and the reviews have been very good. That said, I think I may need to get a 14mm-to-18mm adapter to get it connected to the EQ, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

    Thanks :)
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  2. olivianewtonjohn

    olivianewtonjohn Well-Known Member

    My :2c: for the $ you can get something much better than the orbiter.

    Cheap water pipes thread:

    Huge thread, here is one of the favorite bubblers from there. Its a mobius ($350) knockoff:


    $46 shipped! Seller is out of stock right now but will be getting more in.

    If you want american glass and better quality @redglassgallery is your guy for the $

    His store (10% off $100 for FC members):

    When picking a water pipe keep in mind the capabilities of the EQ (draw restriction, heater power, etc). I dont know much about the EQ but we have a thread for that vap you can post in to get some advice. I have the solo and prefer smaller pieces for it so its good to keep in mind how your vap might pair with water pipe
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  3. Herr_Dampf

    Herr_Dampf Well-Known Member

    People keep looking over a small little detail with the Orbiter:

    Glass. Coverd. For. Life.
    I still plan on buying one in the next few months as a hookah-like solution.
  4. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    I am not a glass person at all, as many of you know. This is partly because (as my wife is quick to point out) I am a klutz who would break anything glass in no time. I won't bore you with the details of how many glass parts (LB & FV stems, Extreme bowls and elbows) that I have already gone through. Nevertheless, I do own one glass piece:

    I don't think even I could break one of these (at least not by accident) and if I did... lifetime warranty! Not to mention that I find the steampunk look quite attractive.

    The other reason I don't have any glass is that I feel water dilutes the flavour. In particular, I miss (or haven't learned to judge) the feedback I get from the vapour stream. On the other hand, this thing is cute and I find myself using it way more than I ever thought I would. The thing is, I rarely use it with the LB. I find it good for taming the harsh flavour and heat of the higher temperatures I have to use when testing and evaluating other devices. I no longer have an Extreme so I can't comment on how well it works with one, but I think that while it would work, the drag in the system would be detrimental. You will need a way to connect the tubing to the Extreme elbow since its diameter is just slightly too large, but not a 14/18 adapter.
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  5. losanglo

    losanglo New Member

    Long Beach, CA
    Maybe if I shortened the hose going from the EQ to the Orbiter? Shouldn't need more than 6-9 inches if they're next to each other, I would think.

    That's a problem. I think I'll contact MF to see if they've been asked before about fitting the Orbiter to third-party vapes. Maybe I'll get lucky. I'll post here with whatever answer I get.
  6. kasimier

    kasimier Member

    Hi folks,

    Are there any updates on pairing the orbiter tubing with the Extreme Q? :)
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2016
  7. BadDog No

    BadDog No Well-Known Member

    New England
    I've got a system that I really like but you need the DDave kit. He includes some really wideass silicone tubing to use as whips and both an 18 and a 14 connector. I use the short DDave 18/18 cyclone bowl and pack a DDave 18 basket screen into the 18 end of the whip. I use a pretty firm pack to minimize crumbs falling down (even though there is a screen); enough to get some of that "McDonalds shake" straw type resistance. So the 18m end of the whip goes in the Eq and the 14 into the Orbiter. Instead of using an MFLB whip as a mouthpiece I tuck an extra 14/18 m/m into the orbiter and use it as a mouthpiece. Usually tempstep from 360 to the 370's and maybe as high as 392. Big clouds, satisfied consumer. ;)
    Oh you need some reinforcing (I used cardboard and duct tape) to keep the whip from collapsing at the ends. I know, this post woud be about 10x more useful with pictures...:(

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