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Odin Vaporizer by TopBond

Odin by Topbond

  1. mikeb6109
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    Here is my review on the Odin Vaporizer.

    This is the Odin Vaporizer made by TopBond.

    TopBond are the new guys in the vaporizer world and there first vaporizers are impressive and were built after listening to customers suggestion and concerns. Not many companies out there actually take the time to listen to the public so I think they are starting on the right foot!!

    So the Odin is a conduction style vaporizer with a large chamber and Oled display. So far the Odin has impressed me with its performance and ability to create vapor at temperatures as low as 150°C!!!! Yes its a thin one but very flavourful at that temp.

    Also worth mentioning is the AIR FLOW to me the best on the market to date! The air flow makes the Odin experience a great one . The vapor it produces at temperature of 175°C and above are thick and very flavourful on the first 5 to 6 draws and then tends to dissipate as all conduction vaporizers do. The unit itself is very well built and works flawless. The box mod style to me is not my preferred shape but it does look sharp.

    This Vaporizer priced at only $139 US is a steal and a must have for anyone looking to get an affordable vaporizer. I highly recommend this unit.

    Only cons to that I came across is :
    On very long draws vapor tends to get hot.
    And the boxy shape does not appeal to me personally.

    You can look at there products here:

    You can also follow me on Instagram:
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