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Able to Work on Vaping ? Does it really keep you functional ?

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by blackmoney, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. blackmoney

    blackmoney New Member

    I started smoke mj 2 years ago, often joints without tobacco and sometimes bongs...I never interested goin into vaping but after got some cronic coughs, bad mornings, short breaths on my bbuilding workouts (6 times/week) and loses on my work times, i decided to quit it, at least tried to quit completely but after 2 months of break, i still miss her, maybe more than ever...Because i realised that its my natural antidepressant. But I still like t-breaks every 2 months (max) to recover my mental health and etc. So, two weeks ago i started read a lot about vaping, their difference about high, health etc compared to combustion..What i found on my research is that its something i need and just which was waiting to be discovered. So It was very exciting for me because i never vaped or saw anyone vaping around me, people around me uses joints and bongs, no one knows about vaping. Whatever, I have decided to buy best portable one and ordered a davinci ascent for myself, its on way now.
    What i wonder is, when i smoke joints, and plan to start works, i get very lazy for everything almost all the time and doing wrong things, mixing jobs, forget to what to do next and this really affected my work plans so bad, i started lose huge amount of profits (own business) and time. I see some of you say vaping high is more clean high and makes u functional, if its a really big difference compared to combustion, its completely what im looking beside health advantages. And they state that it makes you more sociable, what do you think, is that true that vaping give more sociable high ?

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  2. sal69

    sal69 Member

    Hi there,

    smoking or vaping anything will have some effect on your working life.
    Its much better with vaping than with smoking.

    Use a vaporizer that lets you control the temp your vaping at.
    Vape at <= 185° and you will avoid the so called "couch-lock" effect making you lazy and tired.
    This way you should be able to vape while working.

    I smoked for about 10 years before i switched to vaping 2 years ago.
    Like you, smoking and working was out of the question for me. I work as a software developer and that does not go very well under the influence. So i never smoked before / during work. I also follow this principle with vaping. Maybe i could vape something in the morning before i go to work but i found that this will not make work more enjoyable.

    Also i try to vape less not more. The reason for this is because i realized that vaping / smoking huge amounts will not give you great benefits. The trick is to keep your tolerance low. If you vape too much you will never get really "high". But dont vape anything for two weeks and then hit it. The effect will be amazing. Thats actually what you get for vaping less, not more and it also saves you some money. So bottomline, if you vape for the fun-aspect vape less for more fun.
  3. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    Lower temperature vaping and sativa dominant strains tend to work well for me (I go through 1.5-2.5g/day probably about 75% Sativa dominant). I vape for mental health issues, as its a much better alternative for me than the prescriptions (much safer w/ cannabis then lithium). I vape from waking until sleeping, but try not to overdo it in any one sitting or it will affect my work. At consistent doses throughout the day though, I stay comfortably "in the zone" while staying productive at work and mitigating, to a degree, any of my manic tendencies and/or depression.

    Works well for me and although my mind jumps around quite a bit, if anything, I find the cannabis tends to knock that down a few notches and make it easier for me to focus in on a task (although I can get kinda' lost in the task I get so absorbed into it ... which if you're a software developer, is often a very good thing)

    ie. I agree w/ sal69's take on lower temp, and better to vape less, not more, but I disagree w/ his statement about working while vaping, as I feel this depends on the person and what you are using cannabis for (medicinal/recreational and what specific medical issues as well as benefits vs. side-effects) ... all just my personal perspective of course ...
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  4. keifmaker

    keifmaker Pax Ploom - Zmax mini- Thermo W

    parts unknown
    hey blackmoney, i can boil it down to a single sentence... dont vape too much and you will be functional at work. i am a finish carpenter by trade, i deal with math, geometry, and require very precise motor skills to build and draft and so on, i medicate via vaporizer on almost hourly basis,give yourself a limit to how stoned you wanna get and use your experience to judge how much you think youll need and how long start out small and low temps to stay stealth and just dont vape past your limit
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  5. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    Your Mileage May Vary. Never more than here.

    Your brain chemistry along with the MJ's particular strain, etc., will determine whether you are functional "high" or not.

    As an example:

    A high THC in an Indica, for instance, works well for me for daytime use.
    For my hubby, a high CBD in a Sativa or Hybrid, suits his pain the best.
    Our son, who has anxiety issues, loves a high THC Sativa. Calms him right down, helps him focus and be productive.

    I would suggest you purchase a small amount of a couple different strains, and try them to see how functional you are, and how well they address your need. YMMV
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  6. olivianewtonjohn

    olivianewtonjohn Well-Known Member

    I am not even close to being remotely functional vaped unless its really a brainless activity. For me this is prefered and fine because I find when I am vaped its a roller coaster ride and really enjoyable, id hate for it to be less potent so I could be functional. Vaping does typically seem to be less cloudy/cleaner feeling but can be more intense as well. I guess its really going to depend on strain, how you react to cannabis, and how much you dose. If your trying to be functional maybe look into using less flower with the ascent (think some people use cotton to fill the bowl); or perhaps think about loading it but only taking a few hits (ie titration)

    If you find your not functional then you can try what I do; using cannabis in more of a celebratory fashion or only when you dont have anything going on (like at night for example).
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  7. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    I find that my ability to focus increases, but I don't multi-task as well when I'm vaped.
  8. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    it varies by person, personally I can function well if I'm vaped, often better as sober, on a vartiety of tasks(I prefer to keep vaping for my free time though, but if I need to function while high I can)
    for example, I only shave myself if I'm high, because if I shave sober I almost always end up with 1-2 cuts, but if I shave while high I end up with a nice clean shave and no irritated skin(and no cuts).
    studying also goes better if I'm high, I can study sober but if I study sober my concentration starts to wander after 40-50 minutes, but if I'm slightly high I can keep up my concentration for hours. if I overdo it though, concentrationg becomes harder, that especially aplies to stuff I naturally already have a harder time concentrating on(maths, basically anything involving numbers or formula's).
    if I have to write something, an essay or so, being high also improves my ability to do it.

    however, the combination of late night studying, weed and coffee messes up my eyesight(for details), making it hard to read the stuff I have to study off my screen/book, although I feel the coffee is a bigger factor in that as weed.
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  9. samirfuzzywuzzy

    samirfuzzywuzzy Well-Known Member

    I think OP is talking about working out and bodybuilding. If so my advice is to work out early on in the day and then use after your workout. I ride one section of tour de france on the lance bike everyday and lift weight's right after that. If I consume before hand then my bike ride seems to take an eternity and my pump gets "soft". If I use after my workout I feel great since it helps my mind and body calm down and recover. Helps a lot with lifting related soreness.
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  10. blackmoney

    blackmoney New Member

    Actually, Sometimes I like to go gym high because it lets me to focus to training amazing, but only 1-2 puffs of sativa, not more. When i smoke more than 2 puffs and going to gym, it makes me feel bad because i get anxiety and paranoia too much. I like sober trainings more if i have enough motivation. And I love to smoke after gym immediately it makes me so relax after heavy training and i don't feel muscle soreness anymore, specially after indica strain like white widow strain with full indica power.

    The replies like i thought, and very helpful to confirm questions in my mind. as many of u say I agree that strain and dose is very important. I use only very potent strains, so maybe thats why i can't function good when i'm high. I will set my limits and not vaping too much. If it will not be positive, i'll not vape before/during on business hours. And after finish the business, i will let it go as i can.

    So, the plan is ;
    Lower Temp / Hybrid or Sativa Strains On Business hours,GYM and social environments
    Higher Temp with hybrid and indica strains when at home and i have not to do anything important.

    I can't wait to get my first vape session.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2013
  11. Unconnected

    Unconnected Well-Known Member

    I vape and do college work, i find that in times of mass procrastination, when all i want to do is sit there and vape instead of doing my study, i can just vape up, then, i have no excuse, i am stoned and there is still work to be do and thus i must do it while being stoned, i cant sit around and be annoyed that i am not high or that i cant vape, i am vaped. Thus no excuses.

    I used to take t breaks for my exams, i dont anymore, the sleep deprivation from being unable to sleep when stressed the night before an exam is not worth it.
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  12. JJ420

    JJ420 chillin on the couch, sippin off a 22 ounce.

    Rust Belt
    I vape every day before work, though just a single rip out of the bong or hit off a stem, and that's it. Then I make my latte, shower, and get ready for work. The key for me is not overdoing it like many here have already said. "One toke over the line" is more true than ever with vaping. Too much and you'll look and feel higher than fuck.

    But then again, it all depends on your job. My last one was a very short stint (6 months) in the low-end retail sector. Did I give even half a shit about it? Hell no! I'd go in there at five in the afternoon, so guess what? I vaped all damn day. I remember sitting at the stoplight so many times thinking that I'm way too high for this. My eyes would be half shut dealing with the fat ass public.
  13. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Nice thread!

    This has been a struggle of mine as well, to vape or not to vape, that's the question. :D

    I decided that every time i tried to vape i ended up overdoing it and i could not function at top performance when i was high as a kite.

    But, i must say i feel the same as all of you. I know that if i vape a small enough quantity, i get great focus and not go hazy discovery time on the internet if it's my free time.

    And i exercised not high, but i like to do my elevations high, it helps me keep going to be high. I get in a travel if i'm exercising high, it's exilarating.

    At the same time, i also tried exercising sober and vaping after the workout, both right after and after the shower.

    My usual is after the shower, nothing beats a good workout, followed by a nice bath to end it in the clouds.
  14. Hexi

    Hexi Well-Known Member

    Urban Cali
    Sativas if you need to do stuff. (but not too strong) Indicas if you don't need to do anything.

    I work off hours all the time so many times @ night I do exactly what was suggested, lower temps, shorter sessions for just mild medicinal effects. Honk @ high temps when I need to get deep medicated.
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  15. SD_haze

    SD_haze Well-Known Member

    San Diego, CA
    Started a 12 pg research paper yesterday on firefighters & food. I was vaporizing *cheap low potency* NYC Sour Diesel (sativa) at very low temps all throughout the day.

    Got a good amount of work done IMO

    Never felt tired and exhausted like I do with smoke. (Note: didn't use any caffeine that day)

    So YMMV but that's my positive anecdote.
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  16. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    Vaping is so smooth compared to burning!

    For three decades I did not have cannabis!

    "Corporate life". Political behavior!

    Now retired I vape as much as possible.

    I like to invent stuff after vaporizing!

    Then again it's my time now!
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  17. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    Very much my experience as well. Very observant! It's why some jobs/tasks lend well to being vaped all day whereas others not so much.
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  18. weedemon

    weedemon enthusiast

    Ontario, Canada
    for me I have rules that I follow. I never vape within 2-3h before work. and I never vape at/during work.

    this I all I need to follow and I am good. reading peoples talk about tolerance is pretty cool though. I struggle to think about going a day without though. It helps my life so much.

    also, I love doing cardio workouts while very high. I hate running like a lot! I used to fake being sick to get out of running in gym class on wednesdays even.

    but these days I love it. but only when I'm high. if i'm not it just sucks too much... so with music i can get into it and do running/walking intervals. great exercise.

    I think your workouts are a lot more intense than mine are though. I dont have to work with any equipment that could really hurt me either.

    I find a vapor high is cleaner and I dont get burned out from it... it takes a while to get used to the different high vapor gives though. stick with it once you are doing it.
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  19. James C

    James C EDM and vapor enthusiast

    I'd say that for me, it really depends more on the strain than the method of consumption. While I haven't smoked in ages, I would say, for me, that a vapor high hits your faster, but lasts slightly less than smoke. It also just feels so much cleaner and tastes so much better.

    As for concentrating, I can't work efficiently in either case. I'd much rather just mess around and create shit or play music/dj :)
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  20. rebelxd

    rebelxd Well-Known Member

    Ive been vaping in the mornings before i go to work for the past week, but i find i feel paranoid that people can tell somehow.

    I will say it helps my morning mood a ton!
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  21. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    people are just curious because you may seem happy and care free. if they ask tell them that you practice happiness as a common experience and they should try it. most of the time people are so self absorbed that they are unable to notice much about others so don't worry to much about it. if I smile and close my eyes a little bit people think I'm high on drugs, go figure
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  22. Elluzion

    Elluzion Vapeosaurus Rex

    I can vape before work some ( im a chef) so it definitely helps my concentration and lowers anxiety, but the downfall is my ability to multitask and keep other tasks and projects on the backburner to remember later.

    In terms of working out, i do enjoy it lifted, but too much and it can be a bit overwhelming. I can get more intense workouts high, but i prefer to wait till after and just get blasted;)
  23. Dr. Plutonious

    Dr. Plutonious Well-Known Member

    You can definitely work after vaping, I do my university school work baked all the time, only way to make it kind of fun. To this day I hate rough drafting an essay sober.

    It's a case by case situation that entirely depends on the person and the work they wanna get done. I train a TON of MMA and I never vape before a boxing/ kickboxing/ muay thai/ any type of strikes involved workout for instance because most weed strains dry my eyes out and I end up unable to control my blinking (a bad thing when punches are getting fired at you face). Also, I worked as a waiter quite awhile and I never could wait well high, too much to remember and focus on.

    I find vaping works well when I only have one thing to focus on. Like for instance school work or running. When I have multiple things to pay attention to while I work (like you do as a waiter), then vaping works against me.

    Could be totally different for you, but that is at least my personal experience with it.
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  24. PieceFrog

    PieceFrog The smoker I drink, the player I get.

    Shakedown Street
    Work high? Nah. Workdays make for good little breaks or I'd be high 24/7 which could reduce efficacy.
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  25. rebelxd

    rebelxd Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how I think they'd know I'm high, the solo never leaves me smelly.. It's just paranoia I guess!
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