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ABV toast.

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Madcap79, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Madcap79

    Madcap79 Jack of all trades, master of none.

    Anyone else just sprinkle ABV on some peanut butter toast? Seems to work well for me. Just curious.:mmmm:
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  2. kingofheartz1

    kingofheartz1 New Member

    Add peanutbutter m&m's shell takes grittyness away
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  3. Little Bill

    Little Bill Oldest stoner on FC

    I mix 1 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter with .25 gram of ABV. I use a small dessert dish to mix. I then do one of two things.

    1. Mix it into a smoothie or
    2. Spread it onto a toasted waffle
    I don't get any gritty taste except when licking the spoon clean and that's not too bad then.

    .25 gram effects me like half my normal dose of .07gm flower. Can't believe I threw my ABV away for years. It's not just the money even though I'm enjoying 15% more sessions. It's about totally consuming the bud.

    This is not even cooking, requires small effort, and seems to get little attention.
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  4. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I think peanut butter is a wonderful medium for ABV or RSO. It helps to cover the taste of the cannabis. Also chocolate does that too. Like a peanut butter and chocolate chips milkshake, start with chocolate icecream and a little whole milk. Add a small amount of ABV like a ground up Tablespoon. The ABV will gravitate to the bottom so keep stirring while you are drinking it. You may need to adjust the amount of ABV depending on your tolerance.

    I love the ABV toast idea with the peanut butter.

    I need to start cooking again with my ABV. I have several bags saved up.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
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  5. Little Bill

    Little Bill Oldest stoner on FC

    Yes the toast is great but a toasted waffle is even better because it has all the little depressions that can be filled with peanut butter-ABV mix.

    I loved your tip in the Solo 2 thread about using a cup of hot cocoa to recover resin build up in the stem.
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  6. Little Bill

    Little Bill Oldest stoner on FC

    Well I have used up most of my ABV and really am enjoying my waffles. I use empty jars from O'Keeffe's hand or foot cream to save the ABV. The lids screw on and seem pretty air tight; and they are low profile.

    I am going to start a new jar for my next flower delivery. I will see how much ABV I get by weight per 1/4 ounce of flower. Then I can calculate the gain in efficiency from use of ABV. I already know that for about $1 of flower I can be as high as I would be from 2 full 6 ounce glasses of wine for maybe $6. So more bang for the buck, fewer calories, and easier on my liver.

    I have found that a waffle with almond butter and ABV can be followed up a hour later by a light session of flower to result in an extended and higher high and likely a nap.

    @CarolKing I did screw up the other day and loaded the wrong end of my Solo 2 stem while high. It was a mess to clean and salvage the flower from the resin coated stem. Oh well.

    Musings of a retiree on the way to becoming (maybe already there) a pothead. :myday:
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  7. MegaMan2k

    MegaMan2k Member

    hey i currently have like loads of abv more than 200 grams at least,

    my issuie is ; im kinda afraid to eat it since not all of it is from my own grow, and i dunno which chemicals etc might have been used on the flowers?

    Is this some thing i should worry about ?
  8. Little Bill

    Little Bill Oldest stoner on FC

    I would examine it under a magnifier to look for anything that looks like mold. Then I would grind it to fine powder and store at room temperature. But no I wouldn't worry if I was the one that vaped it. On the other hand I am 74 and not concerned much with death.
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  9. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable
    I've tried an AVB PB&J a few times now.

    The first I used 3g spread onto two sammiches, that was quite the experience! Nothing bad. Just a unusual feeling, euphoric (which is not usual for me haha).

    Be warned though, I went to sleep earlier than usual, and had the best sleep in a while. When I woke up 10 hours later I immediately realized I was still buzzed. :whoa: Last about til noon, when I had something real to eat.
    So don't eat edibles sunday if you have to work the next day haha!

    The next day I tried it again, with less, but had almost no effect.
    I think maybe the first time some already vaped hash might've slipped in..not sure though.

    I vape my bud until it's pretty brown, and my jar is full of different grades of quality and extraction.

    I only even thought about eating avb because I was sick, so I didn't want to be inhaling anything (although using warm water and a bubbler, it's not really a problem.)

    Coincidently enough, today I am sick again. I think it's a good day to test out some more of the sandwiches hehe.

    There's a little condensate/honeydew (whatever it's called) in my Air 2 stem. I haven't even used it that much but it's already quite shiny haha. I may have to wash the sandwiches down with some stem milk!
  10. UnevenPizza

    UnevenPizza I dream of Pizza

    Mount Improbable
    If you vaped it and nothing happened, you should be ok? I'm no doctor!
    Wouldn't any chemicals be activated/released upon being vaporized? I wish I knew.

    For the future you could try to use a seperate AVB container for product that you know where it came from/what was used on/in it.
  11. Pistol Pete

    Pistol Pete Member

    I enjoy abv sprinkled on a toasted wheat english muffin . First a little butter then cottage cheese or peanut butter. I then mix it in my coconut yogurt. I really like the French yogurt, it's very creamy.
  12. Pussyholeyute

    Pussyholeyute Member

    Some cool ideas. I wrapped mine in an air head. It was horrible 0/10 will not reccomend

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