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Any UK Vapers out there?

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by misanthrope, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Yeah I get that there is more diversity, in less space, in Europe, I'm sure you will have a blast, once you get the mandatory UK family visit out of the way...

    Apart from the things already suggested by @1DMF, I really wouldn't know what to suggest, Im from Hertfordshire, there is nothing to do, maybe this is why people turn to drugs...
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  2. 1DMF

    1DMF Old School Cheesy Quaver

    Changing of the Guard - Buckingham palace?

    I dunno St Albans, Knebworth, Hatfield, are worth a visit!

    The UK has 1,000's of years of history, crickey Stonehenge dates 2,000BC.

    And this is only stuff in England, Come on @kellya86 , the UK aint that bad really, but I guess you got to like your castle, ruin, parks, architecture etc. to really enjoy it.

    It's usually the crap we end up paying stupid money to go see while on holiday. I can't tell you how expensive and how shit Delphi was, I guess the sports 'ampetheatre' at the top of the hill was OK, but it's a bit disappointing compared to what it would have looked like when in use! - but that's usually the problem with ruins :lol:

    OK Pamukale or Ephesus in Turkey, is far better than the round table in Winchester, granted, but it's still worth a visit! - There is a nice Cathedral and a few other ruins to look at, as well as Tudor buildings in the high street.

    Did you not watch The Last Leg do a Road trip in the outback, according to Brooker, most of Aus is shite! :lol:

    As @MGG says, in Aus it's so big, you drive 100 miles and all you see is still wilderness, you're lucky if you get to see any aboriginal artefacts or ruins!
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
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  3. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    I used to think we had good natural surrounds and amazing views, but have you seen some of the places in the picture thread???
    Makes us look very boring....

    Been to Scotland, that's was nice apart from the bastard midges...

    I like Newquay....
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  4. sweetherb

    sweetherb Well-Known Member

    I absolutely love the UK.....for those 3 days in summer when the weather is nice and I can afford to pay London beer prices! Seriously, though, Europe is a great place to travel. As you say, lots of cultures in a small space.
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  5. VapourHaze

    VapourHaze Rexcornish on IG, Vaping since '02

    Check out brick lane, Shoreditch, hackney (the east end) its where all the 'hipsters' hang out ... but you can get nice coffees and good food.

    Go to the jewish baegel shop in brick lane. The southbank is nice

    Lots of free museums all over town too.
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  6. °k

    °k The sound of vapor

    Hey all, anyone with an ascent living around west London? I have a couple of brand new glass stems and a U waterpiece adapter (never used either) that I'd like to get rid of.

    Edit: tell you what scratch west London, anyone interested let me know and I can send it your way.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
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  7. °k

    °k The sound of vapor

    Sorry for double posting but it's too late for editing.

    Just to make it clear, I'm giving those away. My ascent got out of order for good a couple of years ago and I have no intention to get a new one, so it's time for these to find a user. I'm not entirely up to date with the current prices in UK but I believe it's worth about £50. Don't be shy.
  8. jimfish4130

    jimfish4130 Well-Known Member

    Did anyone go to off me nut summer climax in sheffield on saturday? Not my kind of music but my friend said he saw someone there with a dynastash and jet lighter going through the same ritual I do
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  9. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    No idea, but if you go to Edinburgh I know a guy that walks around doing the same with his Omnivap ;)
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  10. jimfish4130

    jimfish4130 Well-Known Member

    I walked around bakewell show this year using my omni whilst with my family, police walking around had no idea...
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  11. Nooky72

    Nooky72 Dog Marley

    Dagobah System
    No festivals lately but did watch this classic at the weekend.
    Headmaster's office scene is my favourite.

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  12. Naestrib

    Naestrib New Member

    Hey uk vapers how are you all?
    im new to this whole vape scene. Recently quit the tobacco found a new way to medicate shall we say lol..
    I got some nice shatter of a friend and made some juice it was beeeautiful lol
    Anyway i found this thread and thought id chirp in 42 east england. Anyone around near me?
  13. hoohoobooboo

    hoohoobooboo New Member

    Welcome - I'm a new UK vaper too but from east London! How you finding the transition to medicating without baccy?
  14. Naestrib

    Naestrib New Member

    The transition ok.....the supply of ingredients not ok...lol
    But overall good
  15. phattpiggie

    phattpiggie Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Never smoked baccy @hoohoobooboo so can't help you there, have to agree that quality is sporadic at best here as well @Naestrib.
    I'm not far from Skegvegas.

    Go have a nose around on Instagram it's been an eye opener for me, Teeside Cannabis Social Club have been pushing for more clubs around the country and the Police Chiefs don't seem to disagree.
  16. Naestrib

    Naestrib New Member

    Hello lol good ol skeggy love the place spent lots of time there in my youth...
    I have had scan on instascam but i am very aprahensive they dont call it instscam for nothing......lols although i did find a few peeps but again i dont know....... Yeah i have lookes at teeside and norfolk cheesecake among others. My cousin runs kings lynn canna club.
    But is useless lol not really.....
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  17. Naestrib

    Naestrib New Member

    Hi again
    My experience so far has been ok on the thc canna ejuice for the vape.
    Unfortunately i still can not find a reliable extractor or vendor in norfolk. Though saying that i have tried some vendors on insta thc ejuicees to a mixed review for me. This is just my opinion and may be different for others.

    My first juice was of my cousin he mixed just .5g into just over 5ml unkown liquidiser, and was amazing could fault it only gunked coil in my gaurdian tank after a tank n a half but yum yum

    Second juice was from an online vendor on a certain photo filter happy site. 5ml of vapeable thc ejuice, and was lovely got me shot nicely but mellow and short lived. Unknown liquidiser or concentrate...

    Third i got another bottle of the previous vendor this time i got 10ml of vapeable juice single strength????...absolute shiiite just vaped away as water...pants

    Fourth i discovered a vendor by the name budlady very nice too. I had 10ml of pineapple vape juice, nice taste but not very strong to me. Ok though and when the parcel came there was a noice surprise extra a red elixer drink which god damn tastey and gave a very mellow heeed.

    Fifth i used the same vendor for a different flavour blueberry....exactly same results. Not strong enough for me but perfect for light dosage. But noice and again this time i got a chocolate brownie extra. And that was bloody supereb best i have ever tasted....excellent

    Sixth i had another 10ml from the second vendor double strength this time it was ok but did not do much for me. Nice taste but no hit for me...

    Seventh i got another 10ml off the same vendor as before but after letting him know my feedback about the potency and this one was a little better but no where near the same as the first 5ml i had of this vendor.....tastes lovely.

    8th i got 1g of green amnesia shatter from a vendor in spain and mixed that into 9-10ml of high demand which did not really do anything for me other than wreck my coil. Not liking that liquidiser at the moment..

    9th i got some 5ml of stronger juice from budlady that was nice but really gunked up my coil and gave me a slight hit....but again came with a extra surprise a thc lolly which was wickedly tasty....

    And my latest is i have bought 30ml of thc vape juice of another vendor on the same photo site. Which is a little bit more cloudier than the others but tastes great but not doing much for me at 35w like a slow mellow mellow hit. But tastes bloody amazing.. I have been told by vendor that higher wattage it will ne stronger i am not sure whether that is the case but am hoping to try....

    So that is what i have experienced so far, if anybody was wondering whether said site where most was sourced.

    My bloody search goes on....
    Thinking about trying waxliquidiser next???
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  18. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Alot of uk vendors for concentrates have popped up on certain image sites lately...
    With no regulation, and no need to prove any credentials, I am very sceptical of the safety of these products...
    I mean American legal states are still finding banned ferts and other nasties in their products.. so I wouldn't touch any of this uk shit yet...
    Only way to be safe is grow your own and extract it yourself..
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  19. sweetherb

    sweetherb Well-Known Member

    I agree and am currently saving up for a decent vac chamber, pump and heat pad.
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  20. Pyr0

    Pyr0 Stoned Roses

    Wirral, U.K.
    Yeah, I've also noticed the overpriced imports on these same sites.
    I've heard some of them are low quality cheap product, repackaged.
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