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EVO - Underdog - Volcano

The comparison no one asked for!

  1. A few more thoughts about the Volcano...

    After spending a few more days with the Volcano I wanted to post a few thoughts. Mainly, I wanted to share some solo aspects of this vape that surprised me after reading many reviews:

    1) You can load tiny amounts in the bowl - the efficiency can be comparable to a log vape with similar load sizes. Although, when you see how much room there is left in the bowl you'll likely be tempted to fill it with more herb than you need. Also, I don't bother to cover the screen or even out the herb in the chamber. I just dump it in and it works.

    2) This thing can get you very, very high. I know this should be obvious, but when you consider that the Cano doesn't get as hot as other vapes and that the bags feel a little "weaker" than direct draw it can be surprising just how high you can get with this thing. Luckily, since the chamber is screwed shut it's easy to just put a half-finished bowl away for later when you realize you won't be able to finish another bag.

    3) I thought the noisiness would bother me as I'm particularly sensitive to noise, but it's not so bad.

    4) I keep my Volcano unplugged and stored when not in use. When I do use it I first plug it in, turn it on, and set the temperature. Then I grind up my material and load a bowl. The Cano is always ready to fill a bag before I'm done loading my bowl. I'm not sure if it's because I load my bowls slower than the average toker, but I've never had to wait for the Volcano to be ready.

    5) Being able to take tiny sips of vapor is very helpful when the vapor in your bag is too dense.

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