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alcohol tincture gone wrong.

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Caulin, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Caulin

    Caulin Well-Known Member

    Hello. So i tried an Ever clear tincture recipe the other day. I think something went horribly wrong. When boiling off the alcohol I may have had the heat too high...but I'm not sure. The result was a very thick tar on the bottom of the jar with a still dark very liquidy alcohol solution on top. From everything I read the solution should have thickened a little bit, but mine did not. It turned into two different layers. So what did I do wrong? I wanted to make jolly ranchers with these but ended up with goo that never hardens and tastes absolutely horrible. I had to dissolve the goo in hot chocolate and drink that way....and it wasn't very potent. Any suggestions would be appreciated so I don't make the same mistake next time.

    some more info....I made a batch of brownies a while ago, that was my first time with edibles. I put my abv in canola oil and let simmer. I liked the effects of the brownies but the shelf life left more to be desired. I wanted something that I could put away for a while and not worry about them going bad because I ended up giving a lot of the brownies away for free. This is the reason I wanted to make a tincture. Im thinking coconut oil might be what I try next.
  2. pseudox

    pseudox Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you had the heat too high. You may want to check out my recipe http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/master-wus-green-dragon-tincture-w-abv.15910/
    You basically want to get the combined weed/ABV and everclear in the jar to cook for 20 minutes between 170-174 degrees. This is what Master Wu recommends. When it gets black and sticky, you have purged most of the alcohol out and it becomes a form of Rick Simpson oil. I would purchase a candy thermometer and timer.
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  3. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    did you use everclear 95% or 151 proof?

    Sounds like a problem that has been discussed in a GC thread called Another Tincture thread..this problem is discussed several times and sounds like a problem with 151.

    If you follow the GC recipe I can promise you it will taste better than the Master Wu with the boiling cannabis, not to mention that it will be way stronger (tried both ways).
  4. pseudox

    pseudox Well-Known Member

    Ive seen the cold method described before. I will have to try it next time.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2015
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  5. Steele Concept

    Steele Concept Transformer Tubes Manufacturer

    I have some detailed instructions on my site www.greendiet.com if it could be of help to you. Please try again, your perseverance will be rewarded man.
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  6. Zep4

    Zep4 Member

    I did the 2h liquid coconut oil recipe in my MBM with 2oz. cannabis/2C liquid coconut oil...strained it....put the now oily cannabis back into my MBM with 2C Everclear for the 8h tincture recipe....it strained out so nicely....I lightly heated off most of the alcohol and the taste of the darker coconut oil/alcohol tincture is yummier than the original purely coconut oil/cannabis tincture. Tastes just as if not more potent. I kept them separate but next time I think I'll mix the two tinctures afterwards. Has anyone else tried this?
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  7. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict

    No but this is really intriguing. You say it tastes more potent... but was it actually? And how was the strength of the coconut oil you infused?

    Wait.. maybe I'm too buzzed but are you saying you are going to mix your infused coconut oil with your alcohol tincture?
  8. Zep4

    Zep4 Member

    My less experienced friends love it, but I feel it needs to be stronger:(
    And yes I plan to mix the coconut oil tincture with the alcohol/coconut oil tincture since I love the taste of the 2nd one better than the first and perhaps the potency will improve. The 2nd batch (c.o./alc) was much darker and richer tasting and I liked it much better so hence, the desire to mix the two after making both.
    What I'd LIKE to do is put 1C coconut oil & 1 c alcohol in for 8 h with 2 or more Oz cannabis. If I do I'll post here. You always gotta put 2C liquid in, I guess, or more so you gotta work with that when you're figuring the cannabis amt.

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