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Alfa Vaporizer by goboof

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by dopefiend, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. DaveBoy47

    DaveBoy47 New Member

    I believe the reason for this is to clearly show the diameter of the hole, so you can find a glass tubes the same size...This item is misconceived free with each new alfa, giving you a second free mouthpiece....it

    Meant to say included free

    To receive a 10% discount on a new Alfa, use the word " subscriber " in the coupon space, and it will be applied to your order...Also included is one long straw with mouthpiece to show diameter of hole of you
    want to use a glass tube...Which also means a second free mouthpiece...Remember tuning the mouthpiece
    upside down allows a variety of different options for Vaping as it fits snugly in the opening.
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  2. ALFA Vaporizers

    ALFA Vaporizers Member Manufacturer

    Hi cluks, the new ALFA has improved heat settings and a fix for an issue that had affected some motherboards in older models. It also has a new look, feel and superior build quality.

    We now sell the ALFA direct to customers, allowing us to reduce the cost and provide promotional offers.

    Use coupon code " 420 " for 20% discount
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  3. clukx

    clukx Well-Known Member

    Nice thanks I will certainly be on the lookout next sale unfortunately I JUST bought a different vape for a higher price I wish I would have known about the deal lol..now I'm kicking myself lol
  4. DaveBoy47

    DaveBoy47 New Member

    I sent them an email about the new oven lid with no holes in March of this year....They emailed back
    that it indeed was a design change...Hope that helps
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  5. Riverflow

    Riverflow New Member

    Got an Alfa for Christmas and liked it so much I bought another. Both broke within 2 months and Goboof doesn't answer any emails on warranty at all. Save your money and buy something from a company that cares. Just my opinion.
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  6. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

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  7. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Riverflow, how were you using it? Were you running it on high for 15 minutes twice a day every day? Im coming up on 2 years with my original gen Alfa and it still runs like a top (knock on wood) but I also don't push it too hard. I stay on low and medium most of the time and usually my sessions are less than 5 mins. I never let it get hot for too long because I know thats wearing the battery. As soon as it gets that hot I shut her down and my session is over (the Alfa gets me seriously baked in 3 rips anyway). I also have other vapes that I use regularly, so the Alfa only gets used for like 12 mins a week and 95% of that is on medium and low. It just seems like trashing 2 of them in less than 2 months each is less because of the units overall reliability and more because maybe the end user doesn't understand the limitations of a vape of this form factor.
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  8. ALFA Vaporizers

    ALFA Vaporizers Member Manufacturer

    Hi Riverflow, are you emailing the correct email address? try enquiries@alfavaporizers.com or use the contact form in the link https://alfagoboof.com/contacts/ if you have any issues you can msg me here and i will sort it for you. Best regards
  9. snorcan

    snorcan Stay charged, my friends

    cannada (T.O.)
    Hi @ALFA Vaporizers How about some nice photos of this new polished bowl, and a rundown of any other improvements or changes you’ve made to this new Deluxe Alfa model? Thanks a bunch!! Looking forward to learning more!!
  10. Vapor4me

    Vapor4me Well-Known Member

    I second that! It's interesting to read that they have done some improvements (incl. to the battery!) but it would be nice to see, maybe even try them (or as close of an experience you can get us). I have an original Alfa, and it's still going strong (knock on wood). It's my backup piece, but I'm learning to love it now that my daily driver went on RMA.
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  11. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Celebrating my 2 year anniversary with the Alfa. It's also my 2 year anniversary of quitting combustion. My Alfa still kicks like a mule and runs like a top (knock on wood). I'll never forget that first night with it...I vaped way too much and got so high that I just sat there for like 2 hours thinking about how high I was.
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  12. hujdimislav

    hujdimislav Well-Known Member

    I remember the time when I was choosing my first vape, browsing this forum and reading all the online reviews. I never tried any vaporizer before and was so excited to dive into this new world of consuming.
    Alfa was delivered to my home and it was a love at first sight (vapor). That was in 2015. I had to replace it after a year, but since then it is alive and kicking.

    I rarely use it these days (damn butane vapes :), but every time I do, it reminds me of a period when it was just me and my Alfa, taking the high road.

    Thank you @mccringleberry for reminding of this great vaporizer, hope it serves you for a long, long time.
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  13. Vapeur Rogue

    Vapeur Rogue Est. 2013- Never Lookin' Back

    I apologize-
    I can not find the email response to quote directly, but I did ask about the new "deluxe" edition based on the thoughts in this thread...and Customer Service informed me that difference was in the Vapour Bowls. the Alpha "Classic" has Hard anodised aluminium and the "Deluxe" has Polished aluminium.
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