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Anyone else still combust?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by flotntoke, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. turk

    turk turk

    San Francisco
    ....as a small portable the solo is hard to beat....I do not believe it is a "stealth" option....but for gettting good taste, quickly, in and out...and medicated (without the need of plugs) ....it's hard to beat...
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  2. SacToker

    SacToker Member

    ^used to be me but now I prefer blasting the vape every now and then. :)
  3. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw Astralnaut

    So i started smoking cigs @ 12 and herb @ 16. Started vaping off and on @ 30. i never really switched over to vaping exclusively (or even more than 50%) as it never medicated me enough. i enjoy the head high, but i have severe adhd which often needs the sedative effect of a full spectrum medicine. am now 35. a few months ago i quit smoking tobacco with the help of e-cigs. this led me to the omicron and persei which finally allowed me to get medicated enough in public to deal w/ my anxiety issues. this led me to oil and i have been vaping oil almost exclusively since then (almost). i smoked between an 1/8th to a 1/4 oz a day b4 switching to oil. i have a couple domes, a skillet and a quartz padde. i still love my early morning joints (it fights my cig craving), but i mostly do dabs now. i also love pulling the 'cano out for groups as most people can't deal w/ dabs.
    For full spectrum combustion of flowers i really dislike water filtration so i went looking for pieces that cooled the smoke w/out h2o. i almost exclusively use my herb iron (ceramic hot wand, hakko, phedor, D9's hammer next month) and my incredibowls. if used wrong they will fuck ur throat up no question. if used correctly i get the smoothest, coolest, and largest hits. No comparison w/ any other dry piece. i actually got the fumo to compare w/ the m420 and it sucks balls. just my 2 cents.
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  4. VapeXhaleCloudIsLEGENDARY

    VapeXhaleCloudIsLEGENDARY Active Member

    Fort Myers, Florida
    There is nothing I enjoy more than combusting a bowl right before I'm about to lay down.
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  5. VaporNation

    VaporNation Vaporizer Superstore Retailer

    Los Angeles, California
    I'm not smoking too much these days...thank god. It's definitely helped out my lungs and I really enjoy the full flavor I get from using a vape.
  6. stonedwarman

    stonedwarman I got paid to kill people.

    I still roll an L on occasion. For example, after my last final last Friday (LAST FINAL OF UNDER GRAD THANK GOD!!) I went back to my apartment and rolled an epic blunt. It was perfect I tell you. After that, I had a session with my Volcano and passed out. I still prefer vaping over combusting, but you gotta spice it up every once in a while.
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    VAPORIZER22 Well-Known Member

    Northern Califas
    When I do combust I usually use my i420 Incredibowl as well with my hakko. For smoothness it is hard to beat and I really like the way flavor comes through especially with some nice bubble or full melt in the middle.
  8. Selah

    Selah Enjoying the finer things in life

    The High Kingdom of Hearts
    I made the full switch to vapor about a month ago, been smoking tobacco for 8 years, went cold turkey after receiving my volcano. I still combusted once in a while when not home, only pure weed. Now that I got my LB I stopped completely combusting and I'm not regretting it. I will maybe enjoy a bowl once in a while but it will be more something like three times a year.
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  9. ViviDVapE

    ViviDVapE yay weed

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    fuck it dude.. i dont give a shit honestly... its about the weed for me, not the way i smoke it.... But id rather vape than smoke for sure.
  10. Titamius

    Titamius Developing Connoisseur & Vaporist

    Canna-da ;)
    Ive been vaping since the beginning of this year and I have gone months without combustion and i never ever crave it or would rather combust, but sometimes when Im going out and buddies wanna burn, i really don't mind smoking or throwin some herb in for combustion (but only if if i have a good amount like over an o). Although everything about vapor is better IMO, combustion is more just for a change of pace while in a (usually) social environment. Ive even got a big roll of hempwick that i bring most places just in case and if I roll a joint its gonna be with RAWs. Sooner or later i plan to try out those hakkos/herb irons too.

    I also find that now that my lungs are alot cleaner smoking makes me cough and irritates my airways way more, like I feel that buildup even though in one session its gonna be minimal. I even feel it if I vape when I smoked recently, I just cough more, cant hold in my vapor as easily, and my capacity and absorbtion seem to go down.
  11. mwahle1

    mwahle1 Well-Known Member

    Chicago IL
    I quit combusting completely; however, my brother still smokes (about 50/50 vaping to combusting). I am hoping this changes to more vaping when he receives the Solo I am giving him for Christmas; he currently owns the Vapolution.
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  12. fake name

    fake name Well-Known Member

    I quit smoking for like a year, but then went back. I bought a quartz wand for a hash bowl, and eventually it started being used to light a bubbler I bought originally for vaping , once I smoked out of the bub I didn't want to vape out of it anymore because the flavor wasn't as pure unless I gave the stem a violent cleaning. Now I'm trying to return to just vaping when I have bud, as well as dabbing when available (maybe an edible or tincture on a special occasion).

    The best thing for my situation now is that my friends are finally starting to vape instead of combust. Part of this was my buying a good portable to show off what a vape can do. At this point, everyone I have let use my solo wants one, they all ask where I got it and the price. So, hopefully, this all comes together and I can really give up combusting.
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