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Torch by TopBond Review

Torch Vaporizer

  1. mikeb6109
    Hi guys here is a great little unit called Torch .

    This vaporizer is made by TopBond a new company in the vape industry and they are setting the bar high with this compact and elegant unit. A direct competition to the GPen Elite if compared by size ! This new guy only has 6 pre-set temp settings starting at 175°C the lowest and 225°C the highest , increasing by 10° each time you hold down the button for 2 seconds.

    After using this vaporizer for a few weeks I personnaly believe its a step up from the GPen Elite when it comes to vapor production , taste and comfort of the mouthpiece on the lips. The GPen gets extremely hot on the lips after only a few minutes into the session .The Torch on the other hand can go a full 2 sessions before even getting warm . Plus the battery last close to 2 times longer on the Torch . Do not let the compact size fool you!!
    The finish on the Torch I also find superior and the cost is almost half the price! Actually the Torch is made of a Peek Plastic , witch is a super hard and extremely tolerable to heat making the Torch a crazy tuff unit that will not put off any smell or taste from the plastic! I think they are the first to use this very high grade plastic .

    The only thing I would like changed on this unit is to go to a digital screen with a more flexible temperature range as well as a removable battery for convenience!

    Over all I highly recommend this unit! A must have vaporizer for discreetness and yet powerful , thick flavourful vapor producing conduction vaporizer.

    This vaporizer is a game changer when it come to a compact conduction style vape pen.

    Check them out at :

    Also check out my Instagram:
    Click to play YouTube Video
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