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Airpath purity X Health issues

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by idtpx, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    I cook my ABV into coconut oil and just like fresh decarbed bud edibles, it is an amazing digestive remedy and only ever helps, never causes cramps or any negative sude effect.

    But I always strain the oil through muslin. Eating the actual plant material would cause me substantial digestive irritation.
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  2. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Definitely agree.

    Professionally speaking, I have not seen/heard anything to even remotely be able to lend credence to this statement.

    May I ask how many cycles of plants(and how many plants per cycle) you have grown and submitted to labs for testing?
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  3. idtpx

    idtpx Well-Known Member

    You got me here. My statement is wrong because I meant improper curing which sadly happens too often when it comes to hobby growing. Sorry again.
    The reason why I stopped curing weed is that it is too easy to get it wrong. When bud seems crunchy and stem snaps there can still be moisture left in case of dense/fat colas.
    I am most happy with plants that are not cured in air tight containers(with bumping multiple times a day) at all.

    To answer your question. I am hobby grower and I live in EU, no testing possible here. Maybe 15 small harvests.
  4. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    A lot of people have trouble eating raw mj or abv. It's due to the tiny hairs on the organic material irritating the stomach. Some apparently aren't bothered.

    As an organic grower all this talk about harmful bacterias/fungi misses the point that most bacteria and fungi are beneficial and actually help us. Many have enzymes that may break down other, maybe more harmful bacterias and fungi. It's been shown we have more micro biological DNA in our bodies than human DNA. ( human microbiohme project)

    And if you believe the scientically studies done on cannabinoids that show anti bacterial anti fungal properties, you might be less worried.

    I'm not saying don't clean your glass, I do myself, but also let's not get hysterical either, lol. Bud rot is what I think we should be worried about, as it's a known problem. And maybe more worrisome is pesticides and or growth regulators sold in hydro shops and that ends up in our herb. These are well known problems.
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  5. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    My man @shredder always dropping knowledge. Everybody in a legal state should research the pesticide 'Eagle 20' and its effects on the body. Not to spoil the surprise but it converts to hydrogen cyanide when heated...
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  6. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    Agreed, here in MI eagle twenty is sold in hydro stores. Our state doesn't care. Even the label says its for ornamental plants only. The only reason to use it is $$$ as its dangerous for human consumption.

    Hopefully full legalization will mean more testing and less dangerous meds. I lived though paraquat that our govt poisoned us with, but I'm more aware now days.
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  7. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    There many very different approaches to MJ purity, some sloppy ass stoners just do what they know, year after year and are happy and then there are folks who by need or nature get hyper focused on different aspects of the process and then they are happy. The joy of the plant and this forum is that both accommodate us all so very well. Mary Jane you rock.
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  8. idtpx

    idtpx Well-Known Member

    Today I got lazy and used the same hydratube and herb basket for two days.
    First day perfect as usual.
    Second day passable but something was off.
    At the end of second day slight stuffiness.
    When I woke up on 3rd day I coughed out clear jelly balls of mucus. Used to get that often years ago with Volcano when I was doing cleaning wrong and/or my weed was not as clean as it is now.

    mucus looked quite similar to this but cleaner -- (shape and consistency was similar like the white ones on photo)

    doctor answer:

    I know this feeling too well so I instantly picked up another clean hydratube and herb basket.
    All problems fixed under 5 minutes.
    Difference is literally day and night not something minor but huge major change. No placebo and it is always instant.

    I am so glad I purchased Cloud EVO. Without it I would still be underestimating the importance of hygiene and my vaping experience and general well being would not be as good as it is now. (literally the best in decade)

    Anyone who is using Volcano Vaporizer with solid valve please read this two links. It is directly related to topic of this thread.

  9. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    somehow that post goest back to square one (the first post) ?
    I mentioned it before, there are simple cheap tests to send into a lab if u want to talk about/create facts...
    In general cleaning/hygiene has 3 optimums (eg imagine a hospital):
    hygienic optimum
    monetary optimum
    ecologic optimum
    Most of the time it's the monetary optimum, it's good that the ecologic is close by - hygienic optimum is far away from both...
    So cleaning waterpieces is good, but too often ain't the good optimum - not only for your wallet but also for the planet...
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  10. idtpx

    idtpx Well-Known Member

    Yes. I am repeating myself for anyone who may have similar problems like me and don't know why.

    not only waterpieces but everything that comes in contact with vapor (or herb during grinding).
    But if you cannot tell the difference then you probably don't need to clean as often as me. Maybe you have cleaner weed than me, or you are using concentrates, or there is something else I am still missing

    I am just trying to say that I was doing it wrong/halfway for years.

    I am not going to break my $150 hydratube and send it to lab for tests. But I may consider to do it with balloon and my volcano. But as I wrote I live in EU and weed is not legal here.

    I decided to try canteen cleaner powder, because it was advertised as something ecologic that easily cleans biofilm and calcified deposits.
    It contains: >30% Sodium bicarbonate, 15-30% sodium percarbonate , <5% citric acid

    From my testing. This powder with hot water alone is not very effective. But when used after cleaning with solvent(iso,acetone), it is definitely helpful.

    Sodium percarbonate is very cheap, safe and ecologic bleach. I can get one kilogram for less than two dollars in my country.

    I think PBW is based on sodium percarbonate too.

    Also I found on wikipedia about surface modification for biofilm prevention.
    Maybe Silicone tubing is good for this

  11. Used2use

    Used2use Sometimes to stupid to become a fool

    no, i don't want u to ;) - sry if that came the wrong way, u just mentioned earlier u might throw them away bc of the biofilm...
    Only way to be shure is to test the few sources of contamination: herbs, air (mould in the house, a simple 'control swipe' where the vapes sit), and water. Actually there is biofilm in every water line, but no measurable impact on the quality(which depends on the region)...
    Another thing would be to test hands unwashed and washed - nice to see the real difference, was my introduction into microbiology back in the days...
    Other than that allergies tested?
  12. idtpx

    idtpx Well-Known Member

    I was kinda depressed that I spend so much time with cleaning daily and still cannot get my glass factory clean because of no manual access.
    It is only my assumption that having factory clean glass would allow me to have even better air quality during vaping. Also biofilm paranoia
    After I bought acetone which now I sometimes use instead of iso and finishing it with sodium percarbonate I feel more satisfied with cleaning my glass although it is still not factory clean.
    I now use vacuum cleaner to suck out air through my glass after cleaning with chemicals (after drying).
    My next cleaning purchase will be PBW
    Yes this is most likely the problem.
    It is hard to test here. I have been doing micro-growing lately. I like 3-4 small harvests per year opposed to one big harvest per year. It allows me more testing and I don't care about yield at all.
    It would kinda suck if everything I grow was somehow contaminated no matter what I do.
    I certainly cannot tell the difference and all my plants feel similarly clean. I also have microscope and regularly check what I grow and compare it with images I found on Internet.
    I am planing to make investments to have better grow box with hepa filter and I am already looking for cannabis genetics with increased resistance to mold.

    I use well water for plants. They look healthy but I learned biofilm can affect plant roots and everything else. It is hard to make any conclusion here. Reverse osmosis could help

    For my hydratubes I use bottled water. But I still think it is happening without water too although maybe not so fast

    I saw documentary Moldy few months ago
    Click to play YouTube Video

    I looked for hepa air purifiers and would need at least 3 high end units to cover the room where I spend time (over 250m^2). During summer I have opened windows 24/7 and still need to clean though.
    I was suspecting high humidity in room, but when I brought hygrometer here it showed 46%
    Still worth to buy testing kit

    I already tried to wash my hands more often before grinding but cannot tell the difference.
    The biggest difference was changing my plastic dirty grinder for scissors so far.

    Spring sneezing and runny nose many years ago. But it somehow disappeared
    Besides that I am not aware of anything
    But there is a chance I have untested mold allergy and I am sensitive no doubt.

    But when I clean daily I don't have any problem, really no problems. No matter how fat hits or amount of weed
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