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Ack!!! Help!!! Poll: E-Nano, TWAX Flower Pot, EVO

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Chicken #420, Jul 15, 2017.


Which Desktop Vape?

  1. E-Nano (Your initial instincts are correct...)

    8 vote(s)
  2. TWAX Flower Pot (You know you want it... just do it, man!)

    13 vote(s)
  3. EVO (Full glass path mega-clouds goodness!)

    4 vote(s)
  4. They're all great! Just flip a coin and buy one...

    1 vote(s)
  5. You really need to grow a brain and widen your horizons, there are better vapes than those!

    0 vote(s)
  6. What's a desktop vaporizer?

    3 vote(s)
  7. Uhhh... continue your "portable" trend... Solo II for the win!

    0 vote(s)
  1. Alexis

    Alexis Open minded philosopher and realist.

    Bedford, United Kingdom
    Easy! I was interested in the Sticky Bricks last year. As you know I have the most insane allergies and am ultra sensitive to trillions of substances others have no reaction to.
    I am especially sensitive to bad, man made, chemical, toxic unnatural shit.

    Like cigiarettes for example. I became so allergic to tobacco smoke in 2005 I had to avoid it ever since, I really can't go in a house where there is smoke, or stand near people smoking outdoors.

    However, ready rolled cigs are 100 × worse than rolling tobacco! Literally, so unnaturally toxic and poisonous.

    Not being judgemental, I firmly beleive that smoking cigiarettes is arguably the most insane thing anybody does regularly.

    Natural tobacco on the other hand, I can get, but sure a debate could be had on what place it holds in the ideal world.

    Anyway, just an example. I am a real mining canary for bad stuff. But I also react severely to many harmless things too. I can usually tell if it is just a harmless inconvenient reaction, or a case of toxic assault. But not always in every case obviously.
    So I wanted to try the Brick, but was unsure whether the butane would cause me any issues. So I did some trials with my dynavap quad torch through a bubbler.

    And sure enough, there was a major respiratory reaction. I used the cleanest butane going. Im not saying the the butane is harmful or toxic, but there was plenty of stuff there for me to react to at least.

    And that is my simple point! Thank you for listening, have a good day. :)
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  2. Chicken #420

    Chicken #420 I and I be irie, vaping with U and U in Zion mon!

    Babylon Coop
    Thank you all for the great feedback on my search! :)

    I learned a lot by reading this thread. I also have a confession of sorts to make as well.

    I made a decision yesterday evening, after contemplating a few of the replies to this thread. I finally realized exactly what it was that I was struggling with... and it has to do with choosing between two options that AT FIRST, you think are roughly identical in purpose... only to later discover are actually distinct and different by nature. Reading through this thread has made me aware that the flower pot is actually kind of a different class of vapes, the "connoiseur" vape.

    While having the very best of equipment is all fine and well, especially if it can be had at a similar (or lower) price than it's competitors, there is another factor to consider. The "best" product is not necessarily best at everything, and we all have differing values with respect to these subtle differences in performance and utility.

    I sat under a tree yesterday evening considering all of my combusting friends, and considered which of the two vapes I was considering buying MIGHT convince one or more of them to abandon their joint rolling ways and see the light of the vapor. When considering this question, the E-Nano suddenly became the only real choice for me, for that factor alone. While it's true that maybe one or two of my more "techie" friends might prefer the Flower Pot, I think that most of my family and friends would probably warm up MUCH faster to the warm, simple, direct ease of use of the E-Nano over the complex operational nature of the Flower Pot.

    Is that it then for the Flower Pot? Well... I will say this about it: I had enough of a difficult time trying to make my decision. Difficult enough that the FP continues to be in my thoughts... and just might eventually make it into my rarified minimalist vape world, along with my other 3. In any case, it is a GREAT testament to the company (NewVape) that I sent in a request form saying that I was considering one of their vaporizers but wanted to talk with someone over the phone, and to my surprise this morning, the owner himself had sent his personal phone number! Badass customer service, NewVape... keep it up... you might just win me as a customer after all! :)

    Is this how VAS starts? :D
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