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18mm 12" Phire Tube

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by ILoveCollege, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. ILoveCollege

    ILoveCollege Yeah.. F* Combustion..

    I don't have to get rid of this but I would like to see what is out there.

    I have a 12" black label Phire tube with a slotted downstem both are 18mm female. The Legacy double inline is not up for trade, but if you want it to be in the offer, I am not afraid to trade it away.

    Mods, I preapologize, I am using old photos that have been posted on this site, but I also have a shot of it with my name on a card.



    This is the photo I recently submitted for the UD Vape Contest.

    Again, I am looking to see what is out there so offer up. I am not looking to sell, just trade. Shipping will be bomb proof and this will be crystal clean. I pay my way shipping, you pay yours.

    Recent news: The double inline recently fell over and the female side broke. I have fixed it cleanly and covered the "blemish" with a sticker. You can see it in the last picture, you can also see the crack that is just to the right of the word "legacy". Like I said before, the double inline isn't initially in the conversation for trade, but if you want it in the trade I am willing to put it in there.

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