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Another Recommendation- Concentrate Vape pen ???????

Discussion in 'ABV' started by FUnhouse, May 14, 2014.

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  1. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Hey ALL
    Sorry to bore you again with this same type of question but there is so much out there I am overwhelmed .

    About my use
    I use MMJ for serious nerve problems in my neck and back that affects my arms and hands and is very painful .
    I have been smoking herb for many years and find it the most effective way to lessen my pain .
    I can not take any painkillers or muscle relaxers at all so the MMJ is all i have .

    With more availability of good concentrates I think it is time for me to switch to get more medication with less smoking/vaping .

    I am looking for a portable vape , I guessing for concentrates because the herb vapes are too expensive for me at this point and i have had bad luck int the past .
    I have a vapor bros Whip style vape that I hate (its in a box in my garage )
    I had an Iolite that I sold because it never worked correctly .
    And I have a Oasis http://www.oasisco2.com/ pen that I got for $20 from my collective . I like it but the pre-filled thing sucks and the meds that i can get in them are too week . but the pen is cool (stealth very easy to use )

    I have been reading a ton on FC and have learned a bunch and I want to thank you all for that
    But I am having trouble deciding what is correct for me

    My considerations .

    I can spend over $100 but i don't see a point in paying too much with technology moving fast I'm thinking it will be replaced in a year or so . But I want a quality unit not a throw away .

    I want it to be stealth I will mostly use my vape in my home but I would like to take it with me and be able to discretely use it . Also wondering if any one travels with their vape and how that goes I have one hitters hidden away at most of the places i travel to but would rather vape .

    Learning curve
    here is where it gets tricky . I don't mind a learning curve but my condition causes my hands to be numb so working with little stuff is very hard So i would like something that I don't have to load every time and that is not too complicated . I know I will prob kill a few carts along the way and that't the cost of doing business but I don't want to wast my money because the this is too complicated.

    it needs to be efficient don't have a tone of cash or meds to waste .
    I also would like to be able to load a few carts with different wax/shatter maybe .5grams or so to have some med choices and to not have to load them so much

    So I have been researching here on FC and this is what i am thinking so far

    I was interested in the 0-phos so I went to up tech (they are local to me ) and talked to them .
    Nice people but the shop was a bit of a mess . The o-phos looks cool but I am thinking I should step up to the Omicron for the temp control and replaceable batterers but i don't know if that is necessary. Also They use the 601 connector and As far as i can tell ( I'm prob. wrong) the 510 is more standard and there are more choices for carts. etc.? And I would prefer to have as few parts as possible so I am trying to avoid adapters if i can /

    I have also looked at the Gentleman's brand people here on FC seem to like them .

    I also like the idea of the Grasshopper but we will have to see if it actually works so that will be a while .

    I think I have looked at everything out there but I am just stumped at this point .

    I am open to any suggestions it does not need to be a pen

    I am not opposed to building something with good e-cig parts but i would much prefer to get omething from a reputable company with a warranty if possible

    Again Sorry for posting basically the same question that has been posted again . Thanks,And I very much appreciate any help I can get .

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  2. Wizsteve

    Wizsteve Active Member

    look up rebuildable coils there are a few that would work the one with 4 coils would do the job nicely than a battery mod with varable voltage .

    it would last you a lifetime .

    (if you live in the states you less than 60 days to find one after the fda is stepping in)
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  3. Lo

    Lo Combustion free since '09 Staff Member

    Just an FYI... It isn't 60 days until FDA regs go into effect. The public comment period is open, then the regs go back to be reviewed/compared to comments. It will take time before they go into effect and we REALLY hope some changes are made....otherwise we'd be stuck with old technology that doesn't damn work. Whole thing is a mess!

    If you get a rebuildable, some wire and wick you'd be set for a long time....would be MUCH cheaper too.
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  4. DieHard

    DieHard Vertical transportation specialist.

    For me, there is only one word when it comes to portable oil Vapes.

    That said, if you have trouble with small stuff you probably don't want an RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer). Very small stuff to rebuild. UpTech is coming out with a Rebuildable KISS cart. That may be more friendly. However it is Load As You Go. To me the KISS on an Omicron is great stealth, it blends in with all the E-cigs. It is my go-to for out and about. There is also the Hercules SR-74 (another favorite of mine) it holds more, but there is a steep learning curve. And lots of small parts. But it is the Gold Standard of Oil carts.
    I keep a small silicone oil container with several small loads all rolled up ready to go. I have even reloaded my KISS in public. (Non MMJ state). I have never seen UpTech's brick and mortar store. I don't care how messy it is. It is the innovation behind the scenes that I am looking for. Add to that the relentless customer service provided here by @THC SCIENTIFIC gives me confidence.
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  5. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info I have been seriously considering the Omicron Kiss cart set up .
    Some of the reasons I haven't gotten it yet .
    I'm having trouble justifying $100 for one Cart (Hercules SR-74) and the chance of me blowing it is good.
    Also the 601 threading thing seems to me there is not much available for it and I don't want to use adapters and just make it larger . ( any idea why they wen with this threading?)

    I agree about the RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer). looks too small for me to deal with .

    My thinking now ( and it will prob change again ) is a good e-cig battery (something like this http://www.ecigbestsave.com/Joye-eGo-C-Upgrade-Battery-p/battery-egoc-upgrade.htm)

    And some less expensive carts until I know what I am doing then getting some nicer carts maybe like the V2 Oil Cartridge or something .

    Am I totally crazy (I can accept that ) ?
    I am pretty new to this and I don't this I need the top of the line greatest thing out there .Especially with the changing technology . Don't want to spend a ton of cash just to do it again next year . And I don't really want to collect Vapes.

    All that said
    the innovation behind the scenes that I am looking for. Add to that the relentless customer service provided here by @THC SCIENTIFIC gives me confidence.
    Is very important !

    and thanks again To DieHard and in advance to the rest of you !
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  6. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

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  7. DieHard

    DieHard Vertical transportation specialist.

    The descriptions of those products are a joke. I would stay away. What kind of metal? What other insanity is in the air path?
    Quote from The Retailers site(that's the name.)
    "The basic function of a vaporizer, or if you prefer, atomizer is to “atomize” the smoke and to release the vapor in the air.. OK, but for starters it is important to learn some basics about what vaporizer does – how the dry herb burns for example, how to get your high quality high in the purest form while the smoke disappears in miracle… in the cloud of vapor.
    Coil participating in a “miracle”, heats dry herb to right temperature 157 °C (315 °F), the temperature best suited to the everyone’s favorite psychoactive component is released all of us favorite plant in its purest form and turns into vapor. Metal head is something that has to work perfectly in combination with the coil and other parts, because it’s a place where we put herb.Metal and Glass Covers are parts that cover these parts and eventually Mouth Tip with his magical multifunctional purpose."
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  8. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    I knid of thought so but I was not going to use the Dry herb tank (m3 ) i was think ing about the M2 (http://www.cloupor.com/Cloutank-M2-Hash-oil-vaporizer-wholesale) But I cant find much information on them . The site has very little real info .
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  9. Caligula

    Caligula *results not typical.

    So Cal

    For dry herb I suggest a Solo or Firefly. Keep oil and herb Vapes separate. There is no "one Vape to rule them all".
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  10. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    @Caligula when are you getting a Hammer?
  11. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Not really looking for something for herb hoping to use wax/shatter Don't know if I want to go to oil .
    If I want to vape herb I am hoping for good thing form the grasshopper .
    Trying to get a decent first setup . that I can pre-load .5g ish . Not to complicated and good quality . cant deal with small parts too much so rebuildable (RDA) are probably out .
    Appreciate any help !
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  12. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    I can do wax and shatter on my KISS cart, hasn't been an issue.
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  13. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Yeah the Kiss cart sounds cool but I want something that I can lode more than one dab on .

    The more I read on FC the more complex this all sounds and sounds like a big pain in the ass .
    I don't want to have to worry about blowing a $20(min) cart every time I vape.

    I have no time or interest in making my own BHO and dealing with oil seems messy and form what I have read seems inefficient.

    I also don't want to spend $100 something I can not get to work reliably I already went through that with an iolight .
    I already have a small collection of vape trash that I don not want to grow.

    And if I am getting something portable I want it to be portable I don't want some huge battery in my pocket that makes it seem like I am happy to see everyone .

    I just need an simple way to deliver my meds efficiently. If I had a way to get pre filled carts that actually had decent meds in them I would jump on it but the only one I have tried is weak at best.

    Sorry if I come of as bitchy today ( I can medicate during the day ) but I have been reading on FC for a while now and I am just overwhelmed .

    I Appreciate any help I can get .
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  14. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    It's not going to be a single dab,

    I don't load much very minuscule loads and didn't even re-position the oil in the video, I could have also gotten bigger hits if I wasn't suffering from pneumonia during the recording. I could have also kept vaping the small amount I put for the video.

    Price wise it only cost me 52 dollars including 2 day priority shipping.
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  15. sasNW

    sasNW SmartVape all day

    I was in about the same boat as you not too long ago, wanting quick, easy, on the go medicine.fwiw I ending up going with a dr. Dabber ghost pen with a few extra carts to keep with me. I load different meds in different carts and keep 5 loaded carts with me. About .1 - .2 per load. While I wanted to keep about a half gram loaded as well, I've realized I like having 5 different carts a lot more. I just unscrew a used up cart, and screw in a new loaded cart. Doesn't get much easier to have different strains of oil on you the this IMO.

    While it is a load as you go pen, I just load up all of my carts every few days and I'm all set. With the pen and 5 carts it will put you a bit over $100, but you would have 6 carts. And if you don't poke and scrape the cart like some people do they last quite a while. I've had mine for about 6 months of very heavy use( couple grams a week) and I've only had one cart burn out.

    Best of luck finding what works for you, just thought I would let you know that with some extra carts a load as you go system can still be very easy to work with. Hell my spare carts fit in a little AA battery holder that I just keep in my pocket

    And like paytonpenn said, you can get way more then one dab out of a load. I load a grip in mine and get a good 7-10 fat fat fat rips off a load. Or I can keep taking small hits for a long time once I've saturated the hell out of the wick like I always do

    Edit- sorry for the long ass post, I always tend to do this when any medical topic comes up. My bad haha,but I forgot to mention that the ghost pen is way tiny, really great for stealth. It's only about a quarter inch taller then an iPhone when it's all set up!
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  16. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    I would check the classifieds and watch for a thermovape revolution (dart or windowed). Then pick up a cheap mechanical mod clone off Fasttech with a good quality 18650 battery. This should run about 100 total and is perfect for what you want. It can hold more than a load as you go and is very easy to learn. The problem is they don't make them anymore so you have to get lucky to get one.
    I would suggest the Cera or the Luna but they are out of your price range.

    Edit: on a side note, that VB can be really effective once you learn how to use it. I suggest you dust it off and poke around that thread for some tips and pointers as well.
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  17. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks man I am looking into that or something like it . seems like what I am trying to do .

    clouded vision
    Thermovape is hard to find But I will keep looking looks like it could be a cool setup !

    "Edit: on a side note, that VB can be really effective once you learn how to use it."
    Not sure what you are referring to VB?
    been a long day thinking a bit slow .
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  18. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    Your vapor brothers. I would read the thread and give it one more chance before you write it off completely.
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  19. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    I'll check it out. But it may show up in the classifieds soon.
  20. vaporbrothers

    vaporbrothers Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    Personally I'd recommend you go to Up tech because they are constantly coming out with new product and have a lot of options to choose from. Our Dabbler vape pen is a super clean hit with a unique type of heating element wire and a high quality battery... but still I recommend up tech if they are close to you and can help you out directly.

    We're here waiting to help you with your box vaporizer :) It is a life saver for so many people I suspect if you didn't like it it's probably a matter of a solvable issue- Either the unit is not working right or the method needs to be tweaked. When it works right the hits are the biggest best densest sweetest I've ever had on a vaporizer at any price. I'll send you a message to clear up what's going on. I'll make sure your repair is free if you need that.


    Sincerely, Linus V
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  21. Caligula

    Caligula *results not typical.

    So Cal
    That's good service.
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  22. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks that is great service .
    And a great endorsement for Up Tech .
    I am definitely still thinking about an Omicron . And I have no doubt it is a quality piece .
    Here is the thing no one seems to answer and I can figure out ( I'm prob missing something )
    I am still trying to figure out what to use to load more than a dab at a time with their system . The HERCULESSR74 is $100 and I cant afford that for one cart .Especially when I would like to have a few( like discussed above with @sasNW ) And I know there is a learning curve and I am ok with that But I don't want to be blowing out KISS carts and wasting even $25 . I have yet to find a solution to this problem .
    I am also looking for some Quality carts to start with that I can buy in packs for a 510 ego system .
    I have been reading the Dr dabber thread (suggested by @sasNW) and Like the idea that for $150 I could have the pen a 5 extra coils .
    Definitely a lot of cool stuff out there . Just trying to find the right thing .
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  23. Caligula

    Caligula *results not typical.

    So Cal
    @FUnhouse Perhaps you can find your answer outside the box. I know @Sleepin in CA both rebuilds, as well as sells rebuild kits for the W9 KISS carts. The cost of this service (or the parts even more so if you're willing to learn how to DIY) is much less then buying $26 cart after cart.

    I should also state at this point that Ive yet to have any of the four 3.7v KISS carts that Ive owned burn out on me. I killed one by mishandling it, but that was my bad. You can take that for what its worth, but regardless its always good to have a plan B so to speak.

    I think maybe you should PM @Sleepin in CA and chat him up for a minute about your options here, so go find his thread about this rebuild kits and post there. It might be your best middle road.
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  24. Sleepin in CA

    Sleepin in CA Higher than a Pterodactyl, you can call me Caveman Accessory Maker

    Or click the link in my tag! lol. What's up @Caligula ? Thanks for the mention my man.

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  25. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Thanks @Caligula and @Sleepin in CA If I go that way I will defiantly be in touch .

    So as I search I am coming to realize that maybe there is not really anything that is not dab as you go out there .
    Am I correct ?

    The main things I am considering at this point are the Omicron Or Omicron light ,
    Or the Dr dabber or the Dabber (vB) as suggested by @sasNW After reading the thread it seems like people are having good luck with that and being able to load more than a dab.
    But I also think I would prefer the wick-less cart.

    Let see what changes my mind today !
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