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Grasshopper Fixes

A collection of potential fixes for common issues

  1. Thcgos
    Grasshopper thread is way too long now. I gave up, but I've still been having problems with my grasshopper... so it's great to have a resource like this to consult before having to contact GHL for a replacement/repair. Great resource for Hopper owners, keep it up!!!
  2. moondog
    This stuff rocks, Vapor Eyes!! Removes a large amount of hopper-related angst, for sure!! The FC community proves that the internet can be good for something. I don't really have much else to say but I'm not allowed to submit a review until it's 200 characters, so...
  3. MoltenTiger
    Good collaboration of data, thanks Vapor_Eyes.

    This will be useful for current and future users alike, it covers nearly every abnormal behaviour and up-keeping responsibilities.
    If all else fails, HL's warranty is great to deal with.

    Nice one!
  4. dopse
    Thank you for putting everything together in this handy resource. I am sure this going to help to so many panicking Grasshopper owners keep their calm.

    I will be testing the ISO clean with my Grasshopper later today and hopefully it will sort out my red and blue lights sensor issue.

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