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Grasshopper Fixes

A collection of potential fixes for common issues

  1. Vapor_Eyes
    Official Hopper Labs Cleaning and Maintenance Advice:

    Warning: Attempting to repair your Grasshopper may void your lifetime warranty. These are tips that have helped restore performance, only Hopper Labs can repair a truly broken Grasshopper.

    General Maintenance Checklist:

    Fix For Flashing Red/Blue Lights:

    Fixes For Hot Back End:
    Warning: You may want to remove the backend first to reduce the wear on the battery contact.

    Blu-Tac For Cleaning Backend Threads:

    Fixes For Decreased Performance:

    Fixes For Malfunctioning USB Charger:

    Keep your charger clean and free of metal debris, keep in mind that it is magnetic:

    Fix For a Stuck Temperature Dial:

    Hopper Labs Troubleshooting Flowchart:

    More official troubleshooting resources here:

    Troubleshooting Device Turning Off After Red Light:

    The Perfect Tool For Mouthpiece Assembly:

    Loose Mouthpiece Tips:

    Stubborn Screen Removal Tips:

    Special thanks to @Ratchett, @GreenHopper, @cannachristopher, @MoltenTiger, @JoeMama, @Kfirrer, @johnnyCanuck, @Mr. Me2, @crazferret, @Joel W., @akwardsauce, @Slow Draw McGraw, @Mulehead, and @lazylathe for contributing!

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Recent Reviews

  1. lazylathe
    I had given up on my GH with it's spotty performance and difficulty getting it to stay blue for long enough. It's almost 4 years old, no RMA either.
    I spent a few days working on the back end and cleaning the threads but what works best is just twisting the back end until it works. Mine does not feel as smooth as it was when new but it is working again and pumping out vapor!
    Lots of twisting, pushing and pulling and banging the clicker on my leg seems to have done wonders!
    Also have a new back end on order.
  2. Thcgos
    Grasshopper thread is way too long now. I gave up, but I've still been having problems with my grasshopper... so it's great to have a resource like this to consult before having to contact GHL for a replacement/repair. Great resource for Hopper owners, keep it up!!!
  3. moondog
    This stuff rocks, Vapor Eyes!! Removes a large amount of hopper-related angst, for sure!! The FC community proves that the internet can be good for something. I don't really have much else to say but I'm not allowed to submit a review until it's 200 characters, so...
  4. MoltenTiger
    Good collaboration of data, thanks Vapor_Eyes.

    This will be useful for current and future users alike, it covers nearly every abnormal behaviour and up-keeping responsibilities.
    If all else fails, HL's warranty is great to deal with.

    Nice one!
  5. dopse
    Thank you for putting everything together in this handy resource. I am sure this going to help to so many panicking Grasshopper owners keep their calm.

    I will be testing the ISO clean with my Grasshopper later today and hopefully it will sort out my red and blue lights sensor issue.

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