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1 (or 2) of these DNA75 custom mods must go

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by hippogriff, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. hippogriff

    hippogriff Well-Known Member

    Went a bit crazy building mods for my Splinter. All use the evolv DNA75 running stock software, I think this is a perfect match for 510 convection vapes, easy Temp Controlled vaping w/ long 20-sec timeout/auto-shutoff & reliable on-board charging. The single-18650, dark gray mod is my EDC, sorry not for sale, looking to find good homes for the beautiful CNC'd solid copper 2-18650s mod and/or the anodized aluminum green 26650 mod.

    full album

    The 2-18650s mod is built in a CNC-machined solid copper enclosure - it's beautiful and hefty, almost 3x the weight of a similar aluminum enclosure. Buttons are stainless steel. Current finish achieved by wet sanding to 2000 grit, really nice patina developing, but you could certainly attack it w/ a buffing wheel if you wanted that new-penny shine. Batteries not included, you'll need a matched pair of 18650s for this parallel mod. $110

    The green, anodized aluminum mod is the perfect size to pack a single 26650 battery, Aspire 4300mah from imrbatteries.com included, it's been through <30 charge cycles so far. Buttons are solid copper. $115

    I'm selling to have less stuff, and looking to recoup costs, so my prices are my materials costs, you save sourcing costs and building. Both mods less than 2 months old and in excellent shape, and I'll guarantee my work for 30 days (meaning if you have any problems from the build, I will buy it back from you). Prices include USPS Priority Mail delivery w/in the continental US, outside apply $10 credit to your preferred shipping method and pay me the difference.
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